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November 09

This day belongs to coco.
"Two great causes in one charming photo!"
Each Ltd Edition U.P dress represents a day in the U.P calendar.
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Day 177. Sat, October 24 2009

365 days for 350 ppm

Join millions around the planet today to celebrate International Day of Climate Action. Read more and participate at 350.org >

Vintage Jonquil hat donated by Rachel Tenney, thrifted silk tie and vintage shoes from eBay.


k tagged this Hot

simple but chic and effective. very nice.

che tagged this Cute

back to basics, with a UP twist. Love it!


glad you're getting some rest - this must be exhausting for you! Love the hat & the shoes!

scary. tagged this LOVE.

changing the world one little black dress at a time ....

Alicia tagged this Cute

cute as a button!

Mariah tagged this Well-Shod Activism !


Irene tagged this Down with Co2

I love how you bring attention to other causes and focus on them along with your own project. Basic and simple but still well done.

elisabeth tagged this the essence

the essentials.

mm tagged this pitch perfect

i love how you always find the right tone in presenting the issues of the day. if only our more annoying do-gooder comrades would take note, what a wonderful world this would be 8P

holly tagged this pared back

I'm liking the simplicity of this outfit; it's all about the uniform dress for a change.


This is the way most of us would dress on a good day! Lean and chic wins the race any time.

Ava tagged this Cute

You look like a blackcurrant. (From Ava, Aged 3) (I think it's a compliment - it may be because she's just had her blackcurrant vitamin. From Ava's mum).

Mi tagged this simple

simple and attractive! like it.

Dee tagged this Try Harder

This is okay...I guess. Not as jazzy as I know you can be.

Lindsay tagged this Try Harder

Cute, but I know you can do better than this. Props for the IDCA though.

yobe tagged this Boring

Sorry but its dull dull dull

bthom tagged this Cute


Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute

Excellent. You made the outfit low key to emphasize the message.

Coki tagged this Hot

This is my very favorite day. That Coco is awesome to have this day.

Coki tagged this Hot

This is my favorite day! That Coco is awesome to have this day!

Coki tagged this Cocotastic

I like Coco's day so much I came back just to see it again. Good choice Coco. A fine day, indeed.