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February 10

This day belongs to maQui.
"Happy B day Aibon -LOVE-"
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Day 283. Sun, February 07 2010

Au bon panache

Vintage gold necklace donated by Barbara aka babz. Vintage lace petticoat from a brooklyn antique warehouse, thrifted ruffle skirt and vintage pumps from eBay.


Jessica tagged this Gorgeous

Elegant dinner date tonight?



ammakke tagged this Beauty

Wow!!Black'n gold is my favourite.You look smashing esp. in the last picture.Vintage petticoat is awesome, perfect with the pattern of the necklace

wasabipear tagged this Classique

Very interesting silhouette you managed to create. The two tiered look is divine and the fishtail throw back is working it without screaming 80s prom.

holly tagged this layer cake!

Love the layering with the bursts of colour. And on a personal note, I like when your hair is longer like this!

Sue tagged this Smashing

We didn't imagine that you'd come up with another silhouette, yet here it is, and it's beautiful! The whole message we should all get is not to copy Sheena (who could look like her, really?) but to be personal and brave in our dress.


Wow this outfit makes you look really tall.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Cute, but i think the dress + another dress under is a bit too much. It would be better without the 2nd dress. The shoes are awesome!

christine tagged this super bold

are you showing some superbowl love today with the black and gold?! (somehow you don't strike me as the football type, though...) but this look sure is super - it bowled me over.


This outfit is lovely, and so classy! You look like you're going to a ball! I love the slim line look of the bottom half.

crunchee tagged this pretty lady

very swanky and elegant,and then the banana sunshine shoes!

Adele Jackson

Pretty pretty pretty!

babz tagged this elegant

very elegant. I must say I am thrilled seeing you in my ex-necklace. much better on you!! Perfect with the underskirt. Enjoy.

Regina tagged this Batty

This silhouette makes you look like a Dr.Seuss character.

tina tagged this superbowl me away

Saints fan?

Beth tagged this Golden, Just Golden

But I also wanted to comment on yesterday's outfit. You were wearing a ghoti dhoti. Not sure who first devised that spelling of "fish": gh as in rough, o as in women, ti as in invention. Digressions aside, keep up the great work!

moon tagged this Hot

a 1920's english madam

cheeky tagged this awesome

I LOVE IT! Love the layers you have been using the past couple days. hair looks really good too : )

Hannah tagged this Brave

Looks like a little girl trying on all her mom's wardrobe at once...and totally pulling it off. Very unique.

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elisabeth tagged this Hot

all class!

erin tagged this chi chi frou frou

elegant, french, with a touch of quirk with those amazingly yellow shoes

Viv tagged this Layer Cake!!!!

I love the layers!! And the shoes!

Eithne tagged this golden beacons

I think LBD could use some kind of a button or a clasp in the back (neater than just a piece of string and it's got everything else, so why not?) for a tighter (better) fit in combinations like these. This combo is good to go (as others said, very 1920s dinner date elegance), but imagine the fluidity of the entire outfit if it were following the silhouette a bit closer - you wouldn't need opera length gloves for the aristocratic accent. Of course, if you would be able to breathe in it is an entirely different matter... ;-)

Irene tagged this Gold medal dinner

You look gorgeously dressed as if going to a nice dinner. Love the silhouette you created by adding the skirt underneath.

Tati tagged this Weeeird

Sorry, i think it is too weird for me

scary. tagged this black & gold bold!

Geaux Saints!! ;)

nunu tagged this Try Harder

You are gorgeous!

Linda tagged this Try Harder

I really like the look of long sleeves with this dress, but it looks like you're losing your slip!


my favorite so far! love it, some earrings would've set it off nicely though, maybes?

dabuka tagged this chic&beautiful

wow! you look wonderful in these dress layers.

Pedro Paulo tagged this Brave

Ameiii! ^^


I agree with Holly, like your hair like that... I'm not sure about this uniform... It IS really strange, this silhouette is a bit weird... Anyway, you rock ! :D

Bronwyn tagged this Unique and Very Special

Hey Sheena! This outfit makes me think of a time when I was about 3 years old. I went in my mom's closet and put on 3 skirts, 5 shirts and I tried to fit on 2 pairs of shoes. The shoe thing didn't work so I wore one of each. It was a disaster! Thank-you for making me recall some favourite child memories!

Délia tagged this Cute

I love your feeling for combinations, but sometimes I think that you are the only one which looks good in it. ;)

new yorker. tagged this priceless.

@bronwyn, have you ever thought about comedy? as a career like.. seriously, you make my days.

jolly M tagged this "you look so nice"

Sheena,Having read Hanna's(Congrats..to Hannah)& Bronwyn's comments,Ican't help recalling something You said to your godmother spontaneously: (when you were just 3yrs old!)"you look so nice in that".You certainly had this "eye" for observation & "gift" for generous compliments from a such an early age & glad to see it continuing. BTW "you look so nice" in this outfit

Payal tagged this Cute

Back from my little holiday - and rush in to check UP! The layers are adorable! And the yellow shoes are the perfect way to top it up!

vintage girl

beautiful! love the lace petticoat & necklace.

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Brave

I'm getting a bit of a flapper feel from this one which I like but the portion that looks a bit lace. I dunno. I like where it's going but something feels a tiny bit off


i loooove this outfit!


Long, long legs ... ;)