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June 09

This day belongs to deedle.
"My LBD perfect with Kazuri necklace! "
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Day 78. Fri, July 17 2009

Asante, women of Kazuri

Vintage pumps from eBay and a Kazuri necklace handmade by the Kenyan women of Karen, Nairobi. Donated by Tom and Evie Maynard, Tennessee distributors for Kazuri jewelry, an organization that provides and sustains employment for under privileged women in kenya. Read more about Kazuri and visit their online store.


Suki tagged this Hot

Stunning necklace! Cycling shorts look cute.

Kathy & Jen

You are awesome! We've learned from you that there's no excuse for having nothing to wear. Thank you from the girls in Canada! Canada

barbara tagged this Hot

Wow! A fabulous outfit today! Love the necklace.

Sarah tagged this Hot

I was about to ask for a close-up of the necklace, then saw you provided one. It's gorgeous!

Sandra D

very sophisticated!! pretty necklace! xoxo


Très beau, clasique ! Le collier, superbe

Mrs. O tagged this Mzuri sana

Lovely lovely lovely necklace Schnapps! Awesome tribute to Kenya. I love your sophisticated look today.

Sara tagged this Hot

What a beautiful necklace for a great cause! Thanks for including the link. I was wondering, does someone help you take your daily photos?

yvonne tagged this Hot


ammakke tagged this Hot

wow!Kazuri Necklace ,perfect match with your black frock !


Sara, I shoot them myself with the little wireless remote you see in my hand :)

tara tagged this Hot

fabulous! that's really beautiful.

Kay tagged this Brave

black magic!

blue hydrangea tagged this Fabulous!

I think what you are doing is amazing! I did a post on you today on my blog http://mybluehydrangea.blogspot.com/ Now I need one of these dresses!!!

@marycray tagged this Hot

that necklace is hot.

in Queens tagged this love it

so cute. love the necklace and a touch of color with the shoes

Beth tagged this Average

A little plain, but I like it.

joanne tagged this gamine

My favorite. Until tomorrow...love the shoes, the monochromatic look, the proportions. Perfect for the theatre, drinks, ladies who lunch...

annie tagged this Absolutely Perfect

Oh...this has got to be one of my favorites so far...love the black on black of the belt against the dress. Bravo Sheena!

Mariah (was "Juneau") tagged this Simplicity with Meaning

The simple black belt looks great with the dress -- and I like the necklace, both in design/appearance and that it helps sustain employment for the women making it. So cool that you brought in another cause to your own benefit project!

Laura Daly tagged this Oh, so right!

Sophistication, thy name is Sheena!

Beth tagged this Cute

The Kenyan necklace from these women is amazing! What to go with helping not only school children but the Kenyan women who make this jewelery!

EmilyKennedy tagged this Cute

Awesome necklace! Thanks for the link to the cool cause!

Alice tagged this Lovely

The necklace is so striking.


Love the pumps and necklace. Not one of my favorites, but still great!

X tagged this Perfect

I absolutely love the subtle details of this outfit. Great job!!

hhh tagged this Cute

simple and elegant.

hhh tagged this pretty

oh wow i didn't even notice the belt, it's cute!

A Follower tagged this Plain, but elegant!

This one's a tad on the plain side, but it's still quite lovely. I'm digging the necklace, and the pumps are fabulous. :) Keep it up!

Anonymous tagged this Hot



Classy Lady.

Anonymous tagged this smart

really smart looking and quite versatle


CLASSY! Love it!


CLASSY! Love it!

Eleanor tagged this Stunning!

This ensemble is stunning in it's simplicity! One of the best yet!!

Kathlene tagged this Hot

My favourite outfit this week! I love the shoes and the necklace.

Meryl tagged this Cute

Love the look, except while the shoes are fabulous, I'm not sure they go so well with the rest of the outfit.

Donna McBride tagged this Cute

Awesome I think what you are doing is wonderful keep up the good work.

mria tagged this Cute

oh I wish you would sell the pattern! minimal production costs, more fundraising :D

Jane Austin tagged this Cute

Guess I'm just too old to appreciate the look. Bicycle shorts only work for a "litle girl" look. Who wants that? However, love your hair and the necklace.

Kathleen Easton tagged this CLASS-SAY

Jackie O meets Wilma Flintstone. Brilliant!

Irene tagged this Hot

That necklace is simply gorgeous!

Juno tagged this lovely

Simple, but brilliant. I love the bright colored pumps that add an extra pop.

emily grace tagged this Cute

Such a striking necklace, the shoes too!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

Shiny pretty thing!

Jgallagher tagged this elegant

beautiful necklace, looks fabulous with THE dress!

londonlover_719 tagged this wonderful

what a wonderful project! I just discovered the site this past weekend and now I can't wait to see the new look each day. An awesome lesson to everyone that you don't need a lot to make a new look. Love today's necklace - stunning!

genevieve tagged this Fabulous

Love, love, love. I wish conformity looked this good all the time.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Simple and stunning. Thanks for the info about the necklace.

??? tagged this Hot

i like the necklace!!gorgeous! ??????????????????~

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

haven't had a lot of colour lately...celebrate summer! Love the whole concept though and you are doing very well:)

Kate_in_Oz tagged this Hot

Beautiful necklace.

Lauren tagged this Hot

Love it! Great necklace. I want to donate accessories, but when I click on the link nothing happens. What is your e-mail address?

Deedle tagged this Fashion Foward

Kazuri Necklace looks expensive, but really reasonable. Great causes, great effort, great results, girl.


I love classic, always good. By the way, just bought a black dress ans will try to do alomst the same. thanks.

gruvee tagged this Cute

saw the write-up in local paper here in Toronto. first time on your blog. love it! today's cute! I want this dress too!

Spider tagged this Cute

Simple & stylish with a twist

madison tagged this sexy hot wonderfull

love the outfits you do they rock and i love love love your hair....................


perfect symmetry, sans necklace and shoes

Laura tagged this Hot

My favorite so far! Simple and chic. LOVE the suede shoes.

Maya tagged this Bold

I have visited East Africa and love the bold necklace with simple leggings. The dress goes without saying! The purple shoes add a unique touch and lend colour to thhe outfit.

helene b tagged this Cute

i love the necklace

Anonymous tagged this classy

the shoes just set it off..so cool

awer tagged this Hot

i lov e it very chic, refined

Edie in California tagged this wonderfully simple

I love this whole idea, but just as important, I want the dress!

citychik tagged this Cute

Love your purple pumps!


Like the dress! Is that for sale as well?

Kate tagged this Hot

This one is FABULOUS! and i love that you are drawing attention to other great organizations like the Kazuri jewelry. That necklace is stunning and I already checked out their website thanks to you!

Addie tagged this Hot

I love this outfit. The jewelry is so sophisticated and really cute along with the shoes.

Nikki tagged this Try Harder

Need something else blue to balance the shoes.

sss tagged this Try Harder

too plain.....

Alex tagged this Hot

Really like the necklace but couldn't see it on their online store. Darn!

Deedle tagged this Creative

the necklace today is under "Our Products" on the "kazuri unlimited" website. It's style "Numna Hii", color is "Rockingham".

Karen. tagged this Great Style

This is a classic look that is great...interesting to hear about where the necklace has come from also..


Thats amazing very African. I should know I live Here

Manon tagged this <3

... Perfectly simple.

deedle tagged this Awesome

hope the necklace is part of the upcoming EBay auction!