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May 09

This day belongs to Catskillz.
"Black and red are my 2 fave colors and I love the layered look with the collared tunic."
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Day 07. Thu, May 07 2009

Beckoning Drusila

Iwona Ludgya collared tunic paired with a printed mini skirt, vintage belt and Bakelite ring.


Miss Yvonne tagged this GORGEOUS!

SO Genius!

heather tagged this Cute

you look addorable and elegant. yum!

shuchi tagged this slick

love the RED

slim tagged this Hot

Spike would die. Teehee.


LOVE that collar!

Anonymous tagged this Hot


Oonafey tagged this Adorable!

Definately this best!

Anonymous tagged this super cute collar

YSL vintage inspired collar

Anonymous tagged this Hot


FemmeNoir tagged this Cute

Love this outfit. Found out about your site from Luckymag.com...Great idea. Good luck!

Jeanne B. tagged this Hot

Tres chic!

Jenny tagged this Hot

My favorite thus far. I love everything about it.


The red stockings make this outfit.

Chenoa tagged this Hot

Fantastic outfit! Love the red, so easily one of my top 5 picks already. I have toyed with the idea of a uniform for life, but find it hard to figure out what dress form would work for my figure especially. But think I'll find a few ideas from your adventure!

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Belt, collar, slip, color - it all works!

Michelle tagged this Hot

LOVE this one!

the knotty hooker tagged this Hot

awesome layering! keep em comin!

ET tagged this Glam

collar is brillian

Kim tagged this Fabulous!


archi tagged this Very Chic!!!

I LOVE this one!!

Beth tagged this Hot

Love it!

ttt tagged this Bling!


Ellie tagged this Hot

Yikes! Go get 'em.

TRESA [DOHA] tagged this Hot

COOL....FANTASTIC I love your outfit. Change your hairstyle also.

Rebecca tagged this Hot

Love the red!

Mailee tagged this AWESOME

I love this!!

Lisa webb tagged this Hot

So far this might be one of my favorites, i love how you turned the dress into a sleek coat. Not sure collar but to each his own!


Oh, yes. So cute. Very creative.

Jessy tagged this Hot

This is HOT. It's a brave move with those tights.

Ama tagged this Cute

One of my favorites.

adrie tagged this Hot

absolutely LOVE this outfit. and the ring- that's so unique ! PS: i think you're a hero for doing what you are doing! and you're so good at it too..

fran tagged this ;)

i like very much!

X tagged this Brave


Carly tagged this Hot

Love the belt and collar!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love the pairing!

Addie tagged this Hot

This outfit is pure genius. Love absolutely everything about it.

Naomi tagged this Experimental

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this!!!!!!

rebel tagged this uniform project's day off

It apears no one else has the same issue as I do -- if you can wear the "outfit" uncerneath the "uniform" on it's own, just throwing the "uniform" over the top of the stand alone outfit makes it a day off from wearing the "uniform" - in my opinion, of course. (No matter how awesome the combo is -- there is still a stand alone outfit underneath ...

wolfie tagged this awesome

just great I LOVE this one

Camille tagged this superbe

Superbe, and what an creative, sensefull and funny idea !

Rachael tagged this Hot

Great colour

Anonymous tagged this Hot

AMAZING!! love the collar and the red and black theme

Anonymous tagged this envious

god! where do you get all your shoes

Michelle tagged this Brave

Not sure about the collar, but I love the pops of color

Dawn tagged this Hot

Great layers.

Aricia tagged this Cute

great look!!!

Tabitha tagged this AMAZING!


Jannie tagged this Hot

Love it!!

Sarah tagged this Hot

I love your collars!

Anonymous tagged this funky!

Love the layering of the skirt with amazing colar.

coconaut tagged this Hot

I adore this and want to make it mine!

leeloo tagged this Hot

go great fr a night out!

stacy tagged this Cute

Very cute outfit. I love the collar, belt with the dress and the pattern showing under the dress.

Sarah tagged this Hot

Oooh now this caught my eye. I absolutely LOVE this one.

Thayná tagged this Brave

Hi, I am Brazilian and I loved this project, it really gives a show of creativity. Here in Brazil, are doing a similar project, but are 5 girls and is for 1 month. This is beautiful, very beautiful.

myg tagged this Cute

j'aime beaucoup


that's ok, but maybe if you would wear high-heel shoes, it would be very ok:)

Mara tagged this Awesome

Wow, i like it!

Ali tagged this Hot

My favorite I've seen!

rupiningsih tagged this Wooww

I Love it! I Love it! the red belt make it wonderfull, genius!!

eMz tagged this Cute

i like this


love the red :DD

Carlee tagged this Hot

That outfit is too cute!

robi ann tagged this Hot

love the layering!