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December 09

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Day 158. Mon, October 05 2009

Back in Black

Mourning the first day back at work after month long adventures. Vintage lambs wool collar, granny boots and vintage hat from eBay. Black and white striped tights donated by Sockdreams.


Elissa tagged this Wooly

looks cozy! i almost couldn't discern your hair from your hat in the first shot

lily tagged this linear

love the bold shoulders and strong angles!

sarahJ tagged this pretty

aw you look so pretty

Kristian tagged this Cute

I adore the collar and tights! Your ability to mix textures and patterns is so impressive!

mein melon tagged this enchanted

love that hat!

Mariah tagged this Monday Blues turned Black

Nice blend of textures. Adore the hat!

iLsEoRt tagged this Elegant

Thanks for continuing to inspire to mix and match and to help other people!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Awesome collar!!!! My friend and I are wondering where in the world you work... :)

mm tagged this wooly camoly, batgirl!

stunning. recession over. everyone gets a raise.

scary. tagged this no rest for the wicked...

back to the hip hop loveen .. i'm lovin that collar! glad ya made it home safe and hope you're warnin that pretty city of the madness that's gonna land there 3 weeks from today ...! ;)

Scully tagged this Hot

Welcome Back Lovely!

Mara tagged this Cozy

Very simple and sweet. :)

Brimel tagged this 2-year-old canby

Love love love! The collar is perfect.

Isabelle tagged this daring

love the collar and the boots!! great combo. of colors.

wasabipear tagged this The Black Sheep

Had curly-Q's galore.

Tami Holmes tagged this Cute

love the collar. A great idea


Love how the collar makes the Uniform look so different - 1 small item!


almost looks like you have big shoulder pads in, but then I realized it was just the cut of the collar!

Josey tagged this Hot

I gotta start buying collars! That is gorgeous!

ammakke tagged this Elegant

Black is really beautiful..that cozy looking collar transforms the black dress ..gorgeous!

Cássia tagged this Cute

Recently they speak about your great idea here in Brazil, and I fell in love. Really, you are very, very creative!!! Congratulations!!! Kisses from Brazil!!!!

Erin M

Love the collar - is it felt? You're the top vote on the People's Design Award!!! Keep those votes coming! http://peoplesdesignaward.cooperhewitt.org/2009/

cutie pie 20 tagged this Brave

very brave!

abigail tagged this interesting

wonderful even tho mourning....lambs wool color adds something "je ne sais pas quoi".....but it works.....very happy that ur back safely......welcome home......

Lindsay tagged this Cute

Welcome back Sheena. And not to be a treehugger, but is that real lambs wool?

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

im very surprised with this project and this idea, it's a spectacular what u guys are doing for this cause. im from Angola we speak portuguese here and wen i saw this on the TV i run to the internet just to know more about this project, and i will talk to all my friends about that. PS. plz forgive if i make mistakes on wrote because i dont speak english very well. hug kiss

jessica tagged this Very Sweet

I love that! its very sweet! <3

Irene tagged this hot, elegant and classy

I thought that wool collar was part of the uniform in the first picture, making me think that you were wearing another dress. I absolutely LOVE today's outfit, everything looks so good together, or as individual pieces.

Anonymous tagged this Audience with the Queen

yeah - LUV

Sam tagged this Classic

You've hit the nail on the head!

Heather tagged this Genius!

How totally inventive and precious! It's great how the collar transforms your standard black dress into something extra special.

Payal tagged this Home sweet home!

Ah...it's actually quite refreshing to see good ol' white background again! Hope you had a great flight back home. Even though the lamb-wool collar is well...a lamb-wool collar, i love what it does to the uniform! And those tights...hotttt!

pixelated tagged this perfect

im loviing it!

Claudia tagged this Cute

I would have gone with a different shade of tights, but what a lovely outfit!

tasha tagged this fabtastic!

i love everything about this idea and you have such style!! please please please sell these dresses!!

elisabeth tagged this Hot

took m y breath away - way sophisticated, tres cute. Lovely!!!!

yobe tagged this Boring

Snowy shoulders and mussy hair - either a bad case of dandruff or the plane journey has taken its toll. I don't feel this quite works


love the wool collar, very feminine, just perfect.

Julie tagged this Brave

Love the hat and the boots. Very brave with the collar. I don't think I would wear that.

vintage girl

love the collar-perfection!

Tito Jong tagged this BRILLIANT

I loooooove that lambs wool collar!

céleste tagged this Cute

i simply love the hat !

Deb tagged this Cute

LOVE the lambs wool collar

Jamie tagged this halloween-esque

Adorable outfit that gives of a sort of halloween-winter feel!

sugar cookie tagged this Try Harder

I don't really like this one!

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the tights and collar!

Molly tagged this love

Back home with a bang. Love the collar. Love the simplicity.