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February 10

This day belongs to Tracireed .
"My birthday:) and this look just made it awesome! "
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Day 300. Wed, February 24 2010

300 down, 65 to go.

Today, the countdown to the big finale of my 1 year in 1 dress begins. So far we’ve seen pixies, elves, pirates, ravers, evil sprites, skipping-school girls and intergalactic mermaids all in the same black dress. Spread the U.P's message of making style sustainable and help us raise more funds for the kids of Akanksha. Share & Retweet today!

”Day 300 in 1 dress. @uniformproject's final countdown. 153 kids in school with your donations, help us reach 200!”


Day 300 in 1 dress. @uniformproject's final countdown. 153 kids in school with your donations, help us reach 200!



Hi all – Couldn't fit the descriptions on top, so here goes: Vintage blouse & scarf from Treehouse, bowtie from Old Hollywood, kneehighs from Mom. P.S Happy Birthday, Jollaunt!

Che tagged this Cute

300 days already. I already donated but I am going to donate again, today, right now. Why dont we all. Even if it is just a bit, it all adds up.

holly tagged this crisp white

I am always interested in reading posts; your outfits can be quite divisive amongst your followers. I applaud your inventiveness, doesn't matter to me if I think it's wearable for me!

carissa tagged this Cute

i llllllloooooovvvveee the (socks haha) outfit

carissa tagged this Hot

i so want that outfit

moon tagged this Hot

i would imagine the queen of hearts wearing this outfit during her days in school. because every queen knows it's important to go to school!

fleur tagged this hearts

zorro, congrats on 300 days! I am dutifully following along here in chilly Stockholm, and I've donated a lump sum to the donation bin if only to see you continue to wear those puffy pants from day 298. Alladin would be proud. Just kidding.


supercute! possibly my favourite so far! although i'm sad the count down has begun :(


You look very schoolgirl-ish today; here's hoping it encourages more to donate!!

scary. tagged this and still you stand tall.

a word from europe..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_IKcMl_a9A congrats sista now rock those last 65 days!

Lizzie Roberts-Garth tagged this WELL DONE SO FAR

Well done for the 300 days! What are you going to wear AFTER the year's up!? comfy jeans and tee? I would :) the uniform project is one of the best ideas iv seen and is such a good project. GOOD LUCK FOR THE LAST 65 days! xxx

Hayley tagged this Cute

wow, where are those boots from? theyre amazing!


It was you on Lafayette this morning! I was walking to the subway, passed you walking with a friend and thought hmmm, it must be the girl behind the Uniform Project. I pop into your site once in awhile to be amazed by your creativity and style. It's always inspiring.

Terry Prince

Congratulations on your 300 days - you have really followed through - amazing outfits and style!

jolly M tagged this Hot

one of my favourites....Hmmm...Day300 of U.P on jollaunt's birthday?what a coincidence... A little donation on your way in few days (cut down on celebration!). I've also spread the news around esp:this week.Sad its all going to finish soon !!

Adelheid tagged this Hot

It actually looks like you recycled an entire tuxedo in your outfit...the belt, the bowtie, the pocket square in the hair, the shirt...

luda tagged this Cute

you have a shoe collection worth envying. i love it!!

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Hot

First congratulations! Second that is my favorite outfit so far. I would totally weare it, (except maybe the head piece), love the blouse, it's kind of a pirate. A cute and chik pirate...

Britgirl tagged this Batty

time flies when your having fun! great idea to decide to tweet about your mission since that donations box seems stuck....

Marissa tagged this Cute

This outfit seems so whimsical. I'm so amazed with what you come up with.


This is the best of the month!

crunchee tagged this Brave

very you,school girl and chic professional all mixed through to bring out a sexy savvy young spirit! on ya girl!300 days is a real feat.

mswaykus tagged this Cute

Love it!

kay tagged this smashing

i love it. the red makes it stand out. it's so lovely!!!? i ? the shoes!

christine tagged this i heart sheena

what's black, white, and red/read all over? UP, of course! (badum-bump!)


Just been so busy, but had to drop in to say that I love those socks! Very cute look! 300 days...wow...you've come a long, long way babe. And the beautiful part is, when the U.P ends, a whole new life begins for 153 kids (Maybe 200?)

Irene tagged this Spread the lovin'

This outfit is so adorable. Seems like something you would wear for valentines day. Wow, I can't believe it's almost been a year.

Daisy tagged this Sweet!

Oh man, I love the tights/socks/boots combo!!!

ammakke tagged this "mabrook!!"

