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May 09

This day belongs to Lolly&Bee.
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Day 27. Wed, May 27 2009

Bavarian chic

... or Amidala Chic, as per Slim. Iwona Ludgya collared tunic layered with a vintage bubble blouse, wornout wool leggins from Jumelle and cinch belt donated by Cat.


shuchi tagged this vintage

This is so Alexander McQueene. Love it!

slim tagged this Amidala Chic

natch, this is one of my faves.

Jeanne B, tagged this Brave

Oh, wow, now that's different

Jenny tagged this Batty

This one looks a bit too costumey to me but I love those shoes!


love the sleeves

Em tagged this Amazing!

I. Love. Thisss!!!

RogueTess tagged this Batty

Maybe I just don't like holey tights.

NadiaThinks tagged this Cute

I LOVE those sleeves! wish the belt was a tad narrower, but great ideas!

the knotty hooker tagged this fashion forward

LOVELOVELOVE the belt! amazing how a collar can change the whole look and feel of the outfit! (i'm crushin on yer tights, btw)

k tagged this Hot

May I have those shoes please? I love everything except for the belt


Wish the leggings weren't worn out. Would fit the outfit better.

tewi tagged this Cute

I love the blouse

Salina tagged this Brave

I'm reminded of Robin Hood, but it looks good.

mindakms tagged this bang on

another great one!

Lilly tagged this lovelly!

love the collar and the sleeves!

erina tagged this Brave

not sure if i'll walk down the streets like this.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

So far its my fave!!


kind of costumey...

Josey tagged this Brave

Clever. Love the tights.

Pink Lemonade tagged this Hot

I love this!!!!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Cool shoes! I want them. I like that bubble blouse too. I would just wish that the leggings were less holey.

Yuli tagged this Love, but...

I suspect that this outfit, like many others, looks alot better than it feels on. Three layers on top?!? Can't be comfortable. And since this project is about sustainable fashion, I'd think you'd pick outfits that people would actually wear outside of a photoshoot. My guess is also that when your arms are sitting naturally, the bulk of the layers becomes visible and less flattering. As is, though, outfit in this pic is Still Hot.

Addie tagged this Hot

This is cute. I love the layering you did and the tights & belt give it a really hot air. Shoes are amazing and it's great you can carry off the collar.

rebel tagged this day off

If you can wear what's underneath by itself ....

Katie tagged this Hot

Those leggings are soooo good.

Carolina tagged this Hot

Love this!

Zeleah tagged this Super cute

love this

Anonymous tagged this funky

not feeling the collar but everything else is great

Karen tagged this Brave

Wow - this is totally awe inspiring - costumy and yet commanding.

Dr Who tagged this Brave

brave and sexy Vampire

Ulumuri tagged this Cute

Very cool. The washed out colors give the dress a totally different look.

leeloo tagged this smashing

this is one of my faves

Catherine tagged this Love it

Love this - the colours work so nicely. I want the whole outfit!

Anonymous tagged this sweeeet shoes

the shoes are ansolutely adorable!!!

Leni tagged this Cute

Love the colors. the leggings are my fave part

vintage girl

stunning! the color & scale is unique.

becsta tagged this very hot

love love love this one. victorian collar, with worn out leggings. love it