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November 09

This day belongs to nataliec.
"just perfect!"
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Day 209. Wed, November 25 2009

A merry hump day

Reveling in the short work week in a thrifted polka tank, vintage belt from Etsy and pumps from eBay.



love the contrast of the red tights & blue shoes with black/white tops!!!

Mariah tagged this Happy, Silly & Cute

Another of those outfits where I pulled up your site and laughed aloud -- with delight! Not sure why that combo works, but it does -- AND it's cheerful!

che tagged this cheerful cheeky

love the cheerful outfit. especially the blue shoes

ammakke tagged this hot

Another appealing oufit..the polka tank, the red tights, & the blue pumps all blend so well with the 'basic 'black dress..well done!


This is very cute. I love the polka dots with red tights. the color is really nice. the top goes really well with the dress.

céleste tagged this Hot

love the idea of the superposition + the belt and those tigths still look great !

amelie tagged this Cute


emilie tagged this Hot

you're so creative. adorable!

Mara tagged this Scrumptious

LOVE!!! The polka-dotted tank,t eh belt, the bold tights. It's absolutely amazing.

Lanà Chauvaux tagged this like the netherlands

Hi i'm that kind of person who wonders. and cause of your project i can't stop wondering anymore. i like it that you have so much inspiration, so much that i started to think you maybe have a stylist ? anyway you probibly won't answer at this short comment , but i just wanna say , nice job you're doing , and i have a dress who looks a little bit like yours , i'm in it right now acculy , thank you if you read this , what probibly is not the case. ps; for me this is a note to a famous person.


Adorable, simple, perfect.

Tara tagged this Hot

This makes me happy!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and the team.

scary. tagged this nauticalish.

christmas on the yacht is it ?

moon tagged this Cute

you look like a christmas present!


How cheerful!


Love the red tights and polka dots!

Holly tagged this bold

Sharp and smart graphic. Have a great family day tomorrow.

wowweeeee tagged this gorgeous

those tights are pretty amazing! should liven up your day :)

jolly M tagged this Cute

Hi Sheena U are looking cute &smart in this outfit. Also U look as if pondering on some mischivous ideas for your long weekend .....yeh..? enjoy rest of the week...

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Never tried blue, red and black...I will now that I've seen you... Is it not cold in NYC? I'd love to see the uniform mixed with coats, scarves, etc...

Melissa tagged this Cute

Love it!

K. tagged this Cute

looove it :) so cute!



suz tagged this Candy-licious

AMAZING! I love this so much! You look like a bowl of marvelous candies!

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Sustainable Twiggy

@Lanà Chauvaux, I can attest that Sheena does all the styling herself every morning in her half awake brilliance 30 minutes before she jets off to work. When I met her on the train platform, I knew I had found a sustainable fashion original. She's the muse of my dreams. I'm still amazed to this day how creative she gets, she can change the silhouette and appearance so drastically with just a couple accessories. If only everyone had so much fun with their wardrobes.

B tagged this Hot


Kate tagged this Cute

The belt makes the outfit.

Payal tagged this Cheeky!

The return of the red tights! Loovving it!

MJC tagged this Cute

One of my very favorites...LOVE IT! Have a happy Thanksgiving, Sheena. Thanks for making each day brighter with your style and wit.

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

We've seen this tank top before on June 12th, but today's silhouette is far better! You look cute and fresh!

PP tagged this Hot


Irene tagged this Cute

The bold colours and polka dotted pattern looks amazing.

Ward tagged this Wunnerful

Somehow, it all comes together. Greater than the sum of its parts.

bb tagged this awesome

every single piece in this outfit speaks for itself. beautiful, cheeky, cute!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

very cute! i love red stockings

ammakke tagged this fiery

@ Thanks a million for the wonderfully kind words spokenabout sheena, "The master mind " behind the U.P.Makes me feel proud & grateful to God for using the U.P. as an instrument for the underpreviledged kids in india.. But too are to be complemented as the "creator " of that cute black dress...Well done U.P!!Enjoy your Thanksgiving& long holiday wk.end!!!

ammakke tagged this cute

@E.J.Starbuck,just missed out your name while typing,sorry...

Ej ohya tagged this ya

I love your idea and your outfits!!!!!!!!! coooooooooooool!


It's wonderfull =D

Joel Patrick tagged this stylish

simply gorgeous very very pretty, OMG. damm gurl u rock!!! im ur true lover plz add me just to talk, a good talk misterb_patrick@hotmail.com

j tagged this Cute

excellent! something I would most definitely wear.

Bronny tagged this beautiful and awesome

So Cute! I love the red and blue combination! I love polka dots in any outfit!