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August 09

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Day 106. Fri, August 14 2009

A silk scarf a day, keeps the doctor away

Chanting the old wives' remedy Eliza showed up at my apartment today with every silk scarf in her possession. I sure feel a lot better now. Thanks for all the well wishes and for the sympathy donations :)


babz tagged this Brave

love the cute little pout over the scarves. Pout away it will help!! You never disappoint.

lala tagged this Brave

yah, first to post, love it as usual check out my new blog http://kimandthurston.blogspot.com/ comment, what do you want to see

Ashe tagged this Cared for

Hope you'll get even better now with all the care and scarfs and wishes and donations. ;) I kind of like your simple combos too. Very classical.


Very cute! Glad the scarfs are doing their magic x

Lindsay tagged this Scarftacular

Ah, the scarves are great! As is your adorable little pout :)

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the scarves!

Anonymous tagged this stupid

you have too many scarves l don t like it you look like freak in this combination

Thalita tagged this Super lega!

Que legal! *-* ficou super fofo os lenços, deram um toque super colorido (adoro quando isso acontece com os ascesorios)



ammakke tagged this TLC

OMG you are a GENIUS!! We all love you a looooooot! That made my day When I read" I sure feel a lot better now".

julieherber tagged this fahrer sharo

Love the multi-scarf look!


Awww. feel better girl. love the scarves!

Natasha Gupta tagged this Epic

I recently read about your project in an Indian local newspaper and I just wanted to say that I really admire what you're doing! You're an inspiration- keep it up :] -Natasha

Mariah tagged this Cute

Up to your neck in well wishes, eh?

Eleanor tagged this Cute

Sheena, anyone who refuses to identify her/himself and says "you look like a freak" PLEASE ignore! It's the intention and care in this look that counts, anyway. Love Mariah's comment!!

Louise tagged this Playful

The playfulness in this is awesome. And yes whoever said this was freakish - multiple scarves can totally work. The great thing about your uniform dress is that black will always step in as an EXCELLENT backdrop for a pop of colour (such as that kaleidoscope of silk around your neck).

Irene tagged this Cute

I LOVE scarves, and I love what you did with them here. :)



gruvee tagged this Cute

oh that's so cute. :) you still look good even if unwell. lots of well-wishes being sent to you.

annie tagged this Cute

Today's outfit reminds me of a Hawaiian celebration..the scarves are like leis! Glad you're on the mend Sheena.

Danielle tagged this Cute

Very cute! Love the colour!

Veronica tagged this tagless

The project seems to be evolving into a comedy/costume/modelling show. I thought the idea was to wear stuff that one can actually wear to work or leisure on a daily basis--something that is professional on a weekday and casual chic on the weekends. A few outfits have been hits but for the most part the accessories are ridiculous and remind me of dressing up for a masquerade or halloween. It seems to have evolved into the CostumeProject. People just want to come on here and check out the costume of the day. Not many seem to want to donate because they are not feeling the cause -- it is about "oh what will she wear today?" Your project would work better if we saw you in your normal settings -- like at work, on the bus, at the bar, on the street, having lunch -- instead of these model shots.

A loyal fan tagged this waiting so long

I've waited 106 days for a silk scarf look and this is not what I expected. Wonder what you will finally do with a blazer and a string of pearls....

Maya tagged this decadent

That must feel luxurious


Veronica, I'm looking forward to your brilliant idea. "Sweatpants Project". You're so awesome.

Jo tagged this Brave

My FAVORITE yet...and that's saying alot. Kudos to Eliza and cheers for you. I don't want to stand up when ill, let alone get dressed and photo'd.

jenithea tagged this Cute

cute! feel better!

jenithea tagged this Brave

Oh, and ignore Anonymous and Veronica. You don't owe them anything. I like your sense of fun and self-expression.

Ellie tagged this Cheerful

Despite the sickness, you look adorable as usual

ana tagged this ridiculous



nice i likte to see more :k

Jolly M tagged this Brave

Get Well Soon....Sheena You are an artist with unique & great creativity, skill, fashion flare & a generous heart. And so naturally you cannot please everybody or dress upto each follower's taste-- fans or not.... It's your project, don't lose your unique style which is marvellous. I understand that your idea is for this site to be this way--natural, enjoyable, funny at times, serious or sad other times without losing any of your personal tastes. This is what attracts me to your site & I guess many many others like me. (Otherwise you wouldn't have this many followers!) At the same time you never seem to react to any negative remarks too. I am sure, you are dead serious about this project but ofcourse response depends on each person's generosity & bank balance !!! keep goingt Sheena....Good Luck with the "flow of bucks"


Er...I'm usually an admirer, but I don't get this at all. Well... it's a bit much to expect you to continue to dazzle while you're ill. Get well soon. Lots of energy from over here.


can you explain the old wives' tale of wearing the silk scarf? To prevent illness?

fleur de folly tagged this thats puffed up

If I knew how to say "feel better soon" in swedish I would. Alas.

