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November 09

Day 196. Thu, November 12 2009


In respect to Jerry Fuchs and his loved ones, we are suspending our daily photos at this time. While our 365 day mission and the fundraising for Akanksha will continue, we are taking this time to consider how to proceed in light of this tragic event. Your support is truly appreciated and our thoughts remain with his family and friends.

Tribute from Jerry's friend >
Post from Jerry's band Maserati >
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Mariah tagged this Just Support

Stay strong. We look forward to your eventual return to The Uniform Project and supporting children's futures . . .


I'm so sorry to hear the news of Jerry's Death. Our hearts in Philadelphia go to his family and friends. After reading all the amazing posts about his life it clearly was a very full one. Take care and best wishes, memories are forever.


Jerry loved your project. Would he have wanted you to stop?

Britwatch tagged this sombre

Very good on your part to fly the flag at halfmast, UniformProject. It is touching to see the responses to this accident from all over the globe. I hope you will be back - perhaps when the title bar gets up to seven dots?

daily reader tagged this Try Harder

No pictures will lead to no donations. It seems like a waste of time and effort to just stop now.

Lucy Woodward

We are standing strong behind you with copious amounts of love and respect - however long you need, Sheena. Thoughts and prayers to Jerry's family and friends everywhere.

ammakke tagged this compassionate

Appreciate & share your mourning spirit, Uniform Project.The responses to this unfortunate tragedy from all over the world touch our hearts..Keep your chin up, Hoping & praying that time would heal the wounds of the loved ones...giving you the strength to get back on track.

KatieQ tagged this Please

I love the uniform project. Having no photos is starting to bum me out =( Everyone acknowledges that you're upset and rightfully so but its about the donations and people will stop coming on this site regulary if theres no photos. Please come back =(


showing pictures really has nothing to do with respect to jerry fuchs or his loved ones...how do your outfits relate to their mourning


I am sorry to hear of your loss. Please take all the time you need.


Do you people have no sympathy? For God's sake, people aren't just going to stop coming to the site if Sheena's taking a well-deserved break from the pictures. Please take all the time you need to recover from this tragedy. Best wishes.


Dear Sheena and team, my thoughts remain with you. Happy to not have a photo; sending my sympathy and support to you all.

Esther tagged this Brave

I agree, take all the time you need Sheena. It was a tragedy. We'll be here when you're ready to continue.

new yorker.

agreed with lindsey, christ sake people, somethings are bigger your dose of daily fashion. this is about the lose of a life and respecting that accordingly. it's not right to carry on as normal when on a local level people are grieving. people who were supporting the project and cause lost a friend, the least you could do is respect that and respect sheena for her acknowledgement of the fact. give the girl a break.

new yorker.

by lose i of course meant loss. sorry for my english.. :)


My condolences to Jerry's family and friends - including everyone involved in the Uniform Project. To all the push commenters: Sheena and the UP team do not exist for your entertainment. Stop thinking only of yourselves or what you could be wearing.


I agree, forget the negative people. You're not here for them...or anyone else. It's your thing - take your time and your own pace. Hope you feel better soon. Don't rush to get back on, we'll be here to support you no matter what.

Cynthia tagged this Brave

Your decision is a compassionate one, and to suspend posting fashion pics. at this time is brave, and shows your integrity.

Irene tagged this give her a break!

take as much time as you need. I mean do disrespect, but I'm more of the type to think that death is inevitable so there is no use moping over the death of someone for long for long periods of time. But then again, I never lost anyone close to me,but the point being everyone reacts to death in different ways. And Sheena is not doing this solely for your entertainment, she is not an entertainer, so she has responsibility to do this just because you want to see what amazing thing she will do with the uniform next. on a side note of curiosity, how will there be 365 outfits for 365 days now that this happened? will the UP continue on?

canadian cheryl

my thoughts are with you at this time; i read all the posts about your friend and he seemed like a wonderful person. one of the best part about the site is that you let people into your life and it is shows your integrity and humanity to suspend it for a period. Your supporters will be here for you when you decide it's the right time.


Sheena, I am so sorry to read about this tragic turn of events. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jerry's family and friends. Be assured your friends and supporters will be here when you are ready to return.

Michelle tagged this Brave

Guys, she had to suspend photos because the Project is possibly at fault for the accident - they had rented the facilities at which the accident happened. If you read many of the articles about Jerry, people are arguing as to who was running the elevator at the time and why it stalled. This is a bigger situation than just mourning. I stand behind you, Sheena. This project is great but I understand why pictures needed to be suspended.

Hillary tagged this Brave

No pictures will only lead to no donations if we do not donate. Why not support Sheena in a difficult time by continuing your support for the project? My greatest condolences.

sarahJ tagged this with love

Dear Sheena and UP project I am so sorry to hear of this tragic accident. I've seen the post saying the UP maybe be some way held resposnible and I really hope this isnt the case. Take all the time you need to get your head and heart back together. Remember you have inspired a lot of people and raised a lot of money for a good cause.

blank tagged this for 3 days

is less, more?

curious too

thinking along irene's lines, since sheena has pledged to wear the uniform for 365 days, i'm sure she continues to. only the daily pictures are suspended, arent they? so 365 days remain 365 days....


I can understand the shock and sorrow of all the UP that follows this tragic event. To those that knew Jerry personally, I send my deepest condolences. However......if the suspension of the photos is about the legal liability or fault of the UP for the accident, then I don't see the logic or the purpose. The photos are the shop window of the project, and if the project continues, then all suspending the photos does is remove a way of generating interest and support. And logically, if that is the real reason, the project itself should be suspended. If I have misread the reasons, I am sorry. If Sheena or those close to her in the project are personally and emotionally affected by this untimely death, my heart goes out to you. I too have lost loved ones in a sudden and unexpected way. But there are other committments that the UP has made, and it may be that those should also recieve consideration. The children of the Ashanka Foundation deserve it.

Carolyn tagged this Solemn

A period of mourning is appropriate and respectful. My thoughts are with the people who knew this man. His time was abruptly ended it much too soon. I hope we all will have such kind words spoken about us at our end.

jolly M tagged this Brave

Sheena , I applaud your suspending of photos at this time.This I consider appropriate, respectful & your righ. This doesn't mean that you are not wearing the uniform or people have to stop donating for the children. May be people who really appreciate and respect the project would understand the situation & support the project which is ongoing inspite of the missing photos for a genuine reason. be brave sheena


I pray that all involved and those touched by Jerry's untimely death find the peace and the healing they need to move forward. love to all


oh.. i cant see ur picture :-(


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