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January 10

This day belongs to amelia ishikawa.
"Whenever I wear this dress I will think of these sweet faces. Everyday is my favourite day!"
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Day 258. Wed, January 13 2010

A message from the kids

Spent the day in Pune at various Akanksha schools in a pair of hand painted Bata Keds and bangles that the kids handcrafted and donated to the U.P. The kids will be eagerly checking the site to see the funds box going up tomorrow so let's pull together some dollars for them, shall we?

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Tally's Place tagged this Joyful

The best outfit ever! The smiles are the best accessories.

scary. tagged this lil loveens.

on a scale of one to cute much...

holly tagged this Smile!

well, these are probably the best photos so far!

abigail tagged this Cute

it doesn't get cuter than this ~ :))))) ~~~

ammakke tagged this Dream come true!

Wow!!a hundred dollar smile for the U.P. fans?? Thanks a million & that made our day ..We love U kids & the Akanksha foundation & The U.P.Surely we try our best to see the donations rise at a high speed.Absolutely love today's outfit with those lovely kids!!Grand gala combo. of colors!! welldone & all the best for tomorrow!!

wasabipear tagged this Newborn Puppies

Who is the big girl in the middle? teehee, love you love! The dresses on the little girls are so freakin adorable.

ettagirl tagged this T-rrific!

lovin' the hand-painted sneakers, bright Ts and sweet smiles!


How could I NOT donate today, after those heartwarming interviews with parents & the cute photos & this little photo montage?!

Tito Jong/Prahjeks.com tagged this FAB

This is as "fabulous" as fashion can get. ps, HI KIDS!

scary. tagged this a message for the kids..

hey kids, if i come visit you all will you paint my shoes too? - otherwise i might have to steal sheena's from her! :)

MBT tagged this Sustainable

My heart is warmed Sheena! How can a fellow ecoista get her hands on one of those t. shirts?

kc tagged this the CUTEST

These India pictures just keep getting better and better. ps- sweet shoes!

Linda tagged this Cute

How wonderful to see such a tangible result of your selfless efforts, Sheena! How happy the kids look! :-D For a minute, I thought they were all wearing the dress!

bb tagged this incredibly smiley

Hahaha this is so cute. I will try to make another donation soon. Hope you're having a real great time, Sheena. <3

erin tagged this inspiring

this is awesome. i love the graduating comments and photos and Tally's place is right - smiles are the best accessories.

Sass tagged this cuter than cute

Best photos so far! The little girl in blue can't stop smiling, it is so cute! Great work Sheena!


You, young lady, are one very creative person! I LOVE the colors, poses, and how you presented the message.

Payal tagged this *choked up*

My fave look so far. Damn, I've got something in my eye.

holly tagged this Worthy cause

OK, you've won me over, donation #4 heading your way. It won't be my last!

tlr tagged this beyond cool

Love it! What a great thing to be able to actually visit these kids and see them in action!

jolly D tagged this cute & happy

Hi Sheena... U look so happy among those cute happy kids.Amazing to see the result of the holistic approach to schooling..the kids look so happy... our greetings to aii ye kids... BTW here the Ch: 4 (British T.V) channel has started showing"India winter" programms & has start ed with Slum dog Millionaire tonight & going to show "the secret millionaire programme" about the British Indian lady millionaire Seema Sharmawho spent sometime under cover in bombay slums before writing a "fat cheque"to help them!What U.P do is even more wonderful Cos just few well educatedchildren can change the whole nation in a positive way.well done U.P

Eithne tagged this Best, hands down

The artist in me was going to adore the shoes and the bracelets even more so... but - I think i've got something in my eye, too ;-) THIS is what fashion was supposed to be from the start, not fashion weeks or models or a bunch of unwearable and often ugly stuff that wants to pass off as art, as it doesn't elevate the human spirit in any way and it most certainly does not better the human condition. I'll most probably never be able to afford anything designer in my entire life, but after seeing these kids who only want to stay in school, who would want to? Best of luck with those really big donations, i hope you get loads :-)

Bronwyn tagged this Loving the set-up

Hey Sheena! Oh my goodness! So cute! Those children are trult beautiful. BTW, love the sneakers you are wearing.

Dee tagged this AWESOME

I think this is the best yet! My absolute favorite! If you make a calendar of all of your outfits to sell for donations, when this is over, this should be the cover.

amelie tagged this Adorable!

So adorable!

Tina tagged this best.picture.ever

These kids are soooooooo adorable.

melanie tagged this Hot

cutest thing I have EVER SEEN

Cynthia tagged this Cute

OMGosh! these gems look so sweet!

kel tagged this Cool

i so wish i could do something like this. :)

hartefactos tagged this ?

absolutely gorgeous!

hartefactos tagged this (L)

we meant (L)

Corrine tagged this Joyful

It's just so heart warming! Great job Sheena!

kel tagged this cool;Please Help?!

how would possibly do this? it would be so awesome!!! email:kelcylane@yahoo.com please?

Cindy tagged this Cute

Another way to raise fund: Sell a book with all you pictures with your little black dress, I would buy it for sure. What do you think?


And another way to raise funds... SELL THE DRESS!! we would all buy it for sure! P.s. adorable akanksha kids!

sg tagged this Cute

This is the cutest outfit ever. And great to see the kids at work (and play)!

Diana tagged this Cute

Cuteness personified :-))

Lorelei tagged this Awesome

Had to make another donation. I love that you have the kids in the pictures today. <3

Chicago tagged this Wonderful

Beautiful. Every last one of them.

Irene tagged this an inspiration!

adorable pictures! I love the colourful shirts and shoes!

Radhika tagged this Cute

Lovely smiles n d shoes too! :)

gruvee tagged this Cute

hello kiddies! we love you

Jose tagged this Cute


Annie tagged this Very nice, as per usual.

I love them all!

moon tagged this Cute

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! this makes it all worth it doesnt it?


?? ???????? ?????) you are beautiful so pretty

Priya tagged this Cute

Love this one! Love what you're doing for akanksha kids even more!!

Lloyd tagged this Return to 4th grade

Aw, look. You fit right in!