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January 10

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Day 263. Mon, January 18 2010

A Message from the Kids, the sequel

A final treat from our days at Akanksha with the girls rocking the uniform dress and the boys in peak form. Hope you enjoy the little movie we made for you. A big shout out to our star performers - Pranit, Vikas, Rohit, Sonal, Arjun, Sharaditha, Tejaswini, Upendra, Arun, Rishikesh, Trupti, Nibha, Kailash & Sumeet.

To view a larger version of our lil movie, click here >


Meha tagged this Awesome.

You guys look awesome. I want that dress ASAP.

gruvee tagged this So CUTE!!

OMG! Brought tears to my eyes! Sending love and blessings.

Jezz tagged this fantastic

sheena its amazong what you are doing! tehe girls outfit is fantastic! i want a dress like that too :P love... keep fashion girls!

scary. tagged this class act.

oh my god that is too gorgeous! amazing little legends!

che tagged this Cute

but where is dress number 7?

ammakke tagged this cheerful

Yeah!!!hip hip hooray!!!Love that sense of harmony on all the faces..welldone, U.P.Bet, you are sad to leave them now.. Showers of blessings!!..MM, comments on the lil movie follows..

maedbh tagged this Incredible

that is absolutely gorgeous. like amazing. you should feel so proud. your the one that gave these children hope for their future

Kasey Way tagged this Inspirational!

I just love this project! It is a daily source of inspiration, and this lil movie just moved me so deeply! I just made my donation, and I will be forwarding this page to friends! Namaste!

scary. tagged this @maedbh

hey irish, where ya based.. ? come for a dance on saturday in aid of haiti :: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=286303114383

kirsten anneke tagged this excellentinspiringyes!!!!

love love love it! you continue to amaze me!

Sai tagged this Rockin'

I love your outfits and the ones the girls are sporting! They look great!

Janice tagged this A treat!

Thanks for this!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

They killed it! so cute.

ammakke tagged this warm

"A message from the kids " is soul stirring, I must say..God bless those lovely children & the U.P. team & earn many more sincere donors..Safe Journey back to "Home base".!!

Bronwyn tagged this Cute

Hey! Cute outfit! Love the shoes! Awesome video!

jolly M tagged this Cute

Hi.. Hi..kids- How cute boys & girls U are....God willing, who knows you can be who-ever U really want to be in future...artists, actors, doctors. good politicians..leaders. You guys have the potential & the right education...I am sure U.P friends will continue to do our bits.well done to the kids ,teachers & U.P team....

holly tagged this 1 x 6

One dress, many versions; it's the uniform writ large! You girls look like you're having fun and getting into the groove.

Nina tagged this fabulous

I love the duplication of the dress on all the girls! Everybody looks so fab! But I can't see the film :-(

Deedle tagged this The best yet

Thank you Sheena. 146 kids & counting. it's all worth it

caduceus tagged this transfixing

This project gets more amazing every day. I'm absolutely transfixed, watching your adventures and clothes. I'm also dying for the photos of the Vogue India party!!

Irene tagged this all torgether

this is so adorable. There's only six lovely ladies rocking six dresses? What happened to the 7th one?

Sass tagged this style

One uniform and yet they all have individual style! Cute little video, how can we not donate after that???

Nisha tagged this brilliant!

So unique! such fun!

nina from NL tagged this Fabulous

This is all great! The India-pics are beautiful!!! Good luck!

Linda tagged this Cute

How great to see them all in "the dress"! This is what it's all about. We're with you, Sheena! :-D

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Beautiful

Oh my Goodness, the video today brought tears to my eyes. Our kids are so full of life and joy. Sending love to India and feeling so blessed to be a part of this project. xo, Eliza

moon tagged this Cute

awww so sweet. the kids loot amazing!! little fashionistas.

moon tagged this Cute


Eithne tagged this Cute

This long pink/magenta scarf is PERFECT. And, go kids, you're awesome! :-)

jesse tagged this awesome

Is this song mama mia in indian?

ammakke tagged this team spirit

@ Eliza ..Nice to see u on line after along silence..You surely can be proud seeing those smart girls showing off in "your lil black dress"..Hope all is well & all the very best to U dear!

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

too cute :)