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July 09

This day belongs to Beth.
"This was the first day I found The Uniform Project. Sheena has been a great inspiration, both for fashion and compassion!"
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Day 86. Sat, July 25 2009

Black Antheia

Vintage mourning hat and shoes from eBay, ballerina socklets donated by Sockdreams, neckwear made from reclaimed jersey from Etsy and crocheted wristlet donated from Bran's Etsy store, awkward.etsy.com


Courtney tagged this Hot

This is my favorite outfit, yet!

barbara tagged this Hooray!

Hooray! You rock, girl.

Anna tagged this Cute

I am really enjoying seeing all the designs you've made! What a cool project!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Great tie-in (no pun intended) of the ribbon shoes and rope necklace. Terrific hat!

BethBG tagged this goddess

Every day is a surprise! I love seeing your latest creation XX's

paisleylady tagged this Hot

i like this one, it's really...well...sexy!

JessicaR tagged this Hot

A favorite, all black and sinister beauty.

Cynthia tagged this bound to the goth

Now you're cooking! This outfit appeals to the gothic in my heart.

katie tagged this Try Harder

Love the all black...a little bit too much going on here for me though.

frans dijkstra tagged this Hot

one of the nicest, I love this one! will the design of "the Uniform" ever be public domain?

AmyH tagged this Hot

love the sexy lace ups and the hat!

Svanhvit tagged this Odile

Gothic ballerina nymph

steph tagged this Hot

dramatic and a little bit elven. love it!

@marycray tagged this Sweet Noir!

Great blend of texture and balance.

che tagged this vanguard

love it

victoria tagged this Try Harder


Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

love the hat/wristlet. like the shoes but not with this outfit. don't like neckwear though.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Cute and original!


Erinyes Diva!

Irene tagged this Brave

I don't know what to say about this, I keep wavering between trashy and stunning/hot. those socklets are so cool. :D

Alice tagged this Cute

Fantastic hat.

sarah tagged this Hot

reclaimed jersey?? brilliant!

drella tagged this Hot

love it esp. the ballerina socklets

Beth tagged this Awesome

Cool! Like it a lot.

Natacha C. tagged this Absolutely Wonderful!

I absolutely adore this outfit!

fleur tagged this IfJesusWereGoth™

Hi from Beijing! Love the shoes, you are of the 0.2% of the population who can pull them off. SbyS, - fleur

annie tagged this Hot

Oh...I LOVE today's outfit! All the black, all the different textures...bravo!

Julie Herber tagged this Hot

Love your project!

dearilou tagged this shakespearean

You look like a Midsummer Nights Dream fairy.


Love the hat...I think I own it's skinnier sister.

kataay tagged this beautiful!

this one is my favourite i think, love the socklets and hat. You look simply splendid :)

Nikki tagged this Hot

Very flapperish, with a bit of goth twist.

Nikki tagged this Hot

very flapperesque with a bit of goth

Kate tagged this Goddess

Greek goddess look in the best way eva!!

i luv the uniform project tagged this Brave

very brave especially the socklets

ammakke tagged this Pretty

Sheena, Pretty Ballerina!

Deborah tagged this Cute

Yeah! so cute! Love the socklets!!!

Debbie tagged this Try Harder

Love the "jewelry" but the hat and leg stripes are a bit much!

Jaina tagged this Brave

this is cool

Sina tagged this Try Harder

The model is not so hot...Change the hair and try not to use so...Crazy shoes that go up to the thigh or someting

rosalafae tagged this Hot

Awesome. It would be too much, but because it's all black it looks brilliant.

CRISTINA tagged this Hot



I 100% agree with everything Sina said. Also, what's up with all the Brazilian's following this? Certainly there are better things to do in Brazil, like looking sexy, than check these crazy outfits every day...

Rae tagged this Try Harder

Can't say I love this one.

Stefanie tagged this Me gusta!

