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February 10

This day belongs to knightca.
"Love the hand died tights!"
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Day 295. Fri, February 19 2010

12 ball

Raw silk necklace worn as a headpiece donated by Irene of Tai Mai jewels, batwing hoody donated by Alanna Hibbard from poutfits.etsy.com and hand-dyed tights donated by Siri of treehouse, brooklyn.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous tagged this Brave

Still trying to make a donation!

moon tagged this Batty

a butterfly changing colors as it comes out of the cocoon.

Mara tagged this Cute

The headpiece and the tights are adorable!

Hannah tagged this Batty

So batty! If I owned that batwing hoody, I would wear it daily...my own personal U.P.

mm tagged this batdance

his royal badness PRN would be impressed

abigail tagged this waowwwwwwww

waowwwwwwww.....u look fabulous today......do i love this? yesyesyesyesyes!!! my only problem is envy.....


oh wow, wow, wow - excuse me while I try to breathe - love those tights!

christine tagged this Cute

the necklace-as-headpiece is so beautiful i nearly forgot to scroll down to see what else you had on today!

Ana tagged this Hot

Gorgeous! Loved the tights matching with the shoes, perfect!

pixelated tagged this adoree


kirsten anneke tagged this Batty

literally batty! so sweet and feminine - and that necklace/headband is absolutely gorgeous - really ties in with the tights and brings the entire outfit together. i'm loving it!

elisabeth tagged this Hot

LURV this one. Those legs are fabulous!!!!

chikks tagged this COOL

Love the look with the criss-cross in the last 2 pics

Eithne tagged this Classic

This is the one that stands out in your crowd. And generally speaking, anything that contains a batwing hoody tends to lean towards the marvellous.


back to earth, great to see the hoody getting another outing. loving the headpiece and tights! a chance to rest up after fashion week?

Irene tagged this stunning.

amazing tights and what you did with that necklace-turned-scarf and the way you tied the batwing, gorgeous.

Alicia tagged this Springy!

Like a butterfly coming out of the chrysalis-- perfect for the end of winter/start of spring!

caroline tagged this minimal

i like these simple ones best

gruvee tagged this not a fave of mine

although you carry it off, I'm not big on those tights. sorta purple-zebrad.

wasabipear tagged this Vegetable, Mineral

The moment before you turn into a pumkin? ... or perhaps a juicy eggplant.


those are still my favorite shoes of the entire UP, so far!

Kaytee Papusza tagged this Hot

The tights were made by Papusza Couture! They are called Papusza Limbs and you can buy 'em at treehouse. Yay!

treehouse brooklyn tagged this fantabulatasic!!!

the beautiful hand-dyed one-of-a-kind tights were made by fabulous brooklyn designer papusa couture and are available for sale at treehouse brooklyn. we love the uniform project! kisses from the branches, and reaching for the stars, sirius* treehouse http://www.treehousebrooklyn.com


really loving the tights and actually everything today. i feel like this outfit sort of parallels how i like styling myself. awesome through and through.


Love those fabulous tights& the releived "Friday Look "on U Sheena..Enjoy ur wk end!!

circe tagged this uber!

The tights are tight! Beautiful!

ivana tagged this Cute

just wanted to say that this is such a good idea, you are sending a great message to the world :)


cool tights.

grace tagged this GORGEOUS

By far my favorite outfit!

Violett tagged this Brave

brave, but nevertheless amazing!