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September 09

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Day 166. Tue, October 13 2009

All perked up

White satin collared blouse from eBay seller MakiMakiVintage, vintage cinch belt and suede pumps from eBay. Printed tights from Sockdreams.
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jenny tagged this amazing

I LOVE this; it reminds me of the Queen of Hearts. xx

vinayav tagged this Batty

One word: GORGEOUS!


Classy ...love the shirt

Char tagged this Hot


scary. tagged this style is it?

work it! get up tastic- LOVE IT.

Mariah tagged this Styling' !!

Love the belt with the ruffle -- classic!

Kim tagged this Breathtaking!

This is just stunning! Well done.

natalie tagged this Hot

You just keep getting better!!!

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

that collar is fantastic

Eleanor Craig

Elegant and Fabulous!

Irene tagged this Hot

Classy, bold and fabulous. You manage to pull this off so well.


love it...


STUNNING!!!!! Once again, you know when to add a belt. That's as important to this look as the collar is. You are a very creative person.

m tagged this FIERCE!

Love, love, love!

isabelle tagged this Batty

love the ruffle and the tights! classic, but suttle.

Beth tagged this Cute

I love the tights!

ET tagged this Hot

Love the glam factor!

Deb tagged this glamorific

WOW! This rocks!

Socal Rachel tagged this Alice

Love the collar, so Alice in Wonderland.

Britwatch still in regression tagged this bandashtik!

Dis one bandashtik! simbly bandashtik!

holly tagged this Hot

Boy oh boy! look at your total raised. Congratulations on the big jumps recently.

olivia tagged this Hot

so stylish! congratulations!


very queen of heart indeed! not a huge fan of the collar honestly but I do like the shoes and the hat a lot !! look adorable !!

ammakke tagged this stylish

Oh< it's so good to be back with the U.P. & My lovely gal...Sorry we missed all the fun & excitement as the computer went on a"strike"....A big sigh of relief as we r back on track again..U look absolutely adorable today, Sheena. Love those tights .OMG couldn't believe my eyes gazing at the massive rise in the fund ...amazing !!..Well done!!& Congratulations!!Nice to watch U going hand in hand with e Bay..Keep up the great work!


did you shorten the dress? or it is the belt that change the look? I'm a tights and shoe lover, it is a big yes with all the rest.


@ammake - Welcome back! Glad to see you back in action.

Joel Patrick tagged this Brave

great outfit,it's so cute

Payal tagged this Nice!

As usual, you look great! The belt totally transforms the uniform - looks great! Not sure if that's a Tuesday morning outfit tho!

JoJo tagged this With It!!

This is the best yet...you would be so "there" at a cocktail party


@Payal, probably not a Tuesday morning outfit, but I strutted into work feeling like a million bucks after the recent boost in funds! Reason to celebrate, no? :)

Jolly M tagged this Hot

Hi Sheena, What shall I say? Elegant & Stylish; super outfit & super funding. Congratulations..... Keep going....

Cynthia tagged this Cute

WoW-ie! LOvE!

Elisabeth tagged this Hot

best one yet!!

abigail tagged this class

love photo #3 & the violet pumps make this fab i think ~ u r gorgeous ~~~

kathy :) tagged this amazzziiinnggg!

i love this!!this is my fav web cite <3

Payal tagged this Abso-freakin'-lutely!

(I'm a little star-struck after you replied to me! haha) You absolutely deserve to be bursting with pride! We're all proud of you! You're not even half way there, and you're already helping 61 kids in India. Bravo!

iLsEoRt tagged this Catwalk!

You sure look like a million bucks! ...and why not? The sky is the limit! ... Or maybe...there is no limit when it comes to help those in need!

Sophie tagged this Femme Fatal

Wow. You look amazing. I love this outfit

Cecilia Almeida tagged this Brave

Um luxo!

Annabella tagged this Shoes!!!!!!

In Love with purple Shoes!

Bridget tagged this Brave

Definitely runway worthy

LIBERTAD tagged this Cute


LIBERTAD tagged this GOOD


Ana tagged this Hot

That's hot, I'd totally wear it *-*

Dom tagged this Absolument ravissante

Damn Sheena you look hot :-)

Sonal tagged this Hot

Ohhh la la, you look tres chic!

Kay tagged this Hot

Va Va Voom.

X tagged this Hot


TT tagged this Brave

I am editor of a china Fashion magazie,I want to interview you. I have already send you a email to introduce myself and the magazine. did you see it? ???

yobe tagged this Brave

Shoes lovely, hate collar

Laura tagged this Quirky

Love it! So, so, so cute ^^

jjp tagged this Hot

best one yet!

Fran tagged this Brave


M tagged this Hot


Darby tagged this Awesome!

$22K! Congratulations!! And the collar is FABULOUS!

Stefanie tagged this mmm mmm good!

I freaked out when I saw this. I literally said to my computer "LIKE ACTUALLY?!?!" You are incredible, you never cease to amaze me!


Love everything about this one (except maybe the hat)! You look ready for a gala! Maybe you should have 1 at the end to celebrate!

Ruth tagged this Cute

Ooh, love this!

Kiwiken tagged this Brave

I love the tights, well, really the whole outfit minus the collar, it's just a little too big for my taste.





B-SockBoutique tagged this Fabulous!

I love love love this one!!!!

justice tagged this runway look

this look rocks the runway!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Dramatic

Very exciting, a grand presentation.

Davi tagged this Hot

This is way too hot to wear on a Tuesday! Hello Saturday night out! :)

Petra tagged this Cute


Mara tagged this Hot

Wow. Love!!! It's so dramatic, and you pull it off so well!

Sarena tagged this Hot

Oooh, something different from what you usually do, vampy, I like it!

Magyar McGuyver tagged this Hot

I've been following the project for months and I think this is my absolute favorite so far. This is an amazing project and I tell everyone I know about it. Love the collar!

Bailey tagged this thrift store chic

Reminds me of shakespeare.

MLF tagged this Cute

Looks like an episode of "The Prisoner"!

jen maher tagged this Hot

Love this

Going Placez! tagged this Try Harder

I kinda like this look!?

Sara A. tagged this Hot

This is flipping FABULOUS!!

Manon tagged this Awesome

Oh my god this is so awesome !

Mandy Moo tagged this Gorgeous

Look out Paris!!! Just gorgeous