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November 09

This day belongs to huongtruong.
"the day after i discovered the U.P ... convergence of fun, wit, creativity and green ethics in motion."
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Day 211. Fri, November 27 2009

Black Friday

Hand-me-down scarf, thrifted arm warmers and vintage boots from eBay.

Our friends at DotheGreenThing have the perfect gift for the biggest shopping day of the year. And the price is right.
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Tikpa tagged this BOOTHOTHEIY

Nice one chubby one boizzzz!!!!

Anne tagged this Fantastic!

very very cool

Claire tagged this Cute

adorable :)

annie tagged this Cute

awesome outfit, AWESOME link...thank you!

maedbh:) tagged this Try Harder

mehh. its alright. nothing amazing. its obvious you are a very creative person, judging your other outfits, except this outfit doesnt really show it too well

Mariah tagged this Stylishly Simple

Like how the belt changes the shape of the Uniform without being noticeable (so the scarf is the visual focus). Cute!

ammakke tagged this beauty

I love the touch of maroon with the black,looking beautiful, like Tikpa says..Feeling chilly though looking at You sheena as the weather is miserable here..

Andrea tagged this Cute

Love you hair cut :D

Mara tagged this Snazzy

Cute!!! Love the warmth of the red leg/arm warmers with the all black ensemble.

Iren tagged this good

really good. maybe some accessorize?))

Deliberately Ginger tagged this Cute

I am in awe of you

holly tagged this little red riding boot

cute as ever

wasabipear tagged this Side of Cranberry Sauce

Looking très sophistiqué with that new bob lovey!

Mayal'abeille tagged this Hot

Ooo I like the new hair cut! Such a classic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrTYAIYfams&feature=related

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute

Simple, chic.

Irene tagged this okay...

It's cute,but I think you can do better, I like the colour from the maroon legwarmers.

abigail tagged this Brave


scary. tagged this black is back.

rockin vondi mundi. nicccccee..

Lutz tagged this poodle-ish

The red sock make me think about a poodle! and that's a got thing...

Linda rom SA tagged this Try Harder

Miss a maroon brooch or detail on the top part.

Sue tagged this Cute

Wonderful proportions. Love the profile!

mee tagged this gross

i really cant stand that ugly haircut D:

rosalux tagged this 80's Melbourne

I can't believe you're copping so much flak about the haircut!!! I luuurve it, the style is very NOW and it really suits you. Maybe some people find it difficult to appreciate a stylish haircut that's a little but left of centre?


Still follow your project and love your outfits, but your RSS don't seem to work anymore. I use the daily on my weblog, but it stops at november 20th... Good luck and lots of best wishes.

jolly M tagged this Cute

Sheena,your outfit is stylish & appropriate for the Black Friday... Iam glad you are promoting counter -consumer culture through your twitter & through the " Do the green thing". I have followed BND by not buying anything & I hope more of your followers will continue to contribute more exercising "BNDays" at the same time fighting consumerism. Good luck......

Dee tagged this awesome

I like the pop of color...although, one would have to be as thin as you to pull this off. I'd look like a friggin Clydesdale.

Sheridan tagged this funky

Hi Sheena! I love this outfit so much! My favourite part is the leg warmers!!!! So cute!

Grace Dalton


Kiz tagged this Cute

Love the pop of red! http://heartonmysleevefashion.blogspot.com/

eli tagged this Brave


Cynthia tagged this .

I cannot wrap my hear around this hairstyle- but you're cute so it's all good - however that stylist was kind of lazy - 'cause this isn't really a style.