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June 09

This day belongs to selinamaya.
"Hats off to this chic little number!"
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Day 66. Sun, July 05 2009

Arsenic and Old Lace

Vintage hat from Beacons Closet, Bakelite bangles donated by Old Hollywood, vintage doiley turned collar from eBay. Pumps donated by Jessica Carroll. Visit Jessica's Etsy store at blueberrydeluxe.etsy.com.


s&d tagged this awesome

we think what you are doing is great! so inspiring! love the chapeau!

syley tagged this Cute

u look great, bright bag or bright lipstick would add statement

scarleTT tagged this Cute

The shoes came back with a kick ass hat :)

Dennice tagged this Charming

I absolutely adore the collar and the hat. Perfect for Sunday window shopping.

B tagged this Try Harder

You can do better.

shuchi tagged this Cute

The hat definitely has it!

Edith tagged this My Birthday pic

Its my birthday pic!


Lovely overall look. The collar is really nice.

Carmen tagged this Cute

like a good girl, who always says "thank you" and "please" (;

cheryl tagged this Cute

Really adorable...you just have the look and confidence to pull off these fab outfits...

Ami tagged this Cute

The doiley/collar really looks great on the dress.

Artivist tagged this Cute

Love the hat and shoes especially!

hhh tagged this Cute

I'm glad you didn't pair those shoes with any socks - they deserve to stand out on their own.

Katharine tagged this Dream!

My favorite so far! That hat is just lovely!

lindsay tagged this Cute

super cute outfit! definitely one of my favorites so far!

BLC tagged this Darrrrrling!

Just darrrrling! I am a huge fan and support your project 100%! Keep up the good work and way to be. Xoxo-BLC

daniel tagged this Cute

the outfit's cute but you are simply gorgeous. love the project too. keep up the good work.

lace and frills tagged this Cute

definately a comeback from previous days.

Juneau tagged this Try Harder

Glad to see those cool vintage flats again! And the bangles and doiley are terrif together. Just not loving the overall look today . . .

alaska girl tagged this Clever

Good combo.

Kristy tagged this Cute

Too cute. I love "Arsenic & Old Lace!"

rose tagged this Cute

great love the idea ,i mostly wear the same clothes .we have too many clothes. and not enough doilies !

Lightning Heart tagged this Cute

ooh that doiley collar is fantastic!

Beth tagged this Cute

like it

Lisa tagged this Cute

The outfit is great.

champi2408 tagged this Cute

Just to say that it's amazing yo can be prouf of yourself !! <3

Meredith tagged this Lovely

One of my favorite movies of all time!

miipouce tagged this Cute

Hi, great outfit! I love the dress! Is it possible to buy?

Leigh Spencer

This is a brilliant concept!

Cheeky tagged this Super!

Arsenic and Old Lace is an amazing play! And this is adorable!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Breakfast at Tiffany's. Gaminlike, perfect hat and collar, again, great proportions


what size shoe do you wear?

Fourth Daughter tagged this Cute

too cute!!! that hat is so sweet! not 100% sure about the shoes, but good work none the less.

awer tagged this chic

i love it.

west coast kim tagged this Cute

Yes! This is lovley.

Kate tagged this Cute

That collar is very cool and I love love LOVE that hat!

Anonymous tagged this stylish

LOVE the hat!! the whole ensamble looks very "thoroughly modern millie" ish

Nikki tagged this Brave

Overall really cute, but those shoes are hideous.

lesley kucharczyk tagged this Cute

Pretty , cute , I would wear this one......

Justi tagged this worker helmet?

hat looks like worker helmet..?and really doesn't suit the whole. But i love shoes

Daniella tagged this Vintage fun!

So Audrey Hepburn!

vic tagged this ladylike ;-)

beautiful outfit!