CM tagged this Cute

Out in sympathy with poor bro? Feel better soon - promise to answer last email tonight and chase A on developments!! x



abigail tagged this fun

beautiful scarves.....feel better soon......

Mariana tagged this creepy

I´m fron Brazil and i loved your project!

Jannie tagged this Cute

Again...you come through with a new idea. I'm going to try multiple scarves! Feel better.

Sarahh tagged this Ummn

To Many Scarves I Reckon. One Or Two Would Of Made This Look Lush, But It Just Over Crowds The Cute Shoes And Your Face.

Tally tagged this runway-esque

I don't know what's wrong with all the haters here. I think the overwhelming amount of scarves gives the look quite some flavor. I love how you incorporate style into your outfits, and not just some boring daily pieces that are always aesthetically pleasing (yawn). Keep up the fantastic work!

Sally tagged this Try Harder

There are only two "haters" here, if you will. And if you call that A LOT, I guess you don't know what helpful criticism is.

Pa...XD tagged this Extra

This outfit is fantastic! I llove it!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

looks fantastic!

Heather tagged this Super clever

I agree with Tally. Not trying to start a fight here but if you were only adding an accessory to the dress each day it would not have nearly the panache and chicness that creates an actual "look" (as opposed to just adding to the existing dress). While the folks, who say they think it's lame, are criticizing your flair for the uniqueness they probably don't realize that the edgier looks are what keep them coming back; that's what fashion is--it makes you FEEL! KUDOS to you for using some wit and creativity to keep us all coming back AND pulling us into caring about this cause!!!!

Gabrielle P. tagged this Hot

beautiful. this made my day.


Agree that creative suggestions are more helpful, but I applaud your efforts when you aren't feeling well! How many of us would keep it up in the face of illness?!

ashley tagged this Hot

eek, no flame wars please. i think that constructive criticism is awesome, but the adjectives used by anonymous/veronica seemed a little over the top. but whatever! all i care is how you manage to wow me every time i come back. i can tell you have your own true style (since i disagree sometimes ;D)instead of following trends! sorry if i'm rambling, but i really admire you & your project. btw, this is my first time posting after lurking for awhile. so yes! more, more! the wackier, crazier, "uglier," the better! =)

Justi tagged this Try Harder

I love your shoes... they are so pretty and feminine!!

melissa tagged this Cute

i loved this!!

KC tagged this glorious

These scarves are amazing and can your designer friend PLEASE make this dress available for purchase?

Anonymous tagged this Batty

um, no

jodi lindenberg tagged this Petal like

you are brilliant!!!!!!!

madelinefromAustralia tagged this Brave

I think it's amazing what you've done with these scarves, it looks like an art project! So much admiration for your sustainable lifestyle + your generous ideology! thank you for inspiring.

Karen tagged this Effective?!

you can also try lemon and honey, keeping warm, hmmm... any more cold germs wouldn't have a chance to get close to you in this ./..

Sônia Maria

Ninguém são se veste assim cotidianamente!! rsrsrsrs

Luciana Falcão tagged this Try Harder

It seams to me that she was a hanger!!!

Danni tagged this Batty

Not diggin' this one. Kind of ridiculous...

Anonymous tagged this Cute

loved it !!! especially your expression... having fun?

Infintecimally Happy



oh. don't you have any wardrobe that you are carrying clothes with you?

Molly tagged this Batty, in a good way

Love the scarves all together. Definitely Unique like make of those oversized, chunky sweaters.

Zoe tagged this Batty

chic and weird... I love it!

khalia_00@hotmail.com tagged this Hot

Love it@! how did you do he collar with the silk scarfs?

Richard tagged this Hot

l don t like it you look like freak in this combination. Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Richard tagged this Hot

it makes you FEEL! KUDOS to you for using some wit and creativity to keep us all coming back AND pulling us into caring about this cause!!!! health insurance guide