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November 09

This day belongs to Krista.
"I'm always drawn to charcoal grays. Love this."
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Day 199. Sun, November 15 2009


Greyscale sunday in knit scarf donated by Tara St.James. See Tara's sustainable fall collection at 4equalsides.com Knee highs from Sockdreams and weathered vintage boots from eBay.


Mara tagged this Cute

Lovely. I like the monochrome scheme, and the socks. ;)

Mariah tagged this Classy

Casual, but elegant. Greyscale is terrif!

Maria tagged this somberly chic

I would have loved to be wearing such a combination today. It suits both my mood and the weather of New England in November. The time-weathered boots are my favourite part.

chris k tagged this stellar

awesome! love the title!

mackeyblue tagged this Brave

Clever use of the hex value for gray. Nicely done.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

delicious scarf

tlr tagged this playfully elegant

love ths one!

ammakke tagged this sober

very apt for the grey weather here as well...u look fresh tonight & the grey& black combo. is great.

Irene tagged this cute and elegant

I LOVE that gorgeous scarf. And I wish I had a pair of weathered boots too. :) I would love to weat this set.

Janice tagged this Cozy

Love the greyscale and scarf!

Kaelqu tagged this Cute

Beautiful scarf!! Boots are very cute =)

holly tagged this respectfully creative

monotone yet not monotonous.

Tara tagged this Hot

Looks great, and a very good choice for the weather and mood! Thanks for the shout out.

Rachel Marie tagged this Monochromatic Fantastic!

This is too cute! I love all of this!

lilie mousse tagged this INGENIEUX

c'est génial c'est une superbe idée bravo ou peut on la trouver ?

sarahJ tagged this i LOVE grey

and your back, i am so pleased. Remember when one light goes out, then the rest of us just have to shine that little bit harder. And i want that scarf and your in british glamour this month rock on


Glad to see you back.

mihal shema tagged this Hot


elisabeth tagged this still sad

still grey and that's ok

Tunet Jordaan tagged this Cute

I really like the scarf and your boots.

Pennyvae tagged this Sassy and classy

I love the scarf and the way it changes the look. The tone on tone grouping if one of my favorites.

jolly M tagged this Cute

Sheena U are looking elegant & beautiful with tat combo-still appropriate for the present mood & weather -greyscale indeed.Keep going & strong...

charles tagged this adorable

that scarf is gorgeous! love it =)

SINACALL0624 tagged this Marvesouly Morbid


Anonymous tagged this Cute

Perfect for a rainy day.

Donatella tagged this Cute

that scarf's amazing! Love the way you mix it with the dress.

Anonymous tagged this Monocrhomazing!

I love love love love love love love the whole outfit! Specialy the scarf...

Adam tagged this hexxy



tres chic - except the boots.

Mary tagged this Cute

I love this look on you! So cute!

Mandy Moo

Fab outfit to go shopping in then lunch later! Looking good gf!