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October 09

This day belongs to Cathy Nieng.
"This is dedicated to my baby daughter Victoria, who was born on October 11, 2009. It is my hope that she will grow up to be a beautiful woman who is loving, kind, and generous towards others, herself, and the world in which she lives. Thank you, Sheena and U.P, for being such an inspiration!"
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Day 165. Mon, October 12 2009

Back in the pink of things

Vintage knit cardigan donated by Sophie and Eva from BowsAndBandits.com. Tights from Sockdreams and vintage blue suede pumps from eBay.
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"re+purpose" Day 6
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SarahJ tagged this Cute

oh i love the pink cardigan and matching tights you look girlie and cute without being yeauchy. It must be more fun now its colder to make outfits. so many more options.

Magda tagged this Cute

Usually I don't like this color, but I love this outfit.

barbara tagged this Hot

Stunning! AI absolutely love this outfit. A contender for #1 of the whole project.

Sophie B

You look so put together

Mariah tagged this Cute

Terrific outfit (!), partly because of the overall simplicity (letting the "busy" part of the sweater and the color carry it). Amazing that you were able to match the sweater/tights colors -- helps lengthen the lines (and doesn't look too "matchy").

Beth tagged this Cute


Elissa tagged this Sugary

My mind immediately goes to the little star candies from Spirited Away :) Shoulder cupcake frosting

yobe tagged this shocking

I'm not a pink person. Shoes are good though

EmilyKennedy tagged this Cute

That cardigan is so fantastic!

Irene tagged this Cute

it's awesome how you were able to find tights that match the cardigan so nicely. My first impression was that you look like a LG.

Edith tagged this Gorgeous


Darby tagged this So girly and fun!

Love this! I love the details on the sweater, so cute. :)

Eleanor tagged this Perfect!

This may be my favorite yet! The tights and shoes complement the sweater perfectly! A look that I would absolutely, positively wear to work myself.

wasabipear tagged this Salmon-Envy

That shade of pink so makes me want join the Green Team ,)

Millie tagged this Hot

This is adorable.

plainjane tagged this Delicious pink

Sheena, just curious, how much have you guys made with the eBay thing? Is it making lots of donations? Love that crazy sweater, by the way!

Tabea tagged this Cute

Aaaawww!!! I don't know what I'd give for this cute cardigan!!! This site is just inspiring! :) love it so much

Kiz tagged this Cute

I LOVE the cardigan! May have to try a DYI project!

SHERI L FORMAN tagged this Batty

very adorable and femenine

mofo tagged this Cute


KT tagged this Cute

Absolutely adorable! Also, I like to see what kind of heels are on your shoes and boots. The first picture here does that. I used to have a pair of shoes just like those. It has been so long ago that I can't remember when! Perhaps 40 years?


i adore cardies buttoned just at the top button! cute cute!

Ilaria tagged this Cute

i m lovin it!

Cynthia tagged this meeting his mom & dad



@plainjane – We've just raised over $6000 in the first 5 days of eBay's Green Team campaign! It's incredible. Thank you all for signing up to the Green Team and supporting our cause :)

plainjane tagged this fundraising-fantastic

Amazing! Wow, look at how that number jumped today. I'm so impressed. Congratulations.

Tara tagged this Cute

Sooooo cute.

Cris V. tagged this Cute

Today I wrote about sustainable consumption and put a link to UP. Your cardigan makes me think about Lucky Charms cereal :p

Tami tagged this Cute

Love this cardigan!

sarah tagged this Cute

great outfit, and huge jump in donations! congrats!

Anneka tagged this Brave

WOW 21, 000 when did that happen? Well done! you are both AMAZING. I wish I could come up with an idea like this that makes such a difference in so many ways!


adorable, very very cute.

Anneka tagged this Brave

Also, I have been trying to join the green team. and it keeps telling me that there is an error on the page - is this because I am from Australia?

holly tagged this sugar'n'spice

Very sweet! Cute shoes

BethBG tagged this pinkalicious

This is wonderful, well done Sheena! XX's

Kim tagged this Pretty

Love the 3D flowers!

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

Good girls gone bad

Hannah tagged this Pink Elephant

My school uniform was this exact colour. it was a three-button, waisted shirt dress and as soon as i saw this i couldn't stop thinking of ways i could style mine up! thanks.

