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August 09

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Day 184. Sat, October 31 2009

Beware, the evil sea sprite.

Sprite seaweed and ocean foliage made entirely from UP accessory donors' packaging material. Happy green halloween!

My brother's running the NYC marathon tomorrow to support U.P.
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elisabeth tagged this Brave

creature of sea and earth is what springs to mind. lovely - whimsical - happy haloween

elisabeth 2 tagged this still brave

omigod - on closer inspection that face is seriously creeping me out. But clever all the same!!!

fairybug tagged this Brave

I love it!!!!!!!! Way better than my coustume!

Jannie tagged this Hot

Really, really love this!

Lindsay tagged this Epic.

Words cannot describe how amazing this outfit truly is. Happy halloween Sheena :)

Betty Anne tagged this Amazing!

Amazing! What a fantastic way to recycle the packaging material! I lovve the face paint, too! Awesome job!



tn tagged this Hot

Old Gregg!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

Batty but I'd give you lots of treats if you came to my door!

shuchi tagged this Brave


Mara tagged this Batty, in a good way.

WOW!!! Amazing!!! Love the second pair of eyes, very freaky. Happy Halloween!!!

abigail tagged this wowwwww

creepy, fabulous, cool, beautiful too......love fingers & eyes ~~~

olivia tagged this outstanding!

great costume! - happy halloween!

prutha Raithatha

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttttttttttttttt

Mariah tagged this Hurrah for re-cEYE-cling!

Wow! That may be the best make-up I've ever seen for Halloween . . .

natalie tagged this Creeptastic

The eyes have it.

pinkrobot tagged this Brave

funny and lovely!!!!!!

Kira tagged this Hot

SO AWESOME! Love it! the eye make-up is amazing!

claire tagged this halloweentastic

Wow! Great costume!

Irene tagged this Epic

AMAZING you really outdone yourself.

maryjohn tagged this WOW!!!!

This is over the top fabulous! You must be the hit of the Halloween party! Well done girl...

holly tagged this Spooooooky

OMG! Scary outfit. Best halloween costume I have seen in many a year. So imaginative. You are the tops!

Ln tagged this omg


Isha tagged this Try Harder

Looks kinda gross. Like the vibrant blue colour. This could have been done better.

MBT tagged this GREENTASTIC!!!

This is FANTASTIC!!! If it weren't for the black dress, I wouldn't know it was Sheena, who has taken GREEN to a whole new level - so proud of you!!!


over the top marvelous!!!!!

wasabipear tagged this 20,000 Leagues


Kay tagged this Hot

You're so badass when it comes to costumes. Huzzah!!


The eyes!!! I LOVE the eyes! How clever.

Scully tagged this Greenlicious!

Love it in color! Have a great day tomorrow, I'll be rooting Sean on from my studio :)

ammakke tagged this Green revolution...

OMG !!! Scary indeed! But I love the ecofriendly aspect of the whole costume. Can't dare to look at UR SECOND EYE. Great imagination, Sheena, welldone!!

Kiwiken tagged this Creepy

I think this is the first time I've seen a Halloween costume really looking creepy. Those eyes... *shudder* Awesome makeup! And I love that most of the costume is recycled - a green Halloween in more than one way.

jolly M tagged this Hot

For Halloween costume this is the best I've seen.Those second pair of eyes!! very scary but cleverly done.... Cannot believe, package material has become amazing "green halloween costume" Hope u are taking lot of pictures of Sean's race. Good luck with the fund raising.

Marijke tagged this Brave

Great halloween outfit!

joy tagged this AMAZING

Absolutely bloody brilliant


next project proving that you're not only a gifted clothes designer. You have also a personalisty of artist, what is visible in 20june project. NIce nice!

Dee tagged this AWESOME

This is the best ever!

gruvee tagged this Brave


Cecilia tagged this Batty

Wow, this is an amazing Halloween outfit. Fair play to you. I love seeing what you come up with! All the best from Ireland! xx

Anonymous tagged this Batty


grace tagged this Batty

very creative

Fashion4Development tagged this highly creative

Love it!

Catanya tagged this Batty

Just arrived to your website thanks to a comment on my blog. I finf it really interesting. And this outfit is fierce!

pradha tagged this Creative

Très bien!

Alice tagged this really creapy!


katie.s tagged this wow

not one for every day, but seriously amazing. how on earth did you make the um 'flowers'?

fashion lover

wow!! this is awesome!! happy halloween!

Nina tagged this Brave

Wow, that is sensational. Reminds me of the mermaid!

Nina tagged this Try Harder

Link for 1 Nov is broken, hon!

Tara tagged this Redonkulous!

Boooooooonnnnnnnkkkkkkerrrrrrrsss! I submitted this to the inhabitat green costume contest. I can't get over how beautiful this is!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love amphibeous flowerchild

KatieQ tagged this Hot

The eyes do tricks on me lol.

Casey tagged this Original

I love this costume!!! Fabulous. :)

Sandra D tagged this Incredible!

OMG You look and looked AMAZING!!!!!


fun and funny

Marcia tagged this Scream Worthy

I must say that I flat out screamed when I saw this. (I had thought the eyes were real...)And its by far the most amazing costume I have EVER seen (and I was a costume judge one year...)


I LOVE the eyes & fingers!! Halloween is my favorite "holiday" so I'm glad to see you did something wonderfully creative!

shugabelle tagged this Brave

This is WICKED!! Love it.

yobe tagged this spooky

Fierce nails those! Well witchy


Magnificently creepy.

zelietta tagged this gorgeus

incredible make-up!!

arre tagged this Amazing!

The make up is breath taking

Speechless tagged this EPIC

(in a good way:D)

Ri tagged this Hot

It's super-crazy, and I love it!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime tagged this So creative!

This is so clever!! You've outdone yourself :) Jaime laviejaime.blogspot.com

rachel tagged this fantastic

you. are. magnificent.

emily tagged this Brave

Oh wow, thats actually amazing! And your eyes look so creepy. Love the skirt you're wearing :)

Molly tagged this Fantastical

I love when you do the "costumey." You do it so well.


Briliant !

zanapplepie tagged this Sensational

WOW & wow! Loooooove your four eyes! Truly wild and well done :) Also U & I were halloween twins--- eek! it's almost scary! SEE: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3418333&id=552902062&saved good luck!!

Teresa Prata tagged this Hot

The most crasy look!

kam tagged this Brave


Jule tagged this Wonderful

Your Halloween-Outfit is great! Greetings from germany :)

scary. tagged this scary.

i can't believe me of all people didn't comment on halloween... too busy living up to my name and getting my scare on i presume.. -ya got my official scary stamp of approval for this one anyway! ;)

Noémi tagged this Mouhahaha :)

Horribly hot! The best Halloween costum I ever saw! :)