Once again, I hate da hataz! If you don't like her outfits then don't visit the site. You are clearly addicted to the intanet and you need attention. Back to you, lady. This is so classy yet sassy and I am loving this. It makes me think fashion student and I can appreciate that. You are wondaful lovely!

morgan tagged this Brave

i like it. I have to wear school uniforms and they stink. Its always red white blue for shirts. Blue and tan for pants and skirts. ugly.

Em tagged this Cute

V. creative project.

Nameless tagged this Adorable

Love everything, especially the ballerina sock things

Cloclo tagged this Hot

I really like it! It is very original! http://vide-dressingdecloclo.blogspot.com/

Caitriona tagged this Edward Scissorhands


Beatrice K tagged this fabulous

you look like an Erte costume! fantastic.

xyz tagged this Try Harder

too costume-y.

Claire tagged this Hot

Been reading since the start but first time commenting. LOVE THIS! Very chic.

spardha tagged this Brave

really kool!

mariana pimentel tagged this Brave

love love love love!!!!

Katharine Tapley tagged this Hot

This. Look. Rocks.

Josey tagged this Hot

Very Merry Widow!

lily tagged this perfection

gorgeous and batty all in one outfit. LOVES IT.

Keira tagged this Awesome!

Love the legwear in this.

Eleanor tagged this Fabulous!

FABULOUS! LOVE the hat, and LOVE the socklets with the flats! Those are the coolest tights/socks I have ever seen!

Inspired by The Project

This look is SO interesting. The more I examine each piece, the more I like it. I have loved the necklace since the first time you wore it. The hat & socklets are very cool.

shuchi tagged this Brave

I have proof that she wears the outfits throughout the day and night! I saw her on Saturday! so all you haters, suck it up!!!

Lau tagged this Fantastic

This is probably my favorite outfit you've worn. The hat looks great on you!

AM tagged this FAB!

Ignore the negative remarks...you continue to put your project, your smile, your heart, and your great style out there! You go girl!

Laura Daly tagged this A Gorgon....NOT!

My pick of last week is "Black Antheia" Ah, Antheia,goddess of flowers and floral wreaths...with a good dose of downtown!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

I LOVE this one! :) The ballerina socklets are fantastic

nobody tagged this Brave

i think the shoes are kinda weird

Karin tagged this Perfection

This may be my favorite outfit of yours to date! Super hot, super chic, and tres alternative!

heather knight tagged this Hot

alternate title: "mermaid siren goes to manhattan"

Vercihan Ziflian tagged this ddddd

Dear Shenna Matheiken, I am writtig to you from Turkey. I am a reporter of Turkey biggest selling newspaper Hurriyet Daily News. I would like to make an interview with you about your project via e-mail. My addresses is vercihanz@hurriyet.com.tr... I'll wait your answer... Sincerly; Vercihan Ziflioglu

cheryl tagged this Hot

love,love,love this outfit. one of my faves for sure. top 5!

Mango tagged this Cute



Tout en noir, c'est magnifique, le lacet sur les jambes ! Votre fan Québécoise

Justi tagged this Cute

like a forest child:) but I love your creativity!!!

Jack tagged this Hot

Very hot

Creatipa tagged this Cute

love it!

G-love tagged this Piles of Sugar

Super sweet chica!!

Amy tagged this ballarina

its ok. not the best i've seen. but still cute in its own way.

Sneha tagged this Cute

AHH I just found this blog!! I love it =) especially since I'm not very good with fashion and I see stuff like ballet shoes and junk that I love but I can never make it work...unlike you however. THis is really cool

Heather tagged this SICK SICK SICK!!

OMG--I LOVE this one! Hat is amazing, recycled jersey neck piece is so great and socklets are just too chic for words!

Lois tagged this mourning glory


Molly tagged this Shoe-be-doo

They're incredible. The shoes. I'm always commenting on the shoes- lol. The necklace is nice with the shoes as well, seems symmetrical somehow, balanced.

Rupert tagged this Hot

Nice hat, i like it alot. Nero Ultra rapidshare

Anonymous tagged this Hot

i love what you did with the jersey. Excellent socklets too!