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March 10

This day belongs to Lisa.
"Toller Mix aus klassisch und fancy. Great!!!!"
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Day 308. Thu, March 04 2010

'round midnight

Necklace made from reclaimed zipper and trim donated by Tara St.James of StudyNY, Lace blouse from Bahar Shahpar and vintage hat and platforms from eBay.


Kristers tagged this Cute

Oh the shoes...The Shoes!

Payal tagged this Shoe-die-for!

Hot, hot shoes. So hot! Love the little lace blouse, it's so delicate!

Emma tagged this Cute

I like the heels. I like the heels a lot!

Jen tagged this Cute

Love the blue/black combo!


wow you look so cute! the zipper necklace is a great idea. and yes, it's definitely a thread hanging off your hem. get your stylist to trim it!


@Holly, sadly I don't have a stylist to follow me around. Wish life were so glamorous. A few threads here 'n there naturally, but the dresses are holding up really well for what they've been through the past 10 months. I'll take care of those loose threads!

mm tagged this straight, no chaser!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX_mwDvcZ2I Thelonious would'a got up and done his little dance 'round his stool, had he lived to see this. Go Monk Go!!!

abigail tagged this fab!!!!!

u look fabulous.....love the whole look, esp. the loose threads....:)))))).........

christine tagged this nice threads!

i volunteer to be your personal thread trimmer - if i get to borrow those shoes!

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Scheherazade tagged this Cute

I've made a resolution to stop buying new clothes and shoes thanks to this project, and I'm amazed at all of the things I'm discovering in my wardrobe that I haven't worn in ages! P.S. I MUST HAVE THOSE SHOES! *swoon*

Janice tagged this Hot

Love everything about this!

Pradha tagged this Unique

Love the zipper necklace!

kay tagged this loverly

that zipper necklace is marvelous!!

Katie Rose tagged this Cute

This is amazing! You look so adorable in this. The blue of the tights is the perfect shade to go along with the necklace (which I love). The hat is lovely too, but simple enough that it ties in but doesn't overpower the simplicity of the outfit. :)Those shoes are really really cute! You have the best shoes.

Irene tagged this Cute

I like the textures added by the lace blouse, zipper/trim necklace and the hat.

Daisy tagged this Awesome

Oh man, I LOVE the shoes... you have great shoes...

Julie tagged this Cute

You look fab Sheena! Any news on when the dress will be available to buy?


Hi, he zipper necklace is a great idea. and yes, it's definitely a thread hanging off your hem. get your stylist to trim it!love the whole look, esp. the loose threads.

peppercherry tagged this Ador Able

You look like a cute petrol fairy! The heel makes it look like you are about to take off ground, yet it also seems like they are the last thing keeping you grounded.

Ann tagged this Batty


Claudia tagged this Cute

Love the colors on you


Amazing shoes, totally in <3 xoxo, Prefecta Another Fab Day

ammakke tagged this cute

You look so cute but more like a "grown up school girl"!!The second picture is soooo..sweet looking & the blue'n black combo. works so well & the "delicate" top is so so dainty...have a restful wk.end, Sheena.

icky tagged this Cute

gorgeous outfit. love the platforms! cant you someday link to a nice vintage store at ebay pretty please? :)

Big Fan tagged this Cute

So I just for my latest copy of Lou Lou and guess who was featured...

lara susanna

Fantastic Shoes! When is the next LBD Monday?

Kim tagged this Hot

I love that shade of blue, and the zipper necklace is fantastic! Great look, from head to toe.

PIa tagged this Cute

Ah! Very cute outfit

jess. tagged this LOVE THIS

this is amaaazing. the shoes and blouse are beyond incred.




Perfect city skyline colours to match those New York skyscrapers. Because, the size of those heels takes you right to the top :-)

moon tagged this Hot

i could see a harajuku girl wanting to kidnap this outfit.

Julie tagged this Cute

Vous m'inspirez beaucoup! Merci! :)


i love the necklace!! and the shoes!