Ginger tagged this Cute

I <3 Matchy Matchy

h tagged this Grandma chic

Love. Would love it even more with those bright blue pumps you've worn on several previous occasions.

RogueTess tagged this licans mongoose

LOVE the cardigan. Yay for knitwear!

suz tagged this adorable!

love the colour of those tights!!

Janet tagged this Cute

LOVE your work!!!! I tried to join the Green Team and couldn't submit.I'm from Australia.

Sarah tagged this Cute

A perfect match on the pink, plus I love the shoes!

Anne Boyd tagged this Cute

so cute...

Chicago tagged this Ain't She Sweet...

Long live the pom-pom sweater!

Jolly M tagged this beautiful

" Back in the pink of things indeed".Your cardigan-tight colour match is perfect.Even being girly-girly colour, you look adorable in it. BTW initially I thought that the righthand corner figure may be an error-realised -not so- Ita the "magical math"comb effect of e-bay-UP. well done 4 this clever idea,the tree is growing....... and growing.......

Nora tagged this Hot

One of my favorites!

Eleanor tagged this Fabulous!

I love that sweater!

Payal tagged this 21K!!!

21k!! Wowzzaaa!! I'm terribly, terribly broke right now, but hoping to help in every other way...Green Team, CAG, votes, spreading the word, etc...but I've still got 300 days to donate! You look adorable in this outfit Sheena! That's the kind of cardi I wouldn't touch - but you make it work, girl!

sarah a! tagged this YESS!

i pretty much love everything you do with what you are given! soo much talent:)

amanda tagged this amanda-veronezze

adoro vestidos mais naum tenho muitos isso cai me ajudar ^^

Callie tagged this Vintage Classy

Absolutely love it.

SarahJ tagged this Money

what a jump in money Well done im amazed

Diana tagged this Cute

I really admire you! Your combinations look always other. keep on you do a great job!

céleste tagged this super cute

i'm a huge fan of the tights

Julie tagged this Cute

Very sweet and girly looking. We're all young at heart~!

Nina from NL tagged this Cute

Soooooo cute!!

Louise tagged this Cute

Woooooo, me likey this one! Nice one S!

Vanty tagged this Cute

The color so special, suit you well! I like it.

Vanty tagged this Cute

the color is so special.

Linda tagged this Cute

Love the salmon color! I can't wait until the dress is available to purchase ~ but can you make a version that's slightly longer? And wow ~ donations have really jumped suddenly! :-D

Sue Yurick tagged this Cute

Just darling! Please, please, consider designing a dress for a plump grandma!!

Cassandra tagged this Hot

THIS is amazing and this outfit is adorable!

Emma tagged this Cute

Adorable! But i think a different colour tight might have been nice. Still, love the cardi and shoes :)

Lenilde tagged this Cute

Uma graça, adorei o cadigan, lindo!!

Lindsay tagged this Feminine

So cute! Love the pink, especially now with breast cancer awareness month.


I have such a weak spot for cardigans and this one is GORGEOUS. Totally rockin' outfit.

Frances tagged this Cute

I love that sweater! It's super cute!

Annabella tagged this Cute

Think Pink!

Fran tagged this Cute

So cute *_*


ABSOLUTELY LOVE the sweater!!!

Ruth tagged this Try Harder

I actually think this is my least favourite... because even when I was not the hugest fan of your outfits, they always felt cool or experimental. This, to me, just says granny.

Kiwiken tagged this piiiiink!

I'm not a fan of pink, especially not in a cardigan, the tights would have been OK I guess. But the flowers and wool knobs on that thing? No, really, not for me.

Kate tagged this Cute

I love your pink cardy!!!!!!!!!!!

flower power tagged this Cute


Sarah tagged this Cute

Love the colors!

Mara tagged this Cute

LOVE the cardigan. Very cute.

HEARTS ALL AROUND tagged this Cute

Very Cute! Love the sweater!

Kim S tagged this Classic

Absolutely adorable!

dearilou tagged this Cute

the pinks are so warm and lovely.

krystyna tagged this Hot

Totally stunning cardigan. This is one of my absolutely favourite looks. Pink tights and gorgeous shoes complete the look


SO pretty in pink. Adorable!

Claire Tracy Schmidt tagged this Cute

gorgeous cardi