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December 09

This day belongs to Melissamo.
"Oh yay! I'm getting the LBD that's a Little Bit Different. "
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Day 237. Wed, December 23 2009

And a merry purple to you.

Vintage blouse from Treehouse, argyle tights from Sockdreams, suede vest, victorian bonnet and ankle boots from eBay.

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ammakke tagged this smart&stylish

Wow!!smart indeed!!Love the purple with the gorgeous tights. Amazing hat!

Dee tagged this AWESOME

You are really doing it up for the end of the year. I'm loving this one (even the hat-which is a shocker to even me)! And the tights are brilliant!

p starbuck tagged this Batty

I like the purple.

Faith tagged this Cute

i love the blouse and the tights and the shoes...just an awesome outfit.

wasabipear tagged this Turning Violet, Violet

Enjoying the ensemble of hues, shades, and tones of my very favorite colour in the world!

wasabipear tagged this c'est la vie

seems that i've spelled "colour" like a Brit and "favorite" like an American o:)

Mariam tagged this Cute

Not a fan of the hat, but I'm loving everything else!

Kristers tagged this Cute

Cuteness to the power of cute!

jolly M tagged this Cute

Sheena, What a fabulous outfit-the blouse,the vest,the boots,the tights the the hat....the whole lot!!! For all your December outfits alone, I feel U deserve lots & lots of Holiday X'mas ecards-gifts-( Akanksha cards...)come on people. Let's send some cards to Sheena & Eliza. C's this is the time to reward them 4 their tireless work...Its X'mas & eBay is still there.... BTW I've sent an e Card to Sheena today....

Mara tagged this Hot

Love the tights, as always!

Irene tagged this cute and smart

Reminds me of a schoolgirl uniform, but with a hugely amazing, colourful and creative twist.

Moira tagged this bardish

sweet tights!

Cynthia tagged this Brave

hmmm...well, i like the splash of purple.

holly tagged this layer upon layer

Christmas eve here, looking forward to your next festive outfits.

Lulu tagged this Cute

Not sure about the hat but the purple splash is cool. When can we buy the dress??????????

moon tagged this Cute

awwwwwww i would def wear this to school! haha. :)

Maedbh tagged this Lovely in Lilac

Fairly sure this is my favourite of the bunch. Loving the layering and the colours look incredible on you

Maedbh tagged this excited :D

And its unreal how much I'm looking forward to your Christmas outfit !

Canadian cheryl tagged this Tulyar breezing

A very Merry Purple to you too! You look cute as a button with all the shades of blue. Love the argyle. You look very Victorian indeed.

ivygail tagged this too cooky for me

your outfits are just getting cooky! happy holidays!


^_^ Q ~


Like the neck line of the purple blouse

Isa tagged this AWESOME

Good job with the colours!!

j tagged this violet femme!

beautiful. and awesome tights.

Kaylie tagged this Half and Half Likes

Hi Sheena! This outfit is definetly not one of my favourites. The only thing I like about it are the arm warmers and the adorable tights! I wish I had a Sockdreams near me to shop at!!!!! :):):):)