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July 09

This day belongs to andrea.
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Day 65. Sat, July 04 2009

All American Uniform

Vintage cowboy hat, acid washed vest and blue checkered shirt from Beacons Closet. Pre-owned vintage belt and boots from eBay.

Happy independence day, America. Bang! Bang!


C. tagged this Hot


Jam tagged this Cute

love the shoes

scarleTT tagged this Cute

I love this look, its so cute. I'm digging them boots hardcore.

bytheseatofourpants.com tagged this Brave

way fun!

Creatipa tagged this Try Harder

The vest is too much. Also acid washed= bad memories.

bbneko tagged this hoy & fun

hoy & fun

Ronit tagged this Brave

Love the outfit ! the belt is so adoreble :)

Ermie tagged this Yeeha

Too cute. I love all of your outfits!

shuchi tagged this Brave


lightspeedchick tagged this inspiring

Great project! Would love to see design details about the dress; every day I check the blog section to see if there's one up. Is something like that planned? Thanks and continued success! :)


Lightspeedchick – We are inching towards blog launch. In a week or so for sure. Thanks for your patience!

Jacky tagged this Hot

I love it! I might have to try this look someday.

Lizozom tagged this Brave


Juneau tagged this Try Less Hard

Cute, but a wee bit too "in costume", even for a major holiday. (Maybe sans vest?) But hope to see the belt and boots again in the project! Have a terrific 4th!

Britwatch tagged this Guns n Glory

Dear Uniformproject, lovely touch; any chance of a Wimbledon flavour tomorrow in support of A-Rod? Go Andy!


This is your best yet! I want those boots and belt!! Happy Fourth of July!~

TheSockBoutique tagged this Fabulous!

Fun!!! I absolutely love it!!!

Aj tagged this Brave

Acidwash is a bit brave, unless of course, this is part of a cunning ploy to serve up some 4th July OTT Americana:-)

Dizzytaylor tagged this Brave

you've got to have fashion courage to wear this. Lucky that you're young n' cute enough to pull it off.


I wanted to let you know that I think this is a great project! I just started writing a small blog about people doing things differently and interesting topics (to me at least). I linked to your site. Keep up the good work http://curiositycure.wordpress.com

Priscilla tagged this Happy Fourth!

Love love love the concept! And I see your into etsy? I run a shop with my mom, maybe you'd find something to help with the next 300 days :D www.foreverandaday.etsy.com

Lori tagged this Try Harder

I do not design for any fashion companies, however, I know something I'd make (design & sew) for me would look awhole lot better. It would be patrotic and a lot more girly girl (sensual looking) which makes me feel like more ladies would purchase my uniform more~!~!!

Sammy tagged this Cute

Absolutely perfect.

annematheiken tagged this Brave

feeling so proud of my lovely girl!great stuff!a special thanks for the specially dedicated one for me on my b'day!!all the best& showers of blessings!

hhh tagged this Hot

I love absolutely everything about this outfit. especially the vest boots and belt. the collared shirt makes this dress look COMPLETELY different!

Anna tagged this Patriotic

How apropos for America's birfday!

Inspired by The Project tagged this Hot

Rock it girl! The collared shirt & rolled up sleeves are a new look that are a super hit!

July tagged this Brave

I love those boots :)

elina tagged this Cute

love it!

Edith tagged this Amazing

I LOVE THIS ONE! This is one of my favorite! I love this one sooooooo much.

Avi tagged this Try Harder

sorry, just not my style. its fine if you like this style.

Nick tagged this Brave

Yee haa!

Peggy tagged this fun

WOW: I understand the uniform thing having attended a convent the girls did any thing to look a little individual mostly hair accessories. you look fab what a terrific imagination

Carmen tagged this Hot


dawn ferguson tagged this Hot

This is fantistic, really givs me heaps of ideas for little cost.

Christy tagged this Cute

LOVE IT! Just perfect; I'm a Texan and know what I'm talking about!

alaska girl tagged this Cowboy up!

Absolutely adorable!

Beth tagged this Hot

So cool!

celia tagged this Cute

at first, i didn't like the shirt underneath, but when i looked again, it works. i think this project is very clever.

Britgirl tagged this Patriotic

Great outfit for 4th of July


Uhm, no. Hokey without being campy, isn't that a felony?

jenn tagged this Brave

love this one!

L tagged this cool

I like this outfit

awer tagged this country-ish

CUTE! very... vintage-y and adorable

Addie tagged this Try Harder

You have a cowboy outfit without cowboy boots? Shame shame.

Kathlene tagged this Toy Story

a little costumey

west coast kim tagged this Brave

Those boats might be more pirate than coygirl, just a thought.

Shalini tagged this Cute

Cute concept

Nikki tagged this Hot

Very creative! I hate western clothing, but on you it's awesome.

Jannie tagged this Brave

Clever, although not my favorite. A little too costumey for me.

hiromi-japan tagged this Cute

its best1?style?

oD:LSFLDKLSGDgs tagged this Cowtastic

you need a new model. Like it's one person who has to do this everyday. If you want to express yourself so badly peeps, switch schools or violate the dress code.

Justi tagged this perfect

nice project! everything suits everything

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Very nice!

Daniella tagged this Creative

Love everything especially the hat!

lululand tagged this silly

too much. lose the vest, add western boots. but you can pull anything off with that hair and those legs.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Too themed. It looks a bit too much like a costume.