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May 09

This day belongs to Anna Mavromatis.
"In my homeland, May 1st is the day we celebrate one of nature's gifts: wild flowers. Owning this dress is my effort to honor nature's gifts to us and through it's multiple use to preserve them! Happy May 1st!"
Each Ltd Edition U.P dress represents a day in the U.P calendar.
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Day 01. Fri, May 01 2009

And it begins. Albeit the rain and the swine.

The unveiling of the Uniform Project in classic black form. Ankle striped wool tights gifted by Catherine. Black booties a gift from Mom.


Anonymous tagged this Cute

cute idea

Anonymous tagged this Cute

like it a lot


I love this one. Is my favorite. Wish I could find that dress

Jenny tagged this Cute

cute little dress I am excited to see all the outfits

Skeeter tagged this Cute

Such a great dress to start with


I'm so into this dress. You guys should sell versions of it to help raise money.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

A very auspicious beginning! I see the potential for variety.

KatieP tagged this Cute

Cute! I'm too old to wear a dress that short, but I can certainly get ideas here!

A thinking photo tagged this Good start

Good starting point

the knotty hooker tagged this Cute

the beginning of something good....


Have you thought about selling this dress as a way to raise $$. It is really cute!

hazera tagged this Cute

Cute! luv it!

Hid tagged this Cute

Love the shoes, they're HUGE! I have to find myself some substitutes! All in all, effortless style.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Not a fan

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

not a fan


I would totally buy this dress!!!! And if you put some of the proceeds towards the cause it would be even more appropo.... Please consider offering it to the rest of us!!!1

lisa webb tagged this Cute

ok I'm gonna be here all night checking all these out! i love this idea! I'm blogging about it on my site www.webblisa.blogspot.com

Clare tagged this Cute

Fabulous creativity you have there, but do try to put on more make-up on that pretty face of yours :-)


Creative and unique idea, I love where you're going with this...

Anonymous tagged this Batty

It looks backwards. ew.

Josey tagged this Cute

Simple and chic.

Edith tagged this Hot

And the show begins!

Sara tagged this Adventurous!

So this is where it all began! What a great idea. You are so creative and I am so looking forward to seeing the amazing outfits that are still to come!

Carly.h tagged this Cute

Simple yet very adorable.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

it's so simple but so cute at the same time.

Mary Jane Ryals

You're amazing.

Addie tagged this Hot

I love what your doing! I just read about you in the NYTimes and this whole project is so cool!


Love it! Some of the looks are even suited for women in their 50"s. Where can you get the dress, I agree you should sell it. Maybe in 2 versions, one as is and one to the knee for the older crowd!I loved them all even tho I went backwards!

Sigridpcd tagged this Cute

Read about you in NYTimes Magazine. Your project is very interesting, even to a grandmother in her 70's. Keep it up. I am recommending viewing to my teens

chrissy tagged this Hot

Sell the dress - we all want one! It is gorgeous and I agree with an option of lengthening it - just to the knee - for us older folks! Great project!

natasha tagged this Cute

I'm a little late in starting to view, but delighted to have found Day #1. Now think of all the variations I have to look forward to...as time goes on...old song, probably known by a few oldsters!

A new fan

Also read about this in the NY Times. Clever idea and fun to follow!!

nem tagged this Batty

lovely shoes! where did your mom get them?

Nancie tagged this Most excellent

I love this idea!

Nancy tagged this Cute

Very Sassy

Bri tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Dark

More color please!

Katia Cilene tagged this Try Harder

Você é corajosa! Não iria aguentar usar a mesma roupa todos os dias por opção. Acha criatividade. Parabéns!

Karen tagged this Perfect!

Hoorah,, Hooray!!!


Love it! please sell it Would live in it

charlieminus tagged this Cute

i adore the concept

Anonymous tagged this boring

nothing special

cattti tagged this cool as mod

I'm so flattered that you wore the tights I gave on the first day of the project!!

coconaut tagged this Cute

That is a super-sweet dress. I came over from "Bitch" and I'm very excited by this project!

elhanan tagged this Cute

Saw you're vid on CNN and you now have a follower and believer. Big ups!

angeleno tagged this super fly!

I would love to rock that dress! I agree with Eldub--you guys should sell a version of it to raise funds!!! What a great cause too!


I love it's simplicity.

kiri tagged this kinda boring

kinda cute,but boring.needs some color and maybe some cute jewlery to go along with it.

Mia tagged this Cute

^ you, kiri... plain is the idea. I LOVE IT! stylish, chic, simple. i love all of your ideas: there's such a range; from wacky, pure strange, to chilled and sweet! x

Anonymous tagged this bleh

are you going to be amish?

Jennie tagged this Cute

I love this idea of helping those kids. Cute clothes!

rupiningsih tagged this Cute

yes, this simple, plain and cute is my fav. love it!

Josephine tagged this Cute

Love this idea! Decided I'm going to lurk and rate every outfit as a means of procrastinating my homework :)

Patrycja tagged this Cute

I like it!


Qué buen proyecto. Interesante, me encanto, me encanto!!!!... y la causa, es lo mejor... FELICIDADES!!!

Sarah tagged this Cute

Looks fantastic!

blackisback tagged this Hot


Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

i don't like this. at all.

Payal tagged this I come from the future...

I didn't know about the U.P till mid-August, but being a massive UP fan, soon-to-be owner of the Uniform (I own Feb 25!) and proud owner of several auction items, I had to leave a comment on day #1. Today, on the 362nd day of U.P, I'd like to say, I love that uniform, tights and shoes. And I'm sure you're going to rock this project ;)