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January 10

This day belongs to A.S..
"I heart the dhoti with the LBD!"
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Day 264. Tue, January 19 2010


At the Bombay airport in a dhoti raided from my lovely hostess Miriam's wardrobe, vintage gold pumps donated by Jessica Carroll, bangles from the Dumbo flea market and a hand knotted rope necklace donated by Michelle Lane. See more of Michelle's creations at michellelane.net >

On route back to New York after a fabulous and fulfilling trip, despite all the ailments and such. See you all on the flip side!


holly tagged this 100%

great pants, greater shoes, greatest necklace. I love this relaxed/sparkly travelling outfit.

scary. tagged this gold. innit.

the return of the thief...

Mara tagged this Adorable

LOVE the pumps!!! You look so comfortable in this.

Scully tagged this BraveBoldBeautiful

Yes, you are amazing!

ettagirl tagged this casual chic

you look effortlessly gorgeous. and i want those bangles! ~_^ safe trip.

moon tagged this Cute

all you need is a dupatta and you have a full salwar kurtha <3

wasabipear tagged this Dahl-Face :p

Beyond ready to have you back!

Soumaya tagged this East meets Sheena

Some day, when I'm awfully low, When the world is cold, I will feel a glow...

christine tagged this flowy glowy

there are so many rules while flying these days...funky traveling outfits like this should be mandatory!

Suzana Bueno tagged this Great!

Indian and oriental style clothing fits you so well!


cool, comfortable ~ have a safe restful flight home to NY.....take care, sheena! :) abigail

beck tagged this fantastic

OH MY GOD THOSE PANTS! love love love!


Just beautiful. In every way, perfect. Glad you seem to be feeling better!

Britwatch tagged this rockin

Nice post! Delighted you still insist on calling the place Bombay. Nice dhoti, Mia. Are the pumps from Wasabipear? And this Dumbo Flea Market, it sounds an amazing place, one must visit! Glad you're back safe n sound(less)!

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this FTW!!!

Not much more I can say than that this is a huge win.

Sass tagged this gold

Sheena you must be pleased with what you achieved in India. Have a safe trip back! xox

Payal tagged this Brilliant!

There must be a million salwars in Mumbai, but trust you to pick the funkiest! Love the look! Have a great flight back. Congrats for the great job you've done in India.

radhika tagged this Hot


Lulu tagged this um

cool dhoti, what's going on with your hair though?

ammakke tagged this mission successful

That is a lovely shot from Chatrapati Sivaji Airport, sheena..I see an element of sadness but You do look content.Thank Heavens you are back safe & sound(less..as Britwatch says)Cherishing the wonderful days you spent with the Akanksha people looking forward to seeing more info.Hats off to your lovely hostess for donating such a gorgeous dhoti..as lovely as herself!Take a day off ,take off the jetlag etc..& wish another fabulous ,lucky 101days!!!

Eithne tagged this Funky

I wish i could sport this orangey colour as well as you do. Great combo! I'm loving the bag, by the way. Question: I can't tell how much the word on your project has spread around the globe, but do people recognize you on the street already?

Melanie tagged this Hot

I repeat, every single thing you've worn in India has been gorgeous and awesomely put together.

vintage girl

beautiful...love your gold pumps! your thank you video was heartwarming. your truly making a difference.

lamea tagged this Try Harder

dis luk suck

B tagged this Brave

those pants are lovely

Bronwyn tagged this chic

Love this outfit!

Irene tagged this genie inspired

sparkly metallic pumps and polka dotted dhoti!

Natalie tagged this Hot

I love how you look with this outfit. I love your pants!!!, I want to go to India!! people says im Indian and makes me feel soo cool!!!!


you make the salwar look straight out of arabian nights...should have taken 'em away on the flying carpet! miss you sheena my princess

Nadege tagged this Hot

great look - wow! cool neckpiece.

RockABug tagged this Hip and Stylin'!

Oh, I'm loving just LOVING this mix! The colour just pops on those pyjama~ Great one here!

debbie tagged this amazing

this is simply amazing. so proportionate!. one of my favorites yet. you inspire me everyday. =D

Dima tagged this Cute

This one is very nice and authentic.

Diana tagged this Cute

Love love love! So cute! Really want the whole outfit!

veiolex tagged this Hot

i love it!


Love the dhoti!!

ann p tagged this Cute

You pull this look off so easily. Most of us would like clowns. Well done!

steelbluebamboo tagged this totallyoriginal

omg, this pic was in Lou Lou magazine :)


Those are the most beautiful pants I have ever seen!