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December 09

This day belongs to sonjamara.
"Well, I love them all, really. And am endlessly impressed with your creativity and originality. Love the red peeking out on this one!"
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Day 228. Mon, December 14 2009

And then there was pants.

Handwoven necklace worn as headband made from reclaimed fabric donated by Tara St.James. Visit her at dailyjumpsuit.etsy.com. Vintage hat from Treehouse, Brooklyn, cardigan from eBay, pants from Salvation Army, and vintage boots from Flute, Brooklyn. Handknit gloves donated by Nina Wexler of Free Fingers, a store that donates 100% of its profits to Breast Cancer. See more of Nina's one-of-a-kind gloves at freefingersbynina.com >

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Mara tagged this Hot

Love it!

Dee tagged this AWESOME

I like this! Very well put together!

Shauna tagged this Hot

This is my favorite! Something I would DEFINITELY wear!

AmyH tagged this très à la mode!

Those pants are such an amazing find!

scary. tagged this styletastic.

am excuse me pants? totally stealable - love them, great outfit sista!

wasabipear tagged this o:)

Those gloves are made for texting.

EmilyKennedy tagged this Hot

What a perfectly perfect pair of pants indeed!


Very classy! Love the pants & boots - flash of red in boots & gloves!


And how was Bingo?!



Calochortus tagged this Cute

Super adorable. Nice splashes of color!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Adore it! Great shape, and the splashes of color are just right.


my kind of outfit sheena...well done!

bb tagged this Hot

Ahhhh! You look hot in pants. And you look so cute overall. Thanks for including pants because I also have a hard time making an outfit with pants on so I usually just take the easy way out and wear tights/leggings. I also love all the buttons in this outfit, it makes it more sophisticated.

ammakke tagged this stylishly smart

Finally you made some people happy for coming out in Pants!! Everything is awesome & You look stylishly smart..Glad you enjoyed your break at the Bingo.Would love to meet Mary though she is nick named "Scary".BTW just noticed that "tree house"& Nina's Free fingers have some fantastic"collection".

littleREDelf tagged this Cute

? the pants!

buttoned up tagged this excellent!

What a brilliant find from the Salvos! And nice echo of buttons on pands and vest.

holly tagged this Hot

You've got it all going on in this outfit; it's a winner

moon tagged this Cute

Such a cute Winter outfit...love love love the shoes!

gruvee tagged this awesome!

I lurve lurve lurrrrve those pants w/ the outfit. awesome!

abigail tagged this great

love this......naturally thrown together with great style & always individuality.....perfect!!!

melissa tagged this Hot

One of your best!

Tara tagged this Hot

I love those pants! You're really steppin it up lady. Thanks for the shout out.


let's see some jeans! anc could the dress pull off wellies?

elisabeth tagged this Hot

love it when your outfits look cosy and practical and stylish all at the same time!

md tagged this dress pants!!!!!!!!!!

yippee! Finally, another dress pants outfit! My favourite sort of combination... and just in time for the chanukkah season - thank you!

Payal tagged this Cute

Wow those pants are hot! Teamed with the shoes and gloves - perfect! A very easy, comfy look. Have a great day!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Hot

Love the monochromatic look with a color splash and the fact that the dress itself shows to advantage.

Sarah tagged this Cute

I'd love to see more of those boots!

Irene tagged this Hot

Love the pants and the buttons and red. Perfect for the cold weather.

arin tagged this Batty

I like your pants!

ANSA ZAFAR RANA tagged this Try Harder


Dee tagged this just info for Ansa

@ Ansa, the 'uniform' is the dress that she always wears. She isn't coming up with a new uniform everyday.

Mia tagged this Cute

Ok, this has nothing to do with the outfit (although i do love it - one of my many favourites) but -gramatically, should'nt the title be 'and then there WERE pants'? sorry, had to say it, otherwise it would just niggle at me.


@Mia, the incorrect grammar was intentional. like 'there waz pants and then there waz pants' ;-)


@Mia. Before you correct others look at your own text. As Ms Overcorrect you should know that the apostrophe in "shouldn't" should be between the n and the t.

psycho Fan tagged this was was was

yes there was pants. @hanna -well said. :)

LeahV tagged this Cute

Very Cute


Very snazzy! Love those pants!

it is i tagged this pants rule

wow! (i sad it all:))

Loni tagged this Hot

The gloves make the outfit! I love them and am going to buy several pairs. Way to go girl -- super cute!

abigail tagged this hat lover

keep the hats coming.....

heynosila tagged this Hot

love love love the pants!

Cassidy tagged this gorgous

Sheena, I love this outfit so much! It's so great to see some pants on you for once! BTW, love the sweater vest! It rocks so much! I wish I had it for myself! Where'd you get it?????


@uniformproject; thank you! i get it now. @Hanna; i'm sorry that my misplacing an apostrophe offends you.


I love the project!

Zara tagged this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

The trousers are AMA-ZING! keep up the good work, Inspirational and Inspiring!!!

Soma tagged this Hot


ellie tagged this friggin amazing

eclectic yet totally wearable. i love it.


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Jack tagged this Hot

Love the monochromatic look with a color splash and the fact that the dress itself shows to advantage.

Mack tagged this Cute

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