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January 10

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Day 253. Fri, January 08 2010

Back to the motherland

Basking under the Goan sun with some old friends. South African beaded necklace donated by Debi and Jani Finch, longer necklace donated by Anju, thrifted bubble skirt and my staple summer sandals.


chikks tagged this Cute

Welcome to India ... Out of the snow and into the warm sun!!

Linda tagged this Cute

You look so happy to be in India, Sheena! A nice, relaxed vibe today. :-D

gruvee tagged this enjoy the sun and warmth

just love to see you in the sun and on the sand I like the neckacles

gruvee tagged this Cute

OMG I love the er.. cow? buffalo? RU from Goa?

Mariah tagged this Reflecting Inner Sunshine

Have been traveling/moving and away from the computer for a few weeks, so delighted to come back to U.P. and find you in India! Perfect beach outfit. Enjoy your journey home . . .

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Nice necklaces but I don't know about the rest

abigail tagged this perfect

wowwwwww.....can't believe you're there, and u look beautiful ~ ready for a nap in the sun i think ~~~

Dee tagged this awesome

This outfit is okay, I guess... But what really makes this an 'awesome' rating is your locale and the happiness on your face.

Mia tagged this Cute

You look so wonderfully relaxed and happy! Love this look.

ammakke tagged this mera bharat mahan!!

Jealousy is the first emotion that conquers me, looking at U dear..Lovely bubbly look with the bubble skirt & the necklaces..Enjoy but watch that hot sun!!

scary. tagged this misses.

third pic - another lurker hoping for an accessory donation.. i am ever so slightly sick with jealously so i have to stop typing now.

wasabipear tagged this Ndebele India

You know that I love the South African flair while you bask in your motherland.

Linda from SA

A patiotic yes for the SA beads!

crealicia tagged this Cute

You're really an exceptionnel & fabulous artist! Many thanks for inspiration. crealicia from France crealicia.canalblog.com

kay tagged this necklace power

oh it looks soo warm there! when you come back, you'd beter bring some home! also the cow-creature is wonderfull dah-ling!

Anonymous tagged this TruePerfection

I see your soul come shining through....

Lucy Woodward tagged this Hot

I love this!

Ellen tagged this unique

I love the rainbow necklace!

Mara tagged this Hot

So cute! I love the simplicity. And the shoes.


Cute! We ALL wish we were you!

Tiara tagged this reminiscient

Hey! I was in Cox's Bazar recently and they had the same boats.

Tyler Mackie

Love it!

j tagged this perfect

Quite possibly my favorite ever.. Keep up the good work! We're all waiting for the sun to hurry up and visit us.

holly tagged this lovely!

Oh Sheena, you are as cute as a button. I love the whole outfit, necklaces are stunning, skirt is so cute and makes an interesting silhouette. Happy days!


Seeing you on the beach in your bubble skirt reminds me of pictures I have seen of earlier times in America when women wore what looked like bloomers and short dresses to the beach as swimwear. And to explain, that is not a negative comment about your outfit - just an observation. Enjoy the sun and sand because it's COLD here in almost every part of mainland USA.

sasha tagged this Cute

i love your outfit. i'm 8 years old


Cute outfit and cute cow.

Irene tagged this Cute

It looks so gorgeous there! Such pretty necklaces, I love the colours, and amazing shoes like always


You are definately a sunshine girl!!

Bronwyn tagged this Cute and Adorable

Cute and adorable at the same time!!!

Payal tagged this It's Goa babyyyyy!

must....hold...back...jealousy... :) Yayy you're in India! Cute outfit. Crazy about those sandals!

Bryn. tagged this perfection.

perfect! One of my favourites!


i know this trip will be beautiful for you ~ can't wait to see you with the children ~ bravo dear sheena ~~~

Gabrielle tagged this Cute

How have i only just heard about this project? Its so inspiring, and touching. And ambitious. Wow a whole year! Bored of the dress yet? I'd be tempted to join in. Is there an army of followers in little black dresses raising lots of money for charity? There should be.


I'm so jealous of the weather! It's 20 here in DC! Love the skirt/shoe color combo and the bit of color added with the necklaces. Of course, your "friend" in the background is posing nicely, too!


@Gabrille - Yes, there is a strong following of those of us who are avid posters/donors/watchers/critics, etc. My day is not complete until I've seen the Uniform of the Day! Welcome to our crew - spread the word!

christine tagged this hot damn!

You're one of a kind - the best kind! Have the best time on your travels. We'll be following vicariously.

elisabeth tagged this Hot

bloody fantastic this - simple, elegant, colourful, cool. love this outfit.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Looks great!!

Libby tagged this Cute

This is great because anyone could wear it and would want to wear it.

Nana Soma tagged this Fresh air

It's so summer relaxed look! I like the necklaces but about the rest... i may say the proportions didn't work out very well. Oh, India! This must be a great place to go so do enjoy your trip! Now, a cow on the beach? It's sooo weird yet quite curious!

Coolio tagged this like the necklaces!

it is very cute for a uniform!

re tagged this ok

do you have teeth?


@Gabrielle Warm welcome to the U.P.F.C...Well, I am delighted to see more sincere fans signing in because my day is in complete until I see the "daily",Hope U be able to inspire more people to join & support this noble cause.

Radhika tagged this Cute

Welcome to India! There you go looking nice in anything again!!

viavisconti tagged this BRAVO

BRAVO! Just spectacular idea........ Love it !

Love,Love,LOve tagged this Awesome



love the sunshine!!!!

okaylau tagged this Cute

I wanna see the bubble skirt more! I can only see the POOF of where it's supposed to be! Move the uniform! It's in the way!

Cynthia tagged this Cute

perfect for a warm sunny day.

safali tagged this love the cow!

black dress on the beach - over stylish!! :)

Sara tagged this Cute

I really love this one! It's adorable, specially the neclass!

Jessica tagged this Hot

LOVE this pic...LOVE those necklaces!

Nieksas tagged this Cute

I have nothing what to say, ur simply adorable. I can tell You this as a men ;]


just love to see you in the sun and on the sand I like the neckacles.. micro sd card