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February 10

This day belongs to glacialembrace.
"batty in the best kind of way! you rock, sheena and eliza! thanks for being so inspiring and creative everyday, for such a great cause! "
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Day 292. Tue, February 16 2010

Bibi i Brooklyn

Featuring H FREDRIKSSON. A silk crepe glacier print pleat dress, wool melton cropped jacket and neckwear made from a pebble stone wrapped in reclaimed jersey. Additionally featured is a handmade bubble necklace donated by Jasmeet Kahlon (as seen on the Jan 1st daily ) worn here as a headpiece. I doubt I need to tell you where the socks come from.

Who is H Fredrikkson?
Hailing from Sweden, Helena heads the H Fredriksson label — modern, artistic and sustainably conscious, it's inspired by the dark psychology of Bergman films and contemporary European painting. Read more >


kate tagged this i love it!!

this is breathtaking!

beck tagged this Brave

HOLY SHIZAZNIT! this look is GORGEOUS. everything you do is cute but this is inspired! LOVE it.

wasabipear tagged this Oversized Holla

you is so hood, you wore yo necklace as a weave ,)

moon tagged this Hot

crazy cat lady who actually has style? ps. it looks like your tights are having an affair with the tiles :)


Not a fan of the whole look, but the coat is a big winner!

riley tagged this striking

Oh, this is lovely! The necklace makes a fantastic headpiece, too.

Kim S tagged this Batty

Love the bold black & white print dress under the uniform under the jacket. Great reuse of the head gear and accessories, but holy cow on the stockings! Weird use of pattern where a hot color would do.

scarlett tagged this you hear that?

it's me. screaming with envy. you're wearing five of my favorite types of pieces. my friends are going to wonder now why i'm wearing my necklaces as headbands.

mm tagged this Skål!

if this doesn't deserve more donations, we're all doomed. how's that for throwing some dark Scandinavian gloom in the mix. really though, this is hot enough to melt all the snow in viking land. Come on people, re-acquaint yourselves with paypal.

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mmm, I love the silk crepe dress and the hat. Also enjoying the added detail of varied backgrounds this week. This week is a highlight in the UP year, so far. Who knows what lies ahead?

gruvee tagged this Brave

But how? BUT HOW do you do it? mixing argyle and that i-don't-know-what pattern, colours and the hat-thing - my God woman! You blow my mind! Freakin' fab!

Joy tagged this Hot

Another amazing outfit! I especially love the headpiece and the fact that, given its light color, it doesn't blend into your hair and can really be seen. I never would have thought of putting the print dress together with the tights, but they really work, and I love the whole look!

Payal tagged this Mad love!

I am filled with mad love for that dress, jacket, headpiece/ necklace...and that awesome LBD you have on! The socks just blow it out of this world! Wish I had the nerve to carry that combo off! I spread the word about UP to 150 of my friends across the globe yesterday. C'mon UPers! Let's show some mad love for UP and the kids!

abigail tagged this Brave

a bit too much happening, but the individual elements are awesome.....and u always make it work, sheena.....no matter what!

LR tagged this So close!

love everything but the socks. They just don't go! But the necklace as a headband looks incredible.

christine tagged this naturally beautiful

glaciers, pebbles and bubbles...who knew pieces of nature could be so glamorous!

Rebekah tagged this Gorgeous, but...

I have to agree with LR... so close to being perfect, but the socks just don't work for me... everything else, especially the necklace-as-headband is lovely. I'm jealous...

Maryjohn tagged this Amazing

I have noticed that throughout this year as you continue in the project that you are learning to wear confidence as a garment along with your outfits! It is a beautiful thing to see.

Mary from TX

Love everything EXCEPT the socks. I know you have socks that would go soooo much better with this outfit.


WOW - a lot going on here. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cropped jacket!! and the print dress looks cool, too (what we can see of it). Would have liked to see a close-up of the necklace.

janiey tagged this Brave

this is one of my favorite outfits that you have ever worn.

kc tagged this jaw dropper

Whoa, whoa, LOVE IT. Make-up looks great too.

Tally's Place tagged this Modelesque

I just don't know what to say. It's gorgeous, it's vintage, it's now...it's...perfect. And you look so tall.

gemmimapuddleduck tagged this Hot

those tights are insane but i dont think the jacket is nessesary.. would look better without it unless it was cold then thats cool :)

Irene tagged this Burming Hot

This is so crazy! An amazing stunner. A showstopper.

Adelheid tagged this Grandezza

Just fabulous!Grandezza!

Claire tagged this The wow

WOW! And a bit more wow for good measure!


The only thing I dislike about this outfit is the tights. I feel like you should've stuck with elegant grey tones, or at least not added an entirely different and bold pattern. But that hat is just scrumptious.

ammakke tagged this inspiration!

Your stylish outfit speaks of the U.P.F.W.But looks like , in the excitement of this "feast", everyone seems to be forgetting the "soul" of this awesome project,like Sheena mentioned earlier & reminded by mm, let's try our best to "Crush"the corner box!!Wonder how U could work those brown'n yellow with today's outfit..( I see they have some link with the floor tiles)

Sai tagged this Snippity Snap-Snap Snow

This is the sexiest and most daring outfit yet. I love how the prints are both challenging and complementing each other. As all ways Miss Sheena, YOU-ROCK!

Eithne tagged this full of art

It's like you walked through an art show and it rubbed off on you!

Big Fan tagged this Hot

I love this, the colour is beautiful. The tights don't work for me but way to wear if confidently.

maffiaek tagged this Hot


Laura Daly tagged this Persona

Just the best ever. What personality!

carissa tagged this Cute

evrything's perfect except the tights that's for another day

crunch tagged this Brave

love the head piece,great outfit,no to the tights though.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Oh i so totally love the way the neckpiece has been used in this look. i think it looks incredible. i am not a fan of the stocking.. over all great..

Meha tagged this Hot

I love this for so many, many reasons.

Heidi tagged this Hot



oh lovely, very lovely.

Jannie tagged this Batty

Truly one of my favorites! I love the tights!


oh, baby. Those tights and shoes are SO perfect. Fun turns to art when you add on teh purple dress and hairpiece. And teh uniform dress matches it so perfectly.

Ilona tagged this Try Harder

i dun think it is a successful project, as she wears many other clothes and the uniform only works as accessary