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November 09

This day belongs to Suzikus.
"This is just so wimsical, even to stay warm."
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Day 186. Mon, November 02 2009

6 down, 6 to go.

Second leg of our year long marathon kicks off in a lovely knit scarf found at the London Swishing Party. Thrifted top and leg warmers with knee highs from Sockdreams & vintage pumps donated by helena.

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Congratulations Sean on a grand finish at the NYC marathon! He beat his best time of 4:20 and finished at 3:57. Pledgers click here >


emma tagged this oh-so-cozy!

the swishing parties sound fabulous! love the scarf and leg-warmers.

holly tagged this unflagging!

Oh Sheena, you are a champion! Not quite light at the end of the tunnel but you are on your way to the finish line.

Charlotte tagged this Cute

Love the scarf! This project is so cool, I will definitely be donating, well done! X

ammakke tagged this smart

What better way to start off the second leg of this awesome year long "marathon" for the underprevileged kids ! that beautifully knit scarf is amazing!"crazy" leg warmers ..alltogether well toned.

Mara tagged this Hot

Adorable scarf!!! Love it!

Mariah tagged this Cute

One of those days where I'm not crazy about the individual elements, but you make it work! Your blending of color/pattern on this is terrific!

gardener tagged this It's a Second Skin

Gee, what will you wear on Day 366?

scary. tagged this tartantastic.

only 6 months til a day off loveen! ;)

seb tagged this I ? granny chic

The awesome granny chic crochet scarf! I love it, and it looks great here. Love the look. Congrats to your brother on his marathon time :)

seb tagged this I love granny chic

Not sure why the heart symbol changed to a ? for the rating for my last post

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Brave

Incredible put-togethers.


love the scarf...and sounding like a broken record...close up please.

.CgT. tagged this Cute


heynosila tagged this VERY cute! <3

love it!

Irene tagged this Cute

way to go Sean! You shaved a lot of time off. And my dear your outfit today is simply lovely and cozy.

Fay tagged this Cute

I love this one - not only is it cute, it looks so warm and comfy too. :) Also, my first thought when I saw this was "OMG I have that scarf!" what are the chances? lol Your legwarmer+sock combo is adorable as well.

megintosh Italy tagged this Cute

Ciao!!! I love the socks. That scarf was so popular in Italy about 3-4 years ago, everyone had it. It was even sold in the Chinese bazars.

Eduarda Bestetti tagged this Cute

I can't belive!! I've got the same scarf!! And I've bought it in BRAZIL!!!! It's amazing!

yobe tagged this stylish

lovely - this works really well!

Dee tagged this Cute

love the colors today

glove girl tagged this woohoo!

haha! thats my scarf, i'm so pleased you're wearing it!

Biankk tagged this Hot


jolly M tagged this Cute

Sheena, U look so cosy & warm with the Scarf & those legwarmers.You must be working hard for the next fundraising party on saturday. Hope sean is getting more bonuses for his great finishing time ...... All the best

Sam tagged this Fluffy

What a nice scarf! Gosh, I really cannot expres myself well in English but it is very cute and ┬┤wooly┬┤


The London Swishing Party is so cool - my friends & I have been having "Clothes Swaps" for YEARS! So many of my clothes have come from those. Love the scarf!


Oh love this. Looks deliciously decadent if you lose the white turtleneck.

stevie tagged this totally fresh:)

LOOOOVVVEEE the scarf!! Its so cute!

Lutz tagged this bohemien

That scarf really does it! Like it a lot

Evangeline tagged this Brave

Love it!

Yukari tagged this awesome and creative

Cheap looking but creatively elegant

Aliza tagged this Best thing ever!!!!!!!

THIS IS MY FAV OUTFIT!! it is absolutely adorable and something i would totally wear! i love everything about it!!

jobypollard tagged this Hot

This project is so cool, I will definitely be donating, well done! psp memory