That's MY girl!!!really stuck for words, that's all I can say looking at U< Sheena& the U.P.team!!Congrats!!yet another"promising"65 days!Those socks speak it all....

X tagged this Cute

Your cutest one yet!!!

Calochortus tagged this Cute

Super cute style! It reminds me of pupe.ameba.jp!

Margot tagged this Cute

J'adore le petit côté rétro ? Bonne chance !

Anne tagged this Cute

My favorite so far. Soooo cute! Very detailed!!

Helen G tagged this Cute

Wonderful use of red and black -- bravo for another imaginative and fetching combination!

Linda tagged this Hot

Sheena, you look like the Queen of Hearts today! I hope this countdown will reenergize folks to make a commitment to your cause!

Laura Daly tagged this Have a Heart and Donate

You brought out the sun on this messy day!

Musaraña tagged this Fantastic

You're GREAT!!! (www.musaranha.blogspot.com)

Tiks tagged this Mesmerizing

Soooooooo proud of you... Just wanna remind u about what a wonderful inspiration you ve been to others who are also counting days to complete "journeys" (tough yet important phases) in their own respective lives, in different ways.... Thank you U.P..

TREgirls tagged this warmth amidst the snow

wow 65 days!! T says all of the accessories (especially the head scarf) remind me of my papa's red bow tie and while he looks like a 80's nerd in it you look like quirky fun loving gal it made me smile!!

pimientaconcerezas tagged this Cute

So why don't we all dig out our favorite staple, black dress today, creatively re-inventing it with accessoires we already have at home. Then, let's take a picture in a fabulous Sheena pose of ourselves and paste the UP logo and maybe a little credo for donating money into it. Let's post it to our social network sites and e-mail it to friends and family. Maybe they will find it easier to spare a few bucks for the kids when they see how inspired we are by this project! (I'm not graphically gifted and only have Paint!, so excuse the layout, but it could look something like this: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/XoydnNiDhxLOznWSFHmBLA?feat=directlink)

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pimientaconcerezas tagged this Cute

And maybe donate a certain amount for every compliment we receive on our outfits?

Priscilla Novaes tagged this Gorgeous!

Congratulations on the 300 days! I can't wait to see the last 65 looks, but at the same time I'm sad that the end is coming... Sheena, you are truly amazing and inspired on your incredible project I'm starting one myself: 365 days without shopping any clothes. I'm starting next monday, March 1st, and I'm really excited about it. The only exception for my project would be the purchase of the Little Black Dress, the most beautiful and versatile I've ever seen, as you prove everyday! Can't wait to have one like this here in Brazil!!!

rosalafae tagged this Hot

This is one of your best outifts - the belt and the shirt and the cuffs and the collar and the bowtie and of course that awesome headpiece. AWESOME.

sarah tagged this Hot

LOVE!!!!!!!!!! THIS!!!!!!!!!

anonymous tagged this queen of hearts

who else would wear argyle patterned tights? (no one, that's who) so unique!

@pimientaconcerezas tagged this Cute

Way to rally the troupes mama! Great suggestions... and @Sheena you look hot as usual!

Payal tagged this I wanna swim...

...in the ocean of love on this page! Wow girl, look at all the overflowing hearts and exploding pride...it's strong enough to move mountains...and maybe we should! @pimientaconcerezas - love your idea! Maybe we should pick a future date - so that fans like me in Aus (who're already on Friday morning) don't miss out! Let's pick a date! Big love to the UPers this morning!

pimientaconcerezas tagged this Batty

@payal: Name one!

CK tagged this Stellar

Congratulations whippersnap! You've done an amazing job, keep rocking the free world these final days.

annie tagged this YES!!!

@pimientaconcerezas: great idea...I'm in!!

Payal tagged this UP the anti!

Wow I'm buzzing on this beautiful Friday morning! @pimientaconcerezas & annie - let's do it! How does the first of March (first day of Autumn here in Melbourne) sound to you ladies? How about we continue the discussion on today's page so everyone sees it!

em tagged this Cute

It's fun in a sort of mismatched way. I like it!

Annabelle tagged this Cute

Subtle and very cute!! just a touch of colour but how it stands out!!

Nana Soma tagged this Blown my mind

OMG!!! Definetly the best look i have ever seen from you! It took me directly to my childhood using these colors and a quite similar outfit which i had used in my 5 years old birthday at primary school. Such good memories... and a great look!

Veronika tagged this Hot

Very nice! I love the color-combination :D