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November 09

This day belongs to delphic.
"Amazing combination of hues!"
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Day 163. Sat, October 10 2009

A tree grows in Brooklyn

On Location Weekends - by popular demand. Aqua blue tulip dress from eBay seller ViolettevilleVintage and doiley collar from eBay. Vintage belt donated from Julia's Etsy shop scottieinacanoe.etsy.com and pumps donated by Jessica Carroll.

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Jessa tagged this lovely

Gorgeous! So happy to see the addition of "on-location" weekends, because the red here really makes this pop. I especially love this outfit, with the hints of aqua in the shoe to match your dress!

wasabipear tagged this Belle~Bleu

Look like you sprouted from the botanical garden today o:)

Mara tagged this Charming

Looove the blues! Especially the dress! Adorable!

Mariah tagged this Yes (Mostly) and No

Adore the individual elements of this -- my FAV flats, terrif dress (color and cut), and wonderful location/photos, but . . . just not feeling the combo today. Feels a tiny bit cluttered. HOWEVER >> always admire your creativity (!) and congrats on $16K raised for the kiddos !!

MJC tagged this View doilies?

Very cute, as always. But I wonder about the amount of doilies and collars. I don't find them particularly attractive or even useful. I would love to see more jewelry!

NayZ tagged this Cute

So fun! Love the colors!

LizzieFaye tagged this Catholic

I am excited about this project!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I like how the uniform is used as a cape/coat. Very cute :)


Congratulations on the growing funds raised; has it quickened in pace lately? Thanks for getting outdoors; I like to see the outfit in context with the (urban) environment. Great underdress/belt combo

isha tagged this Hot



Checked out CAG; your project is gathering momentum in unexpected ways. Unfortunately some glitch wouldnt allow me to vote... will try again tomorrow.


would look better without the bright blue stockings


without the stocking & shoes, you would look like a nun coming out of her habit.

Jolly M tagged this Cute

Unusual but smashing. the variety U create is fabulous. David Gest-Reality T V star- has donated rare Michael Jackson memorabilia(18 items!!)to 2 charities in Liverpool for online auction & one of them is a children's charity. He said "If I can even put a smile on one child's face,then I am a better man today than I was yesterday".I thought- in few months U.P would be bringing beautiful smiles on 100s of children's faces!!well done Sheena.

gruvee tagged this fabbity fab babealicious!

wow wow wow. HOW do you do this? HOW do you come up with this? what's that? I'm on the floor.. I've been blown away.. again.

Domino tagged this lovelovelove


scary. tagged this classsssssss.

who the f*^? just gave you a grand?? whoever they are they're a legend. -fair play t'ya legend grand giver!

Uppityuplse tagged this Cute

Realy funky

X tagged this Brave & Hot

Love it! Love it! Love it!

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Natalia Ubiña Benito tagged this Batty

I Want to buy the dress. It is beautiful. Thank you, sir.

Scully tagged this Excellent

Cobalt Tights I love. This is entirely great!

wicky tagged this Cute

the shoes!! me like!

Britwatch regression tagged this Boothothe!!!

Iz ver nais dis yunifom. Ez, ez, ver mooch laiking laiking. Iz ver boothothe! Iz luvly bloo calor! Oooh, me laikit!

Ana Hofmam tagged this Cute

Achei muito legal a tua iniciativa, mais que uma ideia, foi uma maneira de realçar a criatividade de centenas de mulheres. Parabéns!!

Rae tagged this creative

Loving the smile Sheena!

Yoni tagged this Try Harder

I don't like this outfit

Ana tagged this Lovely

I loved it! And these shoes are adorable.

Darby tagged this Cute

So cute! And love the location you've chosen. The red staircase makes all of the blues POP!

Joel Patrick tagged this Brave

now i will say in portuguese " adorei o vestido, parece uma freira fashion e sem o veu" very pretty

Nur tagged this Hot

Omg. I love this outfit. So cute yet so classy. Keep up the great work. It really makes my day to come here each morning and see your progress

Payal tagged this Cute

Cute dress, nice look. Your side poses look great - it's nice to see the dress from another angle!

yobe tagged this Try Harder

Too bitty for me - the turquoise dress with the blue tights doesn't quite work.

blekming tagged this Cute

That is so cute!Love the leggings!

Coral tagged this Stylish

I love the blue dress and the white belt! Very stylish!

Beth tagged this Cute

Seems futuristic.

doris tagged this Brave

I would not be able to wear this out, but I appreciate your creativity. I am truly enjoying watching you try new combos. I think this is a wonderful thing you're doing.

Susan V tagged this Cute

Love the location shots much more!!!


One of my favorites! Love the cut of the tulip dress & the bright colors!

violetville tagged this Cute

iI love the tights and shoes with the tulip dress! I actually really like the doiley collar, too! Super creative!! :)

Kiwiken tagged this bold colours

I like the bold colours, especially the way the turquoise contrasts with the black of the dress, and the layering of this one is really a winner!

Fernanda tagged this special

I love this! Just found out about your ideia, congratulations! And this outfit... as many others, is just wonderful. x

mena tagged this Cute

i love this !

Emily tagged this Horrible

I think it's horrible. Worst dress I have ever seen. On my birthday!


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Ortan tagged this Brave

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fi tagged this brilliant bold blue !!

are there pockets also ... is there nothing this dress can't do? xx

Harry tagged this Hot

Absolutely Fabulous! Guy Gets Girl