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April 10

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"Love the dress!! "
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Day 306. Tue, March 02 2010


Handmade yellow felted Beret donated by Pink Sequin. Sweater donated by Cat, vintage suede vest from eBay, thrifted belt, geometric tights from Sockdreams and vintage pumps from the Dumbo Flea Market.

LBD Monday: First Installment
Yesterday, all of you U.P supporters around the globe donned your own LBDs and blew us away with your commitment and creativity. You’ve proven that a simple idea can grow into a movement, mobilizing people around the world. And for that we cannot thank you enough. So sit back and enjoy the photos and be sure to scroll all the way to see little Noa's great gift for the U.P! See photos from LBD Monday >


annie tagged this yesterday

yesterday's lbd event was so much fun...i was so impressed with everyone's outfits. your pumps are awesome today!

ammakke tagged this Cute

Smashing altogether..That cheeky smile on you explains it all..Very impressed with all the LBD outfits...But ....WHERE IS THE MONEY??

carolyn tagged this positivity

Great job everyone. @ammakke, yes, we should all be donating more, but we shouldn't discount or downplay Noa's great effort and show of support yesterday. her singlehandedly raising $500 dollars (as a 13 year old) should be commended and hopefully inspire the rest of us to do more.

abigail tagged this :))))

all the photos brought a big smile to my face.....wonderful.....and of course u look smashing, sheena!


Orange is the color of the week! I love the belt!!


So totally awesome to see all the different LBD's! I haven't had time to upload mine - hope it's not too late!

lostinnotation tagged this Artiste

brilliant you look like a little French artist. the only thing missing is a beret. I will time my LBD dresses along with the Monday if it is going to become a regular thing. I have about three left to wear so will see what I can do with the details.

Beth tagged this Harlequin Dream

The whole outfit is very playful, and the tights are the coolest thing ever. And all ya'll who put on your LBDs yesterday are cute and sexy and brave and wondrous, too. Let's hear some applause for Bruno.

Beth tagged this Back Again

I just saw Noa's accessories for the first time. I haven't donated yet because cash is a bit tight, but I'm giving my bit today in honor of Noa.

Payal tagged this Yello!

How good was yesterday? I'm still buzzing! And those yellow tights and beret are bringing out the buzz in me! Lovely! So simple, yet so styled.

j tagged this beret beret beret

Excellent. I haven't been liking some of the more recent ones, but this one is great!

holly tagged this beatific

no wonder you've got a big smile. so much to like in this outfit, especially the shoes and tights, brilliant!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Adorable! I love yellow and knitwear.

anonymous tagged this Artsy

? the tights ;)

mm tagged this di prima



i love eeeeverything about this. i was thinking of painting my nails yellow today cause it just seems like a nice color to wear this time of year. that belt is awesome too. so perfect.

Irene tagged this Golden

You look gorgeous today, and the picture is so cute.

emma tagged this UP-licious

the funds for the kiddos may have slowed a bit lately (unfortunately), but lets not forget the OTHER facet of this project which was to promote sustainable fashion – lets look at how many people have been inspired to reinvent their wardrobes without buying a single new piece of clothing! lets count the times we headed to our nearest thrift store, flea market, or eBay instead of a department store! those thoughtful, creative, eco-friendly actions aren’t reflected in the upper right hand corner of this website – but don’t forget them! rock on, UPers! also, love the smirk of satisfaction after yesterday's epic LBD Day premier!!

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christine tagged this cute as a button

can't express it any better than emma just did!

Sass tagged this Cute

Great comment @emma! I'm disappointed that I missed LBD day! Maybe we can make it every Monday until the end of the project? What a great way to promote the message!

Payal tagged this @Emma, well said!

Well said, Emma! You're right there's so more to UP than the money. And wow, we've learnt so much! I guess the requests for the numbers to go up comes from people (like us!) who've lapped up all the lessons about fierce creativity, conscious shopping and sustainable fashion - but now want to see the tangible consequence which is a big up in the number of kiddies who get to go to school! :) :)

moon tagged this Cute

longing for summer days full of sunshine, haute couture, and a great book!

pimientaconcerezas tagged this Cute

First off, great job everyone on making the first LBD day such a big success! When I first suggested it, I was a little shy of putting myself out there - so it was great to see so many of you jumped the bandwagon! Now, it doesn't seem like getting people to join in will be a problem - but what about the money? Our combined efforts of going to the thrift store and promoting sustainability are great and all, but shouldn't we strive to make a positive influence on more lives with this?

pimientaconcerezas tagged this Cute

So, here is an idea: I bet you all had as much fun as I did to experiment with your LBD and dress it to the nines. With taking pictures and all, it was almost as good as going to the movies for an entertaining film, yet entirely free. So why don't we vow that for every LBD Monday photo we posted of ourselves yesterday and will in the future, we give a small contribution to the kids, the equivalent of a cheap movie ticket, even if its just 2 or 3 bucks? I know I have spent less entertaining evenings for way more money! If you don't have it, try to get your family or friends to sponsor you and maybe let them get a say in what you wear in exchange - I know my mother would love to dress me "properly" :) That way, we have the chance of sending another kid to school by next LBD Monday! With paypal transaction costs being high, maybe we can also donate in advance for 2-3 photos at a time. Let's do it! A few bucks at a time won't hurt must of us...

Paddi Ponton tagged this Hot

What a great combo!

Adelheid tagged this Cute

Loving the outfit. It'd be interesting to see it with darker, uni-colored tights though and have the shoes and the hat really pop...

felixe tagged this Cute

jaime bcp, les collants oh jadore!

ammakke tagged this tacky cowboy

@Carolyn, no offence please, Sweet Carolyn,I fely ashamed of my comment when my eyes fell on that "remarkable" cheque(reward of a teenager's single handed effort>>Hats off to U Noa!! welldone &God bless!

Sarah Corley

LOVE that vest!!


Oh my God I love this sooo much !!!! AMAZING ! PERFECT ! Just the shoes, I would have put black or grey shoes... Or yellow ! :D

Alana Johnson tagged this Tres Chic

Love this outfit!

smithmaria tagged this Cute

Hey, its soo sweet. Its pretty too. Its something different style with cap. r4i sdhc

Alice tagged this cool!!

This is a GREAT outfit, original and fun and I could even forget you're wearing the uniform. On a totally different subject: do you have crooked teeth? If you do, please don't be ashamed to show your smile just because of them... The important of a smile is the feelings it shows, and nothing else.

smile tagged this tightastic

the tights are ammmaazziiinngg and love the hat

Richard tagged this Cute

her singlehandedly raising $500 dollars (as a 13 year old) should be commended and hopefully inspire the rest of us to do more. Women Leather Jackets

Richard tagged this Hot

her singlehandedly raising $500 dollars (as a 13 year old) should be commended and hopefully inspire the rest of us to do more. health insurance help