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February 10

This day belongs to rshimizu.
"Ordering the dress on this day. The sun is shining, life is good...why not?"
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Day 333. Mon, March 29 2010

Bidding has begun!

20$bid-now-5-woulda-bidda-5-who-woulda-bidda-5-bidda-5-anywhere... the auction is now live! And concurrently, we are also announcing the release of 365 Limited Edition dresses, made to order. We hope this will become a great milestone in our fundraiser for Akanksha and a celebration of reuse and reinvention. In the daily we have a thrifted silver dress, tights donated by Cat and vintage platforms from eBay.

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oh, no photo?

pimientaconcerezas tagged this Batty

I was wondering what you were going to wear now that you have to give all that stuff away...but apparently you are friends with the "Care Bears" because only that would explain shoes that fell straight out of candy heaven :)

Cattie tagged this Cute

I so wish I could afford a dress, but $180 is too steep for a poor college student, sadly. Perhaps the lovely Eliza could sell me the pattern for less so that I could attempt my own? :) Readers making their own clothes still sounds like sustainable fashion to me!

holly tagged this lolly legs!

hey, now I see photos! I think there must be an enormous amount of traffic to your site today. Great legs! Great shoes!

Tara tagged this @Cattie

I agree Cattie! On a side note, May 09 is almost sold out, only one day left for sale in that month, I can't believe it! Oh, and you look adorable today.

Britgirl tagged this Sweet

I agree with Cattie, but I just love seeing the funds go up! You look just like a lolly today!


oh, i was so looking forward to buying the dress. i didn't realise it would cost so much :( interesitng choice of icecream shoes and fairy floss leggings :)

Payal tagged this Sold!

I can only imagine the excitement in the UP team today! I'm absolutely bursting with excitement! And WOWZA! Look at the funds!! That's mad! I'm on eBay and I feel like a child in a candy store! Mad love for today's look!

amy tagged this Egalité et Sororité

As a garment industry worker during the shift when all the jobs got exported to other countries, I (sadly) know far too well the reasons why production for fair wages here in the US seems a bit expensive. (There's actually a great doc called Schmatta on HBO this month about this exact issue). Bottom line is that if you want something made ethically (or at least as ethically as possible) you have to pay more. But I'm pretty sure that Sheena and Eliza are aware that the price may be out of the range of many. I guess what i'm saying is I agree with you Cattie, but it's my guess that Sheena and Eliza were aware of the potential pricing issues too. And even if they weren't, they are now 8-P I'm sure if we push them, they'll soon be releasing the pattern for a more affordable price, for those of us who've been priced out. If we ask, I think we shall receive.

amy tagged this Egalité et Sororité pt2

one other thing...Coming from that field, I was actually surprised how inexpensive it was relative to what I know costs in NY garment production to actually be--which suggests Sheena and Eliza must be doing what they can to keep the price down as much as possible. So, I'm assuming that they'll actually be pretty responsive to selling the pattern as another way to reach those of us who don't have as much to spend.

wasabipear tagged this likes this

stripes on shoes match stripes on tight. as articulate as i come today.

o. tagged this lovely

love the colours, but even more your smile! can see how happy you are. and you should be - you guys are going amazing job!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Gorgeous, cheerful and bright! Sheena, these layered outfits seem to work on you because you appear to be quite small; it's hard to tell exactly from the photos, but you seem unusually petite. Whenever I try to layer items, I end up looking like a stuffed sausage; I suspect I'm not alone. Can you tell us your own proportions? I think a lot of us would like to know if we're simply trying to bend some rules of physics that just do not apply to you! Keep up the good work! You're amazing!

christine tagged this Cute

hooray! best of luck in these final days. things seem to be both ramping down and ramping up at the same time! you are positively glowing. love everything about today's happy outfit.


beautiful! @amy - thanks for recommending Schmatta. Could you (or someone) please further explain all the costs involved in manufacturing clothing in an ethical fashion? Thank you... Also - per their facebook posts - the UP team has indicated there will be a pattern...


Thanks to following this project since September I know that a girl can never own too many tights or leggins. =D


Its such a great idea!!! You have a lot good idea and all your dress is beautiful!! (sorry my english its not very good)


@sharona, I actually just noticed that on the sale site FAQs the UP team do a pretty good job of explaining the regulations for producing a dress in the US and how those factors (paying skilled workers a livable wage, in a legal work environment with insurance, health care, overtime, etc. to sew a quality garment that requires some serious expertise) along with the fact that they're probably using a quality material that will last longer than a single season means that the price point isn't going to be in the target/h&m/forever21 range. The reason you can get stuff for a cheaper price at those types of outlets is because those clothes are being mass produced in regions of the world where pay rates are no where near what they are in the US and where regulations are less stringent or non-existent. does that help?

Claire tagged this pinkalicious

I love this outfit! Love the shoes and the tights especially :)


@amy - yes - thanks amy!

ammakke tagged this style!

You look absolutely stunning & proud in that outfit for the long awaited announcement on the 333RD DAY OF THIS GREAT MISSION!!Wish I could do atleast one tenth of what you are acheiving BUT I AM SO PROUD OF YOU< GOD BLESS YOU & THE GREAT TEAM WORK!!Sorry to say, when your sun is shining it is snowing here....

ruby tagged this Cute

like cattie i too am unable to afford a dress - im in the uk too so there's the added shipping costs... woe is me! still supporting as much as i can :(

Kyoko tagged this Cute

Love it!!Kawaii=)

senthil kumar tagged this free of coste

we have the childrens home,now we have 52 poor childrens,so please you send the dress for the free of coste.we hope you sir.

senthil kumar tagged this free of coste

we have the childrens home,now we have 52 poor childrens,so please you send the dress for the free of coste.we hope you sir.

Danni tagged this Cute

i REALLY want the dress! but i can't afford it at $180 whaaaa :(

minnesota-gal tagged this Cute

sheena, what size are your feet?! adore you.

moon tagged this Batty

only you could make this outfit work! the metallic with the pink? never would've thought of it. you should be an inspiration for all fashion designers!