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November 09

This day belongs to Plain Jane.
"simple and restained....suits my nick name "Plain Jane""
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Day 192. Sun, November 08 2009


Thank you to those who came out last night to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of the Uniform Project and for helping us raise more funds for Akanksha. Regrettably, there was a fatal accident in the building and we were asked to evacuate the venue. Our thoughts and prayers are now with the family and friends of the victim of this terrible incident. Thank you all for your understanding and support.


holly tagged this llither fischer

so dreadfully sorry

sirius* treehouse tagged this teary

soooo sad. the accident must have happened right when i was leaving b/c i was told to take the stairs. what a sad end to such a beautiful night.

faith tagged this Brave

So sorry to hear, hope you're all well!!! crisis are our greatest gifts!!! find the gift in this! you look as cute as ever, and I like your thights and shoes :)

Mariah tagged this It's About Education

So sorry to hear about the accident. However, I hope your event raised more funds for children's education.

Josie tagged this Brave

Oh Sheena, I'm so sorry. I was thinking about you all night and wishing I could be there. So very sad.

ammakke tagged this a sorrow shared

Heart broken &dreadfully sad to hear about this tragic news ...our sincere prayers & thoughts are with the family & friends of the unfortunate victim..My beloved Sheena, Eliza,Mary ,Sean...Whlie we cannot understand Why certain things should be, Remember God in Heaven beholds what we cannot see. Please don't get upset.......

Princess B. tagged this Appropriate

Sorry this had to cloud what I'm sure was a fabulous event. I was so looking forward to a cheery update in today's post. Condolences to his loved ones.

Joy tagged this Sad

Condolences from Switzerland as well.

Scully tagged this Brave


Nina tagged this sad

Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear this. Condolences from England.

gruvee tagged this :(

Oh my God. How horrible. My condolences to everyone affected.

Kay tagged this .


jolly M tagged this Shocked & Sad

Heartfelt condolences,thougts,prayers&love to the person's beloved family and friends.....& indeed with all of you-Sheena,Eliza,all the U.P team,Sean,Mary......It would take a awhile to come in terms with tragic loss of a life & at this time of sadness & shock, all the international followers of the U.P- whom I would call " members of the U.P family", I'm sure would be sending the vibrations of their thoughts and healing prayers across the sea.....


Very sad - I'm so sorry this had to occur at your event that should have been a very happy one! http://gothamist.com/2009/11/08/wburg_party.php

la tagged this bereaved

my condolences to all affected by this tragedy.

Irene tagged this Cute

This post was the opposite of what I expected. :( sorry to the friends and family of the victim. A cute outfit that I would wear to school.

Dee tagged this awesome

I'm sorry to hear this news and my heart goes out to the loved ones affected. Today's outfit is very appropriate and one of my favorites. Simple and wearable.

Grace Dalton

No words would I could write would do justice to this situation, and I cannot begin to imagine how you must be feeling, let alone the relatives. Thank God that you are well, and that most were evauated safely. Life will always have tragedies we cannot understand but it's having an amazing enthusiasm for life and a passion to make a difference for the better like you do that means so much in our messy world.


Thoughts and condolences. x

Cynthia tagged this compassionate restraint

oh. so sad.

Payal tagged this Hugs

Respects to Jerry Fuchs' family and friends. Hugs to the UP family. A sad turn of events on a beautiful day...but such is life. What UP was there to celebrate, will always be celebrated.


hugs and love Sheena,sorry for the loss and turn of events.Makes one realise what is really worthy in life and this work of yours is.chin up babe


hugs and love Sheena,sorry for the loss and turn of events.Makes one realise what is really worthy in life and this work of yours is.chin up babe

kc tagged this somber

Bless everyone's hearts. Prayers from Miami Beach.


Condolences to the family and friends. I am so sorry this had to cloud your wonderful event.


Condolences from Canada. You have captured a respectful mood in todays daily.

Kyoko tagged this Cute

I like it.

Wendy tagged this Brave

Well put. My thoughts and love.

KatieQ tagged this Cute

Condolences from Hobart Australia.

Ann Marie tagged this In deepest sympathy...

It was such a lovely event that I was shocked to read this. It was not the posting I was looking forward to seeing. I am so sorry for all of you and for Jerry's family. I hope you will share our condolences with his family and friends. Perhaps it will comfort them that he was supporting such a worthy cause. I wish I had something more eloquent to say.

midwest love.

Jerry was always such a sweet and tender guy. The indie world has lost an amazing drummer this morning. Rest in peace, dear friend.

natalie tagged this Brave


elisabeth tagged this sombre

thoughts and prayers

Anneka tagged this Brave

Thoughts and condolences from Sydney, Australia

Aly McLoughlin-Harte tagged this sweet!

Your inspiration. style and adorable outfits are appreciated here in Northern Ireland!!

Sonal tagged this Brave

Really sorry to hear about the sad turn of events. Deepest condolences to the victim's family. Don't loose heart.

Eloise tagged this Appropriate :.-(

How sad. Condolences from South Africa.

tabyaby tagged this gorgeous and appropriate

so sorry for you and the people affected! thinking of you from the other side of the sea and landlogged - from Switzerland... take care!

Eleanor tagged this Respectful

What an appropriate mourning ensemble. You have helped me see that I do not necessarily need to keep my traditional black "Funeral Suit."

blaaahger tagged this trendy adjective

When will the vanity and conceit end?


You've done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination." Ralph Marston


very sad to read this blog, when i was hoping for beautiful happy photos....my sincere condolences to all.....take care sheena....

sarkar kumar tagged this Cute

so sorry to now about this. Check out this if we can help you any how. at EmergNet

stella tagged this subdued

sorry about the accident... thoughts and wishes to you all.

Jessi tagged this Stylish and respectfull

Ohh, I'm so sorry to hear... Sheena (and all of you working with the project), I hope you don't feel guilty. 'Cause it's not your fault, you've got nothing to do with it. Things like that happen sometimes. So very very sad. I hope you can continue your excellent work with style and grace! I love your hairstyle (pretty face demands a short haircut), and you look as great as usually today, despite of the understantable sadness! Lots of love and thoughts from Finland! xx

iLsEoRt tagged this Sad

...so sad an unexpected...

Aliza tagged this Cute

You are my hero! This is something totally wearable and reminds me that i don't to buy lots of new clothes just to look chick!

jobypollard tagged this Cute

I hope your event raised more funds for children's education. micro sd card

Ortan tagged this Cute

I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it! Nursing school | fire science school

Julietta tagged this Try Harder

Nice, but a little boring.