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August 09

This day belongs to Justine.
"Thank You Sheena for making the next year of waking up on a Monday morning and wondering what to wear for the week SO much easier. Where have you and your LBD been all my life. Big Love - Justine Sydney Australia."
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Day 182. Thu, October 29 2009

Announcing U.P's 6 month Anniversary Party!

6 Down, 6 To Go. A grand ball marking the half way point in our year long adventure. An exclusive party for all of you, our darling supporters & friends! A very limited amount of tickets go on sale NOW and can be purchased at the link below.

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My brother's running the NYC marathon to support U.P. Pledge your support >

Handmade hat by Amy from Granville Millinery. Vintage doiley from eBay, crinoline petticoat & satin gloves from Sockdreams, vintage brooch from tipandfifi.etsy.com >


Anneka tagged this Wowee

An Amazing little outfit - so STYLISH

che tagged this breath taking

wow! that is incredible!!! 10 ten definitely. You will be the belle of the ball.

ammakke tagged this Party Girl

It was worth waiting, to gaze upon this "Party girl"!! Well done Sheena...too bad we can't make it to this exclusive party.. U look smashing dear..Black is beautiful...

scary. tagged this blingin in black....

that's the style alright....

ammakke tagged this stylish

ur hair accessories & the brooch are amazingly awesome & adds style to the outfit..Can't wait to see your party wear..

Mariah tagged this

Great outfit! Glamorous . . .

mina tagged this gorgeous!

very much like this one! it's lovely.

c tagged this Hot

Glamorous, gorgeous,blingin'--they are all spot on.

holly tagged this Bellissima

You are the belle of the ball! I'm in Australia, so will miss the party. Perhaps you will put some photos up for your far flung supporters?

Chloe tagged this Perfectly Smashing

Ah you look lovely. Well done! I wish I could be there.

Cris V. tagged this Gorgeous

You are absolutely perfect. Happy 6 months.

Maryjohn tagged this Burning hot!

What I would give to live close enough to attend your party! Take lots of pics for us and have a great time. A triumphant six months. Congratulations.

jolly M tagged this Super

Wow...wow.... This is whatIcall a combo of art,fashion, style, talent & creativity super altogether... Pity many of us will miss this party,but can't wait to see the pictures & the rest. Good luck with NYK Marathon & the party fundraising......

Kiz tagged this AMAZING!

This is AWESOME. Totally digging the crinoline and the gloves!

mm tagged this simply stunning

will you be in my movie?

Mary Coker tagged this Hot

Very innovative, stylish and hip. Love it.I own a consignment shop, so if I find something cool to jazz up your dress another day, I'll donate it. Sounds like you are doing a very good thing. Good luck to you.

Tina tagged this Glamorous!!!

Just when I think you can't top yourself....This is FABULOUS!!!

KatieQ tagged this Hot

I wish I could come! =( I live in Australia and would love to fly there and support the UP!! Love the outfit today =)

Tami tagged this Cute

this is adorable! It might be my favorite yet!!!

arre tagged this Cute

AccesSoireé is a perfect name!

Eleanor tagged this Tres Chic!

Everytime I think you can't do it any better, you do!

elisabeth tagged this fabulous

nothing more to say today.


Absolutely stunning! This look is fantastic.

Cecilia Almeida tagged this Hot

Que luxo!!!!

CAG tagged this Breathtaking!


mswaykus tagged this Fantastic!

a Femme Fatale!

Payal tagged this Rockstar chic!

Wow! Stunning! I'll be looking out for a Melbourne - New York return ticket on the streets today! You have to post marathon & party pics!

Tara tagged this Fantabulous!!!

Fabulous! I'm buying my tickets now!!!

Steph tagged this The best so far!

Love your outfit today. Especially the net skirt as it changes the entire look of the dress. Amazing head piece. Also, I love the name of your party! Have a good one!

Joel Patrick

lol very nice pic baby ur my everything, the best a ever had ehehehe

Darby tagged this UH-MAZING!

Sadly, I do not live anywhere near NY, but I would love to go. :( To comment the outfit: Love, love love love love! I love the boots, the socks, I ESPECIALLY love the petticoat! And the hat is SMASHING!


beautiful! i love how you've turned your uniform dress into a completely different dress!

Kelly tagged this C'est perfect!

LOVE THIS! How cute!

Cristy tagged this Hot

Congrats on the half-birthday! And I really, really love today's outfit.

Irene tagged this glamorous

awesome accessories. I like the headpiece. Too bad I can't fly to NY for this. :/

Mara tagged this Hot

LOVE!!! I covet the underskirt.

Petitbobun tagged this awesome

Your outfit is really amazing ! Happy anniversary to your blog !

Marie Claude tagged this Hot

vraiment chic

Dee tagged this awesome


Anonymous tagged this Tres Feminine

That is DARLING! I love the petticoat ruffles!!

Maya Matthew tagged this Hot

Congratulations on the anniversary.Good luck Sean and hope the party is a rocking one.

Deb tagged this WOW!


sarahJ tagged this tres chic

i particularly like the parrot


oh, that's amazing!you could do something with this no-cut uniform!you're a God. I think you should become a proffesional clothes designer. you're so gifted person I admire you so much


REVELATION. I can't stop looking at that..


the best of all projects. to make from a poor and ugly uniform thing like that, STYLE like that, you must be a genius. Brilliant. a BIG style

little sis tagged this WOWWEEE

@ Anonymous who's curious about our Dad.. Where do you think Sheena got the genes from? He's the artist in our family.. She's got the phenotype from Mom and the genotype from Dad. :) She dint leave any 'creativity' genes for Sean and myself lol... I bet Sean still remembers his feelings when he saw a long question on "Draw the structure of the human brain" in his senior school exam paper.. Good day.

veronique tagged this Cute

I love the concept. you're an artist.

Brooke tagged this lovely

AMAZING!! It's all beautiful! I especially LOVE that brooch!

Marin tagged this Batty

i'm batty over that skirt and brooch! ohhhhh!!!!!

cristy tagged this CHIC!!

Very CHIC.

emma tagged this perfection

the hat + the tulle skirt + the brooch = perfection!

Lindsay tagged this So couture!

LOVE this! I can see this outfit talking a walk down the runway in Paris somewhere!


Wish I could make the party, but will be in NV/CA for work! Please post pics! Love the outfit, esp underskirt & belt & gloves!



Krissy tagged this AdOrAbLe!!

I love what you did with the brooch! The entire outfit is amazing!! Great job & congratulations on the 6 month mark! xo, Krissy Tip & Fifi

yobe tagged this miming wageered

Clever combination. Love the different textures and the overall effect is brilliant


oops! Sorry - I meant to say classy!

Laura daly tagged this Breakfast at UP

My pick for the week!

????? tagged this Pross resolute

???????!!! ?????!!!

Mandy Moo tagged this Styling!

Reminds me a little bit of Breakfast at Tiffanys! How can one girl be so talented!

Leni tagged this classic

OH how I love this outfit! Tres chic y magnifique - a 10!

robi ann tagged this LOVE IT!

my ultra favorite outfit!