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November 09

Day 194. Tue, November 10 2009


In respect to Jerry Fuchs and his loved ones, we are suspending our daily photos at this time. While our 365 day mission and the fundraising for Akanksha will continue, we are taking this time to consider how to proceed in light of this tragic event. Your support is truly appreciated and our thoughts remain with his family and friends.

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completely understandable...may the peace that surpasses all understanding be with you this week.


I think your temporary suspension of daily photos is respectful. Perhaps you could still complete a full year by extending past the original "last day" by the number of days you observe "Silence" for Jerry?

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I think it's very respectful of you to suspend your daily photos. I agree with Eleanor's idea. My sympathy goes out to Jerry's family and friends.


I don't know the full story, but from what I've read, the young man would applaud your project and want you to continue. Please take your time to work through this tragedy and honor his life.


this is all so tragic. sending strength to you as you process these events. many thoughts to his family and friends.

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It would be weird to carry on like everything is normal, especially when the last few posts have felt so heavy.

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I truly respect your decision in light of this tragedy. My Sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Jerry.

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It's traditional in almost every culture of the world to take 3-7 days for mourning -- then to continue with life, just as the recently departed would have wanted it (particularly as he was supporting your cause of raising money for children's education). Take the time . . . things happen in people's lives over the course of a year, including yours . . .


You are helping future generations forge a better future and making us all aware of our responsibility to one another through a fun, lighthearted project whose appeal is universal, keep up the good work Sheena!

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Dear U.P.we all believe that "A SORROW SHARED IS HALVED" & I am just hoping & praying that God will see us & all the loved ones of Jerry through this sadness we all now bear & give the assuarance that we are always in His Care!May He Bless us with strength through the night & through the day & may You R.I.P. dear Jerry!

Carolyn Elliott

It is beautiful and caring of you to suspend the project temporarily. Jerry's loved ones should be comforted by your gesture of respect. I agree with other posters that he seemed to have been the kind of person who would want you to continue with this worthy work.


Mourning is a very personal path; you must take the one that feels right for you. I am so sorry this tragedy has visited Jerry, his family and friends.


Please don't disappear for too long Uniform Project! Your audience and those kids need you. There's so much love between you, us, Jerry Fuchs and Akanksha - we're all still ready to play our part once you are. Come back soon and god speed to everyone involved.


What would Jerry want you to do? I am sure he is so proud of all you have and will accomplish. Do it for him!!

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I send my condolences to the family and friends of Jerry Fuchs. This is a caring gesture for you to make, and testament to the genuine compassion behind this project.

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i greatly respect and understand the need for silence and time to mourn, but don't give up completely. part of what this sad situation reminds us of is that life IS so precious and missions and projects (like this one) celebrate that.

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I hope you will continue as your were. In spite of tragedy, life must continue as must dreams, hopes, charity, and love. Your project does all of that and it will be an honourable memorial to Jerry who supported you to continue to the end. We have grown to love you and we wish you success in this project.


i have read many comments already written ~ i can agree with everyone's point of view ~ i think you, sheena, will read them all, and talk to friends and loved ones around you, and you will decide what is best for you ~ in the end, you will make the right decision, whatever it is ~~~

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appreciate your respectful suspension of photos while continuing with the mission.Our thoughts & prayers are with jerry's family & friends. For jerry- true life has begun not ended and I do believe it would be a good one, judging from the responses and posts about him...I think jerry will remain as a strong stimulus for you & others to continue with a "mission of making a difference" to the lives of the disaadvantaged wherever they are........My thoughts & prayers continue to be with all affected.lots of love to all..keep strong...

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I've followed your project for months and your daily take on fashion has become an uplifting part of my daily routine. I've realized that I can recycle clothing and have been reminded to have fun with expressing myself (rather than feeling like fashion is an arena in which I'll never measure up--a club I'll never be qualified for!) And most of all, I'm reminded to use my gifts (as you are) to help others. Many hearts are with you as you mourn, including mine.

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So sorry to read these posts and feel your pain. Be brave, we are here to support the cause. I do hope we see you back up when you feel you are ready.

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I understand completely what you must all be going through, but please don't take away the pictures. Your fearless outfits have given me the courage and inspiration to make my own style.

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i do hope you will continue on. UP has inspired me to do so much more in this world. in the meantime, my sympathy goes out to Jerry's family and friends.


Visiting UP to see what you're wearing is such a big part of my mornings. It's always been about fun and feeling good. So I'm glad we can all be there for you at this sad time. Look at the outpouring of all the love and support from ALL around the world. You deserve this break...hope you've taken a break from your day job too. We'll all be right here when you're ready to come back, and if you need a shoulder in the interim. Much love & hugs.


I agree with Payal, UP has become apart of my morning ritual at work. I hope that you will pull through and continue =) I can't imagine what you, his friends and family are going through but we hope you realise that there are people everywhere who love what you're doing and would love to see you back in action soon <3 Your work is amazing and puts a smile on my face. Lots of love, KatieQ xox


Oh, so sad, may he rest in peace, grea drummer Jerry Fuchs. Galilea Montijo


I applaud you for taking time out to take care of yourself and work through this loss. You don't know me, but my thoughts and prayers are with you.


this adds to all the somberness of Remembrance Day...

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I'm so sorry ...


challneges are there to help us become truer to our vision, no doubt Jerry would love you to carry on and be a beacon of light for others as he was himself through his life and music. He will be smiling upon you and checking you out from high above when you decide to get back on. Lots of love

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I was wondering what you would possibly do - and I think this is the most respectful thing you could do. Thank you.

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Go to a loud rock show and scream your frustration and sadness. Jerry would surely appreciate such a tribute. Hearfelt condolences and appreciation for you caring for the family's privacy and sorrow.

julia blocksma

Please, continue your project. I'm not so young as you...and have experienced the death of a loved one. Perspective is hard...but your project needs to continue growing. This is no disrespect to the bereaved. Please come back on board. Tragedy infiltrates our lives, but we must keep the thread. If I had been the one to die, I would have told you to carry on. Perhaps Jerry would have done so. All the best. Respectfully, JB

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I am extremely disapointed...


strength and wisdom to U.P. as you navigate these times....

Intro to FACS class in Northwood, Iowa

Since we saw you on Channel one, we have started class every day with your "look of the day". Just like there is now a void in your life with the passing of your friend, there is a void in our class. :( Take your time to heal and know we will be looking for your return soon. ALL of the students in Ms. Dakken's class


i love what you are doing!! my hubby and i design jewelry made from 100% reclaimed metal and would love to mail you a few pieces.. where can we mail them to? blessings~ dara]\

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Hope your period of mourning is restful . . . I, too, have lost friends to bizarre accidents and know it's tough to find meaning. Thoughts are with you, and looking forward to seeing photos again in a few days. Take care . . .

Editor in Chief

keep thinking as someone who is alive, keep acting as someone who has an explosive idea, keep raising your funds in a way that proved being effective. And dedicate a daily thought to jerry. Do it buying - exceptionally - a lilla daisy and have it sewed on your dress. In the memory of jerry. And the project that is to spring out from the funds you raised might become the jerry fuchs project.

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