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October 09

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Day 159. Tue, October 06 2009

'tis the season of GloveLove

Featuring Glove Love: A new product launched by our friends at DotheGreenThing. Glove Love rescues single gloves from across the city of London, which is then washed, paired and sold in gloriously sustainable and charming pairings. Read more about Glove Love >

Striped shorts donated by ElementEden, see their ConsciousByNature collection . Thrifted blouse from Brooklyn, vintage boots from eBay and a pair of GL gloves donated by our friends at Glove Love.


scary. tagged this pure cute!

top a da mornin t'ya! ;)



Nina tagged this Cute

You rock!!


très cela, love the boots and all the rest,

yobe tagged this stars for effort

Love the boots, nice tonal properties, shorts n tights - mmm not so sure.

Mariah tagged this Yes (Mostly) and No

Great boots! Really like the muted color combo. Just not a personal fan of shorts with tights. Keep up the creativity! And good luck as you get closer to $15K . . .


This outfit is great. If the shorts were a just-above-the-knee skirt, I could wear this to work. Speaking of work, WHERE do you work that you get to wear all these fabulous creations??

Flavia tagged this Cute

Nice look! Depends on where you work you can rock or you can be banished... rsrsrs, But I do loved! How can I do to participate on this? thanks

Betty Anne tagged this Brave

Love it! I wish more people would get on the shorts/tights wagon - it makes such an awesome statement! This outfit rocks!

MEIREELE BRASIL! tagged this Brave

Trés bien! BUT... U never smile? kisses

Kristian tagged this Cute

FAVORITE of the year!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

i want those boots!

EmilyKennedy tagged this Cute

Thanks for the link to ElementEden. Those shorts are adorable!

Margaret tagged this Hot

graphic trio lovelyness

MJC tagged this Smells Like Sheena Spirit

I'm just a product of the nineties when shorts with tights were very "in." I like it--and think it looks hip, circa 1991. Thanks for inspiring me to become more creative with my own wardrobe and take risks with fashion!

SarahJ tagged this ubercool

shorts and tights rock very london

dk tagged this elusive

i like it, but what is the point of a glove with holes?

Mara tagged this Cute

I like this one! The grey shorts, the different colored gloves, the shoes. Very quirky and cute.

ammakke tagged this Brave

Well, not fascinated with the shorts at this time of the year.Paid a visit to the Glove Love site,very interesting .

Kay tagged this Cute

Simple and cute. Love the Glove Love


I'm always a fan of the mitten/gloves; so versatile! Like the 1-button look of the Uniform.

Joel Patrick tagged this Brave

i will try to comment everyday! gorgeous


The boots are fabulous, and I love the idea of the gloves!

seb tagged this I glove it

I think those shorts work really well with tights. I love Glove Love too.

Liz tagged this Cute

This is one of my favorites so far. Love it.

maiju tagged this Cute

love love love it, especially the colors! and if you didn't know, everybody in Finland loves you :)

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love this outfit, at age 63, I would so wear this and look GREAT in it....

Kitty tagged this Cute

The gloves, shorts and boots are great. Love the combination of white, grey and black!

Viviana tagged this Hot

I love this one! I can't remember, but is this the first time you use the black dress as a "coat?" I love it. I follow you everyday Sheena and have told my readers about you in my blog: CosmopolitanSugar.blogspot.com You are a true inspiration! I can't wait to get that black dress for myself. It is a great "economic" idea for those of us professionals who are temporarily unemployed due to this horrible USA economy but who also love to accessorize! Thank you Sheena.

holly tagged this Hot

I love this one; you must be happy to be home and ready to be inspired by your larger choice of accessories than can fit in your luggage. The boots rock!

Ali tagged this Cute

Aww, rescued gloves! <3

jason tagged this Cute

I love the outfit sweetheart... very nice and the boots are classic

Isabelle tagged this Cute

great outfit- love the short/glove combo!!

Irene tagged this Cute

this looks so warm and comfortable.

abigail tagged this Brave

u look fabulous......always.....

Cynthia tagged this Cute

oh this is just too cute

A Follower tagged this Creatively Monochrome

Fantastic! :) The mismatched gloves were wonderful.

Payal tagged this Sexy!

Just when you think...ok she's gotta have a lazy day, she's been so busy - you come out and blow us away! That is just sexy, girl! Love the shorts - love it more with the leggings. Those gloves are to-die-for! What a great idea! The gloves- the outfit - the boots - un-freakin-believable!

Maya Matthew tagged this Hot

So chic

Pet tagged this so cute

This is so so cute, love the glove thing!

pixelated tagged this lovin' it

does it ever get boring wearing the same dress over and over or does it seem like a whole new outfit every day because the way you manage to make it look completly different each day? you look fabulous.

Julie tagged this Cute

Casual yet classy. Love it. And not to mention: adorable~!

megintosh tagged this carinissimo

Che carino!!! cute!!!!

ines tagged this Cute

very cool!

elisabeth tagged this Hot

this one is well put together. i like it.

Jolly M tagged this Hot

Hi Sheena, What a fabulous idea-mismached "glove love"!!.I am for it & in search of all my lonely gloves.....BTW your outfit today is cute & hot. Just a reminder for voting & commenting for Designer Award ?.we don't know how many votes you have, but the comment is static at 7 for so many days !!Fans forgotten to "vote & comment"?

Renen Botchan tagged this Hot


Sara Nasser tagged this Hot

Hi! We've writted a piece aout you on our blog. We love you! x http://www.emergingfervour.com/2009/10/the-uniform-project/

Diana tagged this SexyFrenchCute

Love this.

Bee tagged this Cute


Sabine tagged this Cute

Love the gloves! Love the shorts! Love the dress of course! Maybe not the turtle neck

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love it! Something for just about any age. Classic look, versatile, but not boring.

baker 101 tagged this sweet

Very sweet! I think this outfit rocks!

Kyoko tagged this Cute

very cute. perfect in this season.

Anonymous tagged this I LOVE THAT !

Wow ...good job <3

Danielle tagged this Cute

Wow. I like this outfit! And what you are doing!

Beth tagged this Cute


Kiwiken tagged this Cute

Love the idea with those gloves. The difference adds interest. And black - white - grey is just classy anyway.


absolutly love this one!


Love those shorts! So awesome! Amazing outfit!