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February 10

This day belongs to jchev.
"A near impossibility but the March 26, 2010 Doc Martens sold me! What size are they?"
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Day 330. Fri, March 26 2010

Another random title

Vintage floral Doc Martens, striped knee highs from Sockdreams and Hartefactos tie-packaging repurposed as a collar, pinned with a vintage brooch.

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P.S Thanks to the girl on the street for making my day today.


Mara tagged this Cute

I like the way the boots and collar sort of go with each other. Striped socks+tights= CUTE! You look like you're about to go out and pick a basket full of flowers.


and still you don't run out of ideas! love the collar and boots combo

wasabipear tagged this Doc's Orders

a scary dancing seabear sippin on some B with a shot of wasabipear

Sue tagged this Cute

Wonderful outfit today! I wish I knew the material for the tie packaging.

christine tagged this lucky stripe

so cute. i have a thing for striped socks.

Payal tagged this Doc'd up!

haha no more Doc related puns from me! Those Docs get me all the time...the Docs make me feel better :) ok that was the last one. Anyway! Love the shoe with the socks, and the socks with the tights, and the tights with the dress. So cute! How did the girl on the street make your day?


Love how the collar & Docs sort of match! And the hat & knee highs bring the eye up & down.


Yeah, share your "girl on the street" story....

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Adorable! I like the arm warmers too.

Anneka tagged this Hot

Those shoes are my all TIME FAVOURITES!!

Anonymous tagged this ???????

???????? ?????

ammakke tagged this guess what?

Nice to see those Doc Martens again .Love the expression on your face in the middle picture.Wonder What did "the Angel" do to you on the street yesterday, Sheena..Share with us please, can You or you can't??Payal & I would be grateful..

Chtite Cousette

Great collar!

barbara tagged this Intrigued by the collar

Very nice indeed. Could you add a close-up shot of the collar? It looks like something I'd like to emulate, but I can't see it clearly enough. thanks


@Payal, @Wendie, @Ammakke – it was nothing really. This girl sort of popped up in front of me on the street and told me 'how much she (expletive) loved me' and then ran off. It was just a nice boost on a rather stressful day :-)

Irene tagged this Cute

Nice bookend with the collar and docs. I love the mix of patterns.

hartefactos tagged this :0)



love this! great combo

scary. tagged this (expletive) inspiration.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwCqzgIYTys happiness & epicraic.

Jesse tagged this stripes and dots

i LOVE those boots!!!

Payal tagged this she's (expletive) right!

You're an inspiration...get used to it! :)

elisabeth tagged this earth girl

this is really nice. flowers and soft muted earthy sky colours. really, really nice.

girl on the street tagged this Cute

Totally made MY day running into you on the street. Can't tell you how much you've inspired me (and my friends.) Much love.

A Random Fan

I loooove the docs

heather tagged this Hot

I want those shoes


Sweet outfit


I love this! Very cute yet it looks easy to wear and comfortable too. The combination of browns and blues works superbly, which surprises me!

sarah tagged this Cute

love this outfit without the shoes

moon tagged this Cute

this makes me want to go golfing. wow the doc martens are incredible and the accented collar is adorable!

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

doc martins!!


I love this so so so much!