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May 09

This day belongs to basil.
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Day 09. Sat, May 09 2009

A date with Peter Pan and the Keebler elves

Vintage flapper hat, belt and crocheted tunic from eBay. All the bright colored tights in the world from Sockman


growch tagged this Fairy-esque

Are you a woodland creature? I think I saw you in a dream once talking to a minotaur.

Shuchi tagged this Batty

Envious :D

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Cute! But that's not a 20's flapper hat. It's probably from the 60's.

Anonymous tagged this so bad

Hipster leprechaun junkie. Not so good. Looks like Williamsburg. Lame as hell

Karla tagged this Cute

love when people put other people down and do it anonymously... SO brave! anyways, even though the tights are a bit too green, the outfit looks so fairytale like :) love it :)



Jenny tagged this Batty

Oh my. This immediately made me think of peter pan. I think the lacey tunic may be cute if better paired with different accessories.

Brandy tagged this Batty

hahahah!!! Did you really wear this out?

Skeeter tagged this Beautiful

I agree with the fairy-esque look and it is so sweet. Once again the stockings truly make this outfit and now I'm interested in Sockman!

RogueTess tagged this Batty

Hmm - bold. The hat puts it over the top for me. Great tights!


I love this.

Lynn tagged this Brave

You brave, brave girl. :)

Meg tagged this Brave

I'd feel like a dork. You look adorable.

Beth tagged this Cute

Cute! Love the combinations.

ttt tagged this Batty

i would like this if not for the leaves.

Lisa tagged this Hot


Hanna tagged this Love it!

This look is fabulous! It's bold, for sure, but definitely in a good way. I don't feel I need to repeat myself on every day - as I think almost every look is totally unique and striking - and I'm SURE I don't need to say this for someone as audacious (and driven - look at what you've ALREADY accomplished!) as you, but forget the haters. They obviously have no idea what fashion is and are definitely just jealous. Again, props on the look and on the project!

Maggie tagged this Cute



It makes me think of the Jolly Green Giant....cause of the hat and tights.

Mosley tagged this Brave

But i LOVE it

Anonymous tagged this bold

I love the crocheted tunic! I want it.

elle tagged this Cute


Addie tagged this totally NYC

I love the tunic.

Anonymous tagged this Impish

I would prefer it without the tunic...love the blue shoes against the green tights, love the hat, belt.


tone down the green on the legs

Katie tagged this Magical

This is precious! What an amazing idea.

OMYGAWRSH tagged this Cute


Charlie tagged this lose the hat

Love the outfit, but if it was me I would lose the hat and maybe the tights. Fine for the runway, not so great for the mall.

sss tagged this pixie!

cute outfit!

Aricia tagged this top!!!!

amazing!!! perfect!! my favorite of the month!! totally want that look!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I like how you've alternated the blue and green accessories. Very pixie-like. You'd be in competition with Tinkerbelle for Peter's attention, that's for sure!


The tights are too distracting! I'm not liking the shoes much, either. The best thing about this is the ah-dorable "crocheted tunic" with a waist-defining belt :)

Anonymous tagged this Cute

this is perfect! love the vest with the belt and shoes.. and those tights add just the right splash of color

qwertyuiop tagged this AWESOME!

i love the shoes!

Sarah tagged this Cute

Super cute. I think the tights could have been a shade darker and less of a neon, but if a neon's what you wanted, you're the expert. Nicely done.

rupiningsih tagged this Hot

Yippieee!!! I have this belt! the same model and color also.. pretty!!

Manon tagged this AMAZING


noa... tagged this ...

... BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!


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