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October 09

This day belongs to SLY.
"My name is Sheena too. I think fate played a hand in that! :) I'm very excited about being about to support a wonderful, creative, and sustainable cause."
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Day 164. Sun, October 11 2009

Another feather in the cap

Vintage pheasant feather hat donated by Gina Appleby from beenie2847.etsy.com. Striped sweater from eBay seller Champs-Elysees Boutique, vintage boots from eBay seller ArtByNature and leather ta'weez necklace donated by Sosuke.

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LBD Face-Off Finale!
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Anonymous tagged this Cute

LOVE THE BOOTS!! The shirt is also super cute and the hat adds a nice touch.

Frances tagged this Cute

Super cute! I adore that hat and those boots.

scary. tagged this EPIC.

EPIC. too much. i heart. f*^%in fabulous. stealing the boots. love it loveens. etc.

Betty Anne tagged this Awesome!

Oh, you have no idea how much this one made me smile! :D I LOVE this! I would totally wear this outfit OUT if it were one I owned! <3

emily tagged this all-time

one of my all time favorites!


Girl, what I wouldn't give to have legs like yours!

Kim tagged this Hot

I love everything about this ensemble--the chic hat, the turned-up turtleneck, the rockin' boots! Nicely done.

plainjane tagged this That's worth my dollar!

Rocking it like it's 1978! So hot! Hope everyone is checking out the Ebay initiative above, it looks like The UP can get up to $25,000 for Akanksha if we all sign up, and tweet about it daily...

Mariah tagged this Perfect

Believe it or not, the CAPTCHA is "balance-of forms" -- just like today's outfit. Between the long boots and tall hat, you look a million feet tall! Love it!

Joel Patrick tagged this Brave

you are on flash

robin tagged this Amazing

Cutest so far, by far!

emma tagged this Hot

LOOOOOOOOOVE your boots!

Janice tagged this Hot

My favorite by far!

glove girl tagged this WOW!

wow! i love it, beautiful! so glam xx

holly tagged this Hot

LOVIN' it!

Mara tagged this Charming

Cute!!! Love the shirt and hat! Absolutely adorable.

Toner tagged this Brave

Grows on you after a while. Comfort, that's what I want to know, is it comfortable?

Joy tagged this super HOT!!

Geez Louise, you're a cutie! Those legs are so unfair. . .

MJC tagged this Pimpalicious

One of my favorites for sure!

A Follower

Fantastic~ I agree with some of the other comments, this is one of my all-time faves. It's quirky, in a good sort of way. :)

beenie2847 tagged this Hot

thanks for wearing the hat!!!! it looks great!!!!!

pixelated tagged this swell

i love this look, and the hat is really a nice touch on top of the whole outfit.

Payal tagged this Brilliant!

Wow! Another classic from you! Crazy about the sweater...amazing colour and cut! I love the boots...so hot! But I somehow see a slight disconnect...still looks brilliant tho! Love the hat! CAG: Great work! I'm voting...you are a beautiful person!

Modern Dowager tagged this Hot

Wow! One of your best ever.

Genius tagged this Hot


ivygail tagged this Dyn-O-mite!


X tagged this Chic & Fabulous


Kay tagged this Hot

Very 70s -- I feel like this outfit could be in a period piece about freedom fighters or something

Tunet Jordaan tagged this Hot


sarahJ tagged this Love it

possibly my favorite love it

yobe tagged this Bootiful

Amazing hat - Want one!

Ange tagged this Hot

This is my favourite... so far!

Paloma EspaƱa tagged this Country Cute

12October.. "Spain Day".. Love it!

Beau Peep tagged this Hot

Definitely my favourite so far....

Scully tagged this Hot

One of my favorites too! Love it!

Country Girl tagged this Country Girl Cool

Looks very western!


How far in advance do you put these outfits together?

Tara tagged this Hot

I LOVE this outfit, you look so hot!!!

Cris V. tagged this Cute

OMG! You look like a musketeer. I don't have words to say how much I liked it.


love the boots and the hat..and the sweaterrrr!!

Beth tagged this Cute


meg b tagged this True Love.

This is your best one ever.

grace tagged this Batty


ali tagged this Batty

this has to be your most genius outfit yet, you give me inspiration to accessorize my heart out


I LOVE THIS!:) every single piece goes together so well! amazing!



Sister Grimm tagged this Hot

*Thumbs up*

Kiwiken tagged this colourful

This outfit totally reminds me of someone I know, this would so be her style. Anyway, though I'm not really into the hat or boots, I just adore that sweater and the way it looks with the dress - fabulous!

elisabeth tagged this Hot

had to come back and comment again - this is fabulous - I really like this one - especially how it makes your legs look so very very long.

Kate tagged this Hot


Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

a little too cowboy, but i luv the socks!

Jess tagged this Cute

I effing love that hat.


This, I LOVE. Love, love, love, love, love!! All of it.

polly tagged this Half Baked

i like it from the thigh upwards, the slouchy boots and loose socks don't really work for me. those sleeves under the dress looks fabulous.


You are a very talented person. All of your outfits look incredible. I wish i could buy the dress myself!


Can't get enough of this look...it so reminds me of an ensembel Pam Grier might wear..very mod squad chic if u may...

Gigi tagged this FabYouLust!

This is my Rocks Frocks and Cocktails FabYouLust Look of the month for October. You look FAB, boys lust after YOU and girls LUSTafter what you are wearing. Strut your stuff my feathered friend, those boots were soooo made for walking. Yummy Wishes Cocktail Kisses Gigi http://gigirocksfrocksandcocktails.blogspot.com/

Khalia tagged this Twiggiest

Love, love, love. Reminds me of Twiggy!!

Mandy Moo tagged this Rockin!

Rocking sista! ROCKING! x

Gardener tagged this Bubbly

I loved that necklace the first time I saw it. But I think my world would be complete if I owned an accessory I could refer to as a bun fascinator.

Adelheid tagged this wait for it ....awesome

Probably my favorite outfit! I just love that sweater! And the hat is super!