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February 10

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Day 288. Fri, February 12 2010

After the storm

Today we launch our N.Y.F.W special. We dedicate this week to the legacy and genius of Alexander McQueen.

Featuring STUDY NY. A jumpsuit made using one full square of recycled vintage printed cotton. Wrapped, folded, pleated, slit and re-sewn, with no cutting and no wastage involved. Only two of these jumpsuits will ever exist. The grid top is made from metallic silk and utilizes the full width of the fabric. Platforms borrowed from Tara's shoe closet.

Who is Study NY?
Study is the creation of Brooklyn based designer Tara St. James. As a special treat Tara's boyfriend has drawn us something too. Click away >


anonymous tagged this WOW

INcredible!!!! what style!

che tagged this rock on

only thing to say is you could mess up your hair in a more punky style, apart from that, you look perfect!

iuiu tagged this Awesome!

I love everything in this outfit! It is really F.W. special! And your friend, Tara, is a great designer! The simple idea of squares is ingenious and full of imagination!

Tara tagged this Hot

You look lovely... and I appreciate you braving the NY cold for this hot, hot!

Sharon tagged this Cute

Trellised delight!

Sarah O tagged this Off the grid!

Own it Sheena! Don't let the jumpsuit wear you! Wouldn't this look wicked under black light?

Tina tagged this McQueenish hot.

WOW! I am speechless. I am literally without speech.

Bubble tagged this love

love love love love love love love.

riley tagged this knockout

What an eyecatching outfit! The little overshirt is almost like a trompe l'oeil, the jumpsuit is stunning and those are some amazing shoes! I'm really impressed, a great outfit!

Mystikjosie tagged this Groovy and stylish!!

Loooove the shoes and the jumper!!

holly tagged this super favourite!!!

WOWEE! This is brilliant. And Tara has excellent shoes, what a pal to let you borrow them. Enough said!

Kim S tagged this Fantastic

Fantastic mix of textures! Love the ?jumpsuit bloomer pants under the uniform. The grid top is wonderful. Cool shoes! Genius combination of layers.

Hannah tagged this Brave

So awesome. The efficiency and explosiveness of this outfit, combined with your badass expression, totally made my day.

moon tagged this Hot

wow! with every day you are becoming such a model! I hope the confidence and creativity are passed down to the kids of Akanksha!

ammakke tagged this "black'n white show"

Wow!!what a splendid way to launch the N.Y.F.W.?!Absolutely classy , stunning outfit ..Sheena.Your friend Tara is a genius& see a talented guy in her boyfriend too.



Maryjohn tagged this Chica chic

I'm so glad to see your bangs a little longer. They accent your pretty face and bone structure so well. Love the idea of sustainable fashion.

Tina tagged this Wicked!

This is an absolutely wicked outfit! I LOVE IT! I would say this is my absolute favorite so far, minus Halloween. I love the background and the snow, all of it pulls itself together. Very cool!

Anonymous tagged this Lostforwords



WOW - Techno!

christine tagged this the square root of lovely

all of these squares make you look anything but square!

elisabeth tagged this Batty

this is WAY out there!

Beth tagged this Origami

Tara St. James is a fashion origami artist. Amazing. Great look.

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JessicaR tagged this Grid Expectations

Future New York Black and White Knight, killer chic. You could be a superhero.

jolly M tagged this Bold & Beautiful

Exquisite blending of black & white & incredible design of Tara's jumpsuite!!The whole outfit looks stunning and blends beautifully with the snowy background-Wow...the grid top looks so pretty & I love your cheeky look & stance...BUT people! Where's the "money..money..money" for the not so "rich " kiddies world? Its the UPFW !!

NUNU tagged this Batty


Irene tagged this shocked

I'm at a loss for words, don't know what to say.

eze tagged this Hot

oh god i want the shoes :(

edwige tagged this génial !!!!!!!!!

just to say: WAHOO !!!!

Sue tagged this Too rare

Only two of the jumpsuits will ever exist? This is sustainability?

vintage girl

brilliant! design & shoes stunning.

Camilla tagged this Batty

WOW, Love this x

Linda tagged this Hot

This looks very sci-fi, like a remake of Logan's Run or something - I love it! So very sad about A.M. The tribute is off to an amazing start!

angela tagged this Brave

its amazing how you can pull this off :D

kirsten tagged this Try Harder

I love the shoes though!

erin tagged this speechless

there are no words.

nadege tagged this Brave

conceptually hot.

gruvee tagged this gorgey!

freakin' awesome!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

I think that it's just a